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  1. Curator said: [ADMIN: Curator's previous post was not deleted for the ideas it shared, but for the language used to share them. We understand players won't always agree with everything we do, but we expect that forum members' remarks will remain civil, avoid personal attacks (rather than discussion of policies or actions), and avoid language not appropriate for forum members of all ages.] Where was all this moderation during the Warhammer 3rd edition changes back when we were friends and I was happily writing strategy articles for you guys, huh? Should I pull up the archives of the crap people were saying and getting away with? The stuff I begged my contacts (mods btw) to take care of before I lost my cool. Your CEO made a mistake and now the customers suffer? Makes a lot of sense. Then you want us to remain "civil". I am not the one censoring here. Just encase people are curious as to what started all of this modding. http://penny-arcade.com/2012/02/22/the-flashpoint You didn't think Mr. Sirlin would let your CEO accuse him of plagiarism and get away with it. Nope, just like the smart man he is, he waited for the perfect opportunity. Penny Arcade gave him the opportunity to write an article on the matter of cloning game design. I would also like to, again, point out Xwing vs Wings of War Merchant of Venus Controversy Forbidden Alchemy errors Blatant exclusion of token types in Wizwar Fortress America fluff changes ...and something about don't throw stones at a glass house.
  2. [Erased for breaking Forum Rules]
  3. Doc9, In FFG's defense. I am sure they have forum policy and etiquette guidelines that I care not to read. Therefore I reposted with less mudslinging. All seems fine now. I refuse to remove the mudslinging towards Mr. Petersen though. I would go as far as to say he is the main reason FFG is looking like a typical money hungry corporation rather than a community based production company. Get a CEO that cares enough to have their devs triple check for mistakes and written errors, then watch FFG become the largest beast in the gaming industry. Also in defense of the devs. I understand they have a lot on their plates, but maybe this is FFG's problem. Over expansion...something I learned about from RISK. [ADMIN: Curator's previous post was not deleted for the ideas it shared, but for the language used to share them. We understand players won't always agree with everything we do, but we expect that forum members' remarks will remain civil, avoid personal attacks (rather than discussion of policies or actions), and avoid language not appropriate for forum members of all ages.]
  4. Haha they deleted my post.. Basically FFG is the new Games Workshop. To sum up what I had posted: It is not fair to the other dedicated employees to have to listen to the pubic calling them lazy and such due to Mr. Petersen's ego. Also many games currently in development have a storm of controversies following them. Merchant of Venus and X-wing in particular. After the Mansions of Madness fiasco, they don't need the negative comments on their front page when they start posting about these new games. Just take a trip back to Fortress America and worse the "bait and switching" for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Also calling the editors out makes them look bad on the front page and hurts the companies title "lead publisher of table games"
  5. Just show up at Cool Stuff Games on a Weds night (board game night) with your games you want to play. People WILL be there. The rest is up to you.
  6. I have removed my banners. See this link for my reasons. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=169&efcid=2&efidt=588413 javascript:void(0);/*1323585367030*/
  7. It is sad, but true. My FFG history starts with Twilight Imperium First Edition and Disk Wars. Mr. Petersen states the following in the TI3 rulebook: "At that time, our "Diskwars" game had become a big success, stabilizing the company and allowing me to consider a rework and improvement of TI itself. After years of playing TI and listening to feedback from players, I felt that improvements in game length, balance, and components could be made and would be appreciated." I really connected with Battlemist and let my creative juices fly. I was not able to purchase a copy of the expansion due to it selling out, so at the time I could only find a copy of the rules in German. I learned how to translate German to English. I crafted my own copy of the components using reference images from various sites. Learning how the components were made and having to balance the units to fit the playstyle, I started creating my own units for the six faction. I shared much of my fan made material online and among the gaming store I visited. Most of the material I borrowed from Disk Wars. I am sure Mr. Petersen and Co. did not know that for instance, I had made rules for neutral units and diplomacy rules for acquiring them. Nor do I believe he knew about other very similar ideas Runewars (Battlemist 2) incorporates now. Had he even directly stolen these from me without credit, I wouldn't care. This is an important point that I will come back to later. Although I am sure Mr. Petersen knows where this is going now. Moving on, around the launch of Runebound, I adopted the forum handle, DaDarkKami on Board Game Geek. A site I could share my ideas willingly and free of charge with other gamers and aspiring developers. I created sites of interest and tokens for the heroes to adventure to like barracks to mage towers. They worked very similar to the locations in Runewars, just with weaker art. I was happy as ever when FFG announced their partnership with Blizzard. I personally know developers from Blizzard and so I have been a huge fan of the worlds they had crafted. The World of Warcraft Board Game had a few flaws, but Corey created a gem through the World of Warcraft: Adventure Game, and fixed said flaws. I fell in love with the adventure game and supported it like one of my very own creations. So much so that I was asked by an FFG dev (who shall remain nameless) to write articles for the game. This was where the downfall and my appreciation for the company began to nose dive. I