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  1. this needs to be a thing. please translate into english
  2. if you use this, it should help us understand. make sure you include DP expenses and feel free to erase the mentaliste stuff. Level: x Life Points: xx Class: x Str: x Dex: x Agi: x Con: x Pow: x Int: x Will: x Per: x PhR: xx MR: xx PsR: xx VR: xx DR: xx Initiative: x Attack Ability: x Block/Dodge Ability: x Damage: x Wear Armor: x AT: xxx (Cut x, Impact x, Thrust x, Heat x, Electric x, Cold x, Energy x) MK: x Ki/Nemesis Abilities: x Ki Accumulations: STR x DEX x AGI x CON x POW x WILL x Ki Points: STR x DEX x AGI x CON x POW x WILL x Total: x Techniques: x Limit: x Ars Magnus: x MA: x Recovery: x Zeon: x Magic Projection: x Offensive, x Defensive Magic Level: x Metamagic Advantages: x Summon: x Control: x Bind: x Banish: x Invocations: x Incarnations: x Psychic Projection: x Psychic Potential: x Free PP: x Innate Slots: x Psychic Disciplines: x Psychic Powers: x Psychic Patterns: x Advantages and Disadvantages: <Advantage Name> (-x), <Disadvantage Name> (+x) Natural Abilities: <Modules, Martial Arts> Elan: <xxx> Size: x Medium Regeneration: x Movement Value: x Fatigue: x Appearance: x Secondary Abilities: x
  3. Gaia doesn't come with a poster sized map, but there is one article that does come with it. It's only been released in french and spanish though. It's known as "The Player's Kit"
  4. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask, or head over to http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php for the official Anima forums.
  5. here you can enjoy a community-made project that has a character creation guide with a few examples of characters using (mostly) the core book. http://tortureentertainment.blogsport.de/images/AnimaCharacterGuidebook.pdf
  6. i just read the spanish and french ones, the english translation is a little off. It permits you to have precision with area effect, but not to decide which targets can be excluded.
  7. What Yuffie uses is a high quality Enormous Shuriken, nothing extra special. as far as the raven goes, i'll research it a little later for maybe a visual on it.
  8. It is completely fanmade by a member of the community (as stated on page 2 of said project) i've been aware of this for quite a while, i even gave him my opinion on certain things, but mostly i just gave him a few sci-fi monsters to add. I don't think he had the chance to do so
  9. in this Fan-Made Guidebook, there's a step-by-step character creation for those who might need it, also with a few character example made by the public. This is mostly just core-book characters though, as it was made when Dominus exxet wasnt out in english. http://tortureentertainment.blogsport.de/images/AnimaCharacterGuidebook.pdf
  10. Mind you, a 7'4" 600lbs anything would scare most of the population, thinking him monstrous or unnatural. I dont know of any video explaining anything about the anima system, mind you i havent looked either. Also feel free to head over to the official anima forum over at www.cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php
  11. You can find healing spells in a few different paths: water, light, essence, creation and free access. Dont forget that you need The Gift advantage to cast spells. Banish on the other hand is in the Summoning section of the book, which does not require The Gift. Anybody can learn martial arts at thecost of DP in combat primary as long as they have the prerequisits to it(indicated by each art). Martial Knowledge is to learn Ki related abilities and techniques.
  12. theres already a reply in it with a suggestion
  13. posted in the Fan-Made sub-forum of the RPG Section
  14. have you thought about posting this on the other official forum? http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php
  15. Not just that, just half a year ago they did a reprint of the corr book, where they could have one and published core exxet in it's stead
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