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  1. This is going to be one of the lessons learned by ffg in branching out into digital media. Digital media is an instantaneous entertainment medium and as such requires a level of support not normally found in a boardgame manufacturers skillset. I have personally enjoyed exemplary customer service from them in the past, but with digital media, a lack of response of more than 24 hours can cause an unfortunate backlash fairly (or i should say UNfairly) quickly. I will be waiting patiently for them to bring it back to the marketplace and encourage all of you to do so as well.
  2. I have recently had a bad experience with a gaming group. I was looking for like minded board gamers and discovered a local group that gets together once a month. The first fear I had walking in was to be surrounded by what I term, "Wargamers". Let me define. What I consider to be a "Wargamer" is a stereotypical wargamer who treats the playfield with a holy reverance and is quick to discipline any who despoil the sacred grounds with actions that go against their stringent code of conduct. They often play like their units or tokens are real people and generally suck all of the fun out of a social gaming experience. As fate would have it, most of the people at this gathering were "wargamers". I was invited to watch a miniatures game and watched as when one player spoke up, the GM snapped "No talking at the F'n table until your turn is finished". This is why I enjoy board games and not RPG's and I quickly got up and left the meetup. THESE are the kind of players that drive me nuts.
  3. IMHO, I wouldn't mind being part of a team to build an online demo version using half the cards, 3 investigators, 1 AOO, and only components from the base game simply to lure new players in easily. The hardest part I find in being a board game fan like myself is convincing other people to play as well. An online demo of sorts would be welcome to me, because nothing beats a REAL board game amongst friends.
  4. I would personally rather have sculpted monsters than investigators.
  5. I have to disagree, we who enjoy the game enough to be actively involved with the forums here are probably FFG's best fans and customers. Saying that, most of the comments I see just in this thread alone support the decision FFG made, that being "well it's really awesome, but I wouldn't buy it". Basic statistics of smaller groups can be a fairly accurate representation of the market as a whole. A small group of 20 with a ratio of 12:8 would probably mean a market of 12:8. FFG knows what they are doing, let's just hope it is enough for them to release a collectors edition.
  6. jaklcide


    We don't really know what tweaking FFG might do for the game just yet. Lets just wait and see.
  7. DoomTurtle said: Played game #9 last night, with just the base game and no expansions. I was Dexter Drake and started with a seal and a Tommy Gun, my wife was Bob Jenkins, and she started with a rifle. Pretty good start. I immediately went into the first gate to close and seal while my wife went to the Curiositie Shoppe (bought that +5 magic lamp) and started to gather clues. On turn 2 a second gate opened. On turn 3, I closed and sealed my gate, and we had a monster surge. By now my wife has 6 clue tokens, and will jump in to seal the next gate. Well, turn 4 opens a second gate on the board and happens to be the rumor, Good Work Undone. So my wife spends all her clues to pass the rumor. We both spend the next 6 turns gathering 5 clues each and both jump in to a gate to close and seal. However those 6 turns each spawn a new gate and before we can both leave the other worlds we are in, Nyarlathotep wakes up and puts us in final battle. We luckily had our 5 clues each, and with the tommy gun and rifle, made short work of him without any danger. The game lasted only an hour, and was the shortest and weirdest game we have experienced. Although, we have plenty of expansions we need to get, and with the stories I've read on here, there is plenty more weirdness to deal with. My wife and I just finished an 8 hour game recently. Your game seems like a breath of fresh air compared to our problematic game.
  8. This thread looks dead, but I'm looking for players in the U.S. Gulf Coast area. Moss Point, MS
  9. Can I suggest music from the boards of canada? Their music is pure insanity. http://www.youtube.com/boardsofcanada#p/c/221B13914A7EF3A2/24/fHx5flaWdLs www.youtube.com/boardsofcanada#p/c/221B13914A7EF3A2/35/gYP6f4DQKLc www.youtube.com/boardsofcanada#p/c/221B13914A7EF3A2/34/p1LPwPdJsPk www.youtube.com/boardsofcanada#p/c/221B13914A7EF3A2/109/pbeG1XrZPJs Creepiest music on earth. Listening to this is the closest music has gotten to madness.
  10. Yeah, ok here we go Moss Point, MS Just bought the game today actually, haven't played yet though
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