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  1. I completely agree. Just played one game so far, but it was this scenario. My game group is typically three players so it was two investigators. They followed the clues pretty well. Only went into one closet that they didn't need to go in to, so they were making pretty good time. However, by the time they revealed the last clue they were both in the garden and there was 5 turns left (though this was technically 4 as the second to last event ADDs a time piece marker). It would take 4 turns of running just to get across the board to where I placed Walter, if I did nothing as the keeper. And naturally, I would still be able to do mythos cards and Uncontrollable Urges to move them back a space and slow them down. After counting the spaces they just gave up and didn't even attempt it because it was impossible. Unfortunately it kind of turned them off from the game because they had done well and "gotten" all the clues thus far and followed it where they were supposed to. Their reward? They lose anyway. I hope next week I can convince them to try it again.
  2. Awesome been looking forward to this
  3. What about utilizing Hero Lab? www.wolflair.com/index.php?context=hero_lab They'd (or someone) would have to create the base files and template but the program is there.
  4. @k7e9 Great catch. I posted in part to see if I was doing it right. I missed that rule, which means I have 6 extra points to play with! Thanks for the explanation. @plutonick Well, I am 28 years old and made a decent income (not super rich like making 6 figures or anything, but I do well enough). Also, I am single, so if I get into something I kind of indulge as I have the disposable income to do so. I have played the Tabletop game (Warhammer Fantasy) for over a decade at this point so I love the warhammer world. I enjoy reading the books so I ended up buying them all, though I haven't read everything yet. @Spivo I live in Cherry Hill, NJ, across the river from Philadelphia. I know I could probably find a group there but I honestly don't go to the Philly side that often (I'm not a big fan of large cities, particularly the driving part). There are a lot of gaming groups in the Cherry Hill area, but they all play D&D or Pathfinder (and one World of Darkness). That is an interesting point. Maybe I'll explore his relationship with the Priest of Morr as a kind of grandfather figure more in his background story. I think I'll incorporate some of plutonick's idea as well. As he goes along in his adventures he comes to find there is more to life than just hunting evil. @Illustrious Well, with the additionally six points that I didn't realize I had I can up some of his stats. I will put at least one more at 3. Maybe agility to denote all the time his father spent showing him how to shoot his old pistol. I can then either up fellowship or use the other 3 points to get more talents, skills and actions that would fit with his background. I'd have to look to see the way I want to go. But at least one more stat is going to a 3. @Emirikol Thanks for the comments. The only problem I have is that I don't have a ton of experience with RPGs overall (I have played but the gaming groups I hang out with more often play board or tabletop games). And I've also never been a GM. This makes me a little nervous that any game I would run would not be engaging due to my never having been a GM before. I suppose I can run some practice sessions with my Dad and his girlfriend. They haven't every played an RPG before but they are always up for doing anything. I'll see about local advertising as well. Maybe if I get some practice in, and then run a few sessions, some GM will like it enough that he or she would want to run a game. Maybe I'll go and try to run some games at the local gaming stores and draw in some of the D&D people.
  5. Greetings, I have bought every product for this game and spent a lot of time organizing it (binders, plano boxes, sleeves, etc. Maybe I'll post that at some point with pictures to give people ideas). Unfortunately, I don't currently know anyone who wants to play. All the gaming groups that I know of currently play D&D 4th (which I don't like) and Pathfinder (which is better but still not my cup of tea). I still love reading the rules and designing characters in case I run into a group that wants to play. I thought I'd run through this character concept to both make sure I am doing it correctly, and to get feedback. Name: Dietrich Hauptmann Step 1. Select Race: Reikland Human *Note: I'm not a writer * Dietrich grew up on a farm near the town of Flussberg, south of Ubersreik. His father, Nikolaus, was not your average farmer. In his youth, Nikolaus has been an enthusiastic Witch Hunter who specialized in hunting down the heretics who worshiped the chaos god of Nurgle. Unfortunately, after a particularly climactic hunt, he was wounded so severely in his left leg that it effectively ended his career. While farmer might seem an odd choice of career for a former Witch Hunter, Nikolaus found that his firebrand personality was very effective at "motivating" the farmhands to work with maximum effort, and to "persuade" merchants to buy his product at top price. And so his farm ended up being moderately successful. Dietrich grew up under his fathers stern gaze and developed both a copious amount of discipline, and a hatred for the evils of chaos. His father, being reasonably educated, taught