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  1. I dont know if £18 for the beta is a good deal, as the proper thing will be released shortly
  2. pilot skill would be a good use of finding out who has initiative, just take some clues from x wing mini game.
  3. Its pretty easy, as a GM I say for example, the full length of this cantina is medium range, half the cantina is close range, if your in the same booth your engaged. it gives the players an idea of how far they go for 1 manouver. In this example 1 manouver would be crossing half the cantina, or jumping into a booth, and they could assume jumping behind the bar for cover would be 1 manouver etc.
  4. some types of armour have a defense rating that add a black dice, she would take one of those away. stormtroopers are a good example as they wear plasteel armour which has a defense of 1.
  5. I would say that your idea for your characters wont be ready till book 3 as it stands I think book 2 will be rebel vs imperial, and should have more military classes your force sensitives probably wont be covered till book 3, although I feel force users and non-force users dont mix very well in a star wars rpg. Lets face it in that group your stormtrooper player wont really have a lot to do, and the officer will be making all the desicions. The idea that a group of fringers like in edge of empire could be hired by the imperials sounds interesting.
  6. I agree with sinosaur, it is a reccomendation that you use despair for a power cell running out for a heavy blaster pistol more often than for other weapons.
  7. Is there a dice modifier for your to hit roll for melee combat based on how good your opponent is? From what I read it just says 2 purple dice, but if your opponent was a lightsaber specialist or a big nasty wookie pit fighter would there not be some other dice to roll?
  8. just to add to this discussion I would like to point out that the millenium falcon already has a communication port for an R2 unit, as explained in the haynes guide to millenium falcon. imagine how interesting a naboo royal starship could be with 4 astromechs. that could work up some good combinations.
  9. great report, im just curious did you give the players hints on what their options were in certain scenarios, or did they come up with it of their own accord?
  10. They could always put up a pdf of a balnk character sheet, and that way you could just fill it in for the starting characters.
  11. Thanks for the ideas. Yes I did mean because I couldn't come up with anything to happen, and when you have been playing x wing constantly for the last 3 months it just seems to be lacking something.
  12. My experience was very similar to yours, except my players ran and hid from the stormtroopers rather than fighting them. I think the troopers would have decimated the players pretty quickly even with high soak values, although I didnt have a full group. I imagine shooting at the troopers at medium range, with troopers in cover and their defense die would be 2 purple and 2 black, so very hard to hit with begginer shooting stats. I like the grouped minion rules but your right it makes disarming difficult to play, but according to the rules a disarm should only be allowed with 2 triumph sysbols, which can only be got by rolling 2 yellow dice, not with advantage symbols. There are a lot of other things advantages and threats can do though, we have lots of fun having players being kneed in the balls, enemies slipping on something on the floor, tripping up, energy cell falling out of guns, light gets in someones eyes etc. Anything I can think of from action movie combat scenes will get incorporated into this edge system. Most of them adding blue or black dice to rolls, or adding or taking away strain. Ive never been a fan of d20 games, and not a massive fan of percentile systems, so this abstract dice system really works for me as I am probably a rules lite GM. I will let the players do pretty much anything as long as they keep it in character with star wars and try not to turn it into generic sci fi. We found the space combat pretty tedious after how much fun we could have with ground combat.
  13. thanks for the quick response, I remember reading that now but only after you have mentioned it.
  14. I cant find an answer to this in the begginer book but here goes; if a character has an agility of 2, rolling 2 green dice for ranged light, then adds 2 skill levels in ranged light they upgrade to 2 yellow dice. What happens if they upgrade to skill level 3 on a skill that uses an attribute of 2?
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