him to read and write. Dietrich was a good student, with a sharp mind and diligent study habits. He occasionally made trips to a nearby Priest of Morr. While he did not feel the calling of the god, he was enamored with the study of the dead and soaked up all the knowledge he could from the old priest. Just after Dietrich's 17th birthday, the farmstead was attacked by a Nurgle cult. In fact, the cult leader was the son of a Nurgle cultist whom Nikolaus had killed during his Witch Hunter days and who had been harboring a desire for revenge for many years. Despite a valiant struggle, the farmstead was overwhelmed by the cultists'. The cult leader tortured the family for days, first killing Dietrich's mother and then his sister. The cult leader insisted that if Dietrich would worship Nurgle, both he and his father would be free. His fathers steely eyes, burning from his blood soaked face, gave Dietrich only one possible answer: "No". His father was instantly slain. The cult leader smiled at him, a smile that Dietrich would never forget. Then he said, "There is something I have to attend to. I will be back in the morning. I'll leave you this night to think about your fate." During the night, the cultist continued to torture him. Just after midnight they decided to start desecrating his fathers body, in an attempt to cause him more distress. A great rage and sadness filled him, and then, something happened. Dietrich could almost "feel" death in the air. He reached for that feeling. The light seemed to almost flee from the room. The shadows grew longer. A heavy darkness surrounded him. The cultist who was holding him down fell back as tendrils of shadow began to clutch at his throat. The other cultist in the room looked at him, and his eyes grew large in terror, even though the cult of Nurgle was used to seeing horrors. Though Dietrich was nearly spent from the days of torture, his rage propelled him forward and he slew the cultist. He turned towards the one that had fallen to the ground but he saw that the shadows had done their job. Surprisingly, there was no guard at the door and he was able to flee into the night. He made it to the Priests residence barely conscious. It took weeks to nurse him back to health. He returned to the farm to find it burned, the wells poisoned, and the bodies of the farmhands and his family bulbous and rotting, as if they had been killed by some disease. He buried his family and swore that some day he would have his revenge. Step 2. Choose Career: Apprentice Wizard Dietrich had an immediate burning desire to pursue the cult leader and destroy him. However, his reflective and controlled nature allowed him to see several things clearly. First, the trail was over a month cold at that point. Second, he knew that he possessed neither the skill nor power to overcome a leader of a Cult of Nurgle. And last, he remembered drawing on death. While an uneducated man might wonder what that meant and be frightened, Dietrich was not an uneducated man. He knew he had drawn upon the winds of magic that night. While it was ironic that the son of a Witch Hunter would end up himself being magically in tune, he knew what path he must take. He set off towards Altdorf. Perhaps it was his friendship with the Priest of Morr, or maybe it was the death and torture he had suffered. Whatever the reason, he found himself drawn to the Amethyst Order where many avoid or fear this order. He was accepted and began his training. Step 3. Invest Creation Points Generate Characteristics (22 points) Strength: 3 Dietrich grew up on a farm and did his share of hard labor. While the torture and recovery weakened him, his years of physical work and youth allowed him to regain much of his strength (partly wanted this because I wanted a good intimidation score. I thought a scared son of a witch hunter death wizard would be intimidating). Toughness: 2 The torture, however, did have a marked effect on his constitution. Lingering pains, a weakened immune system, and the complete loss of one kidney all factored in to a lower vigor. He hopes that with a further recovery time and the proper care from a Physician or Priest, he can recover (I intend to raise this stat at some point). Agility: 2 While not exactly clumsy, Dietrich did not inherit his fathers keen ability to fire a pistol. Intelligence: 4 Dietrich possesses a keen mind which was nurtured under his fathers stern tutelage and the Priest of Morr's wise and probing questions. Willpower: 5 His upbringing by a Witch Hunter father instilled within him a force of will and inner strength known by few. While he was tortured for days, he did not break under the savagery of the cult of Nurgle. While his body may be weakened, his mind and his heart burn with the strength of 10 men. Fellowship: 2 His hard past has made him withdrawn. The multitude of scars upon his face cause people to keep their distance, which he prefers anyway. Wealth, Skills, Talents & Actions Starting Wealth: Broke (0 points) Dietrich left his farm with nothing but the clothes that the Priest gave him and a quarterstaff. He dug up 5 brass coins that he had buried under a tree on the farm as a boy, never thinking that he would need to take them as the extent of his wealth. Skill Training (1 point) Education, Spellcraft (Trained) Dietrich's upbringing and his training at the College brought him education. He is starting to focus his studies on the Cults of Chaos in order to learn as much about his nemesis as possible (eventual goal of train education, and specialize in "Cults of Chaos". Should come in handy to recognize their symbols, markings, items, tactics, etc.). As well, he is a quick student who is well on his way towards becoming a master wizard (Spellcraft Trained). Talents (1 point) Aethyric Attunement His attunement was what saved him against the cult. Skills (1 point) Dark Hand of Death, Death's Messenger Dark Hand of Death, though uncontrolled and accidental, was what he used to kill one of the cult members. Death's Messenger further enhances his scarred visage in order to be more intimidating to his enemies. He knows the value of fear and terror, a tenant that his father taught him. (Wanted something to do damage, and then something which might be interesting in a non-combat situation. And I thought it fit the character). Step 4. Acquire Action Cards The list looks like: Deaths' Messenger, Dark Hand of Death, Channel Power, Cantrip, Counterspell, Magic Dart, Assess the Situation, Guarded Position, Melee Attack, Parry, Perform a Stunt, and Ranged Attack. Step 5. Determine Stances: Conservative Dietrich is naturally reflective which lends him to a more cautious approach. However, he does possess some of his fathers firebrand personality and knows that taking risks is sometimes necessary. (start 2 conservative, 2 reckless. Default stance is conservative). Step 6. Select a Party Sheet: Servants of Justice Dietrich's ultimate goal is to hunt down and destroy the cult who killed his family. But in the meantime the general eradication of evil suits his purposes. (Obviously, this would be a choice to be made if I get in a group but this is what my character would lean towards). Finishing Touches. The 10 questions. 1. Where are you From? Near the town of Flussberg. Grew up on a farm but father was educated so does not have the background of a typical farm hand. 2. What is your Family Like? Every family member that Dietrich knows is now dead. 3. What is your Social Class? Wealth wise, Brass. However, due to education and upbringing, can easily fit in with the Silver. 4. What Did You Do Before You Became an Adventurer? Grew up on a farm. Went to the Amethyst College. After achieving apprenticeship was sent out into the world to get practical experience. 5. Why Did You Become an Adventurer? Wishes to avenge his family and eradicate evil where he finds it in the process. Ultimate goal is to track down the specific cult of Nurgle that killed his family but since he does not have a trail to follow will attempt to find any Cults of Chaos where they can be found. 6. How Religious are You? Not very. Felt abandoned by the gods during his torture. However, due to his relationship with the Priest of Morr, does look upon Morr with some favor. 7. Who are Your Friends and Enemies Obvious enemies are the Cult of Nurgle. Only friends are the old Priest of Morr, and a Bright Wizard named Maeric whom he met in a bar in Altdorf. Maeric shared a similar enthusiasm towards hunting down Chaos, though Dietrich thinks at times a little too enthusiastic. 8. What are your Prized Possessions Fathers Witchunters Pistol. The only thing that survived the wreckage of the farm. It is not in operating condition, though it could possibly be repaired by a skilled artisan. 9. Who are you Loyal To? The College of Magic and the Empire. 10. Who do you Love/Hate Key nemesis is the Cult Leader, but hate all followers of Chaos (particularly Nurgle). Long post I know. That's how I went about creating my character. Some details may change as I think on it more. Did I do anything wrong? Or any thoughts on the character?
  6. I play Vampire Counts, Dwarves, and Dark Elves. Stopped playing for a few years but recently got back into it with the release of 8th edition, which is awesome out side of a few poor (IMO) choices.
  7. I have very fond memories of this game. However, I played it on the PC. Not sure how much it differed from the console version (didn't even know there was a console version).
  8. MSpookshow said: Went to my FLGS last night and picked it up! I was quite surprised by their stock of WFRP3 products. When I was there about a month ago they only had 1 core set, 1 adventurer's toolkit, and 2 packs of dice just sitting up near the register far away from the other roleplaying games. Now they have a complete shelf of WFRP3 products (including a hefty stock of the GM Toolkit!), complete with a large Warhammer banner and everything. I'm thinking that may indicate good sales from the product in this area. But yes, I have it finally! I just ordered it from the Warstore. How about a little preview to wet our appetites?
  9. Salutations, I haven't played an RPG for a while, but recently picked this one up because it looked awesome. Reading the rules I am really looking forward to trying it out but only know one person thus far who would want to play. Obviously RPGs work better with more but would this work at all with one GM and one PC? Not for a long campaign I wasn't thinking but maybe some adventures. Or would that not be fun at all and we should keep looking for more players?
  10. I essentially did the same thing. Different binder though. I also bought a labeling machine (it is on the way now). I am going to label the card sleeves (such as "Wardancer Only" (for Ritual Dance Actions)).
  11. I imagine you could always supplement by running another party member as an NPC.
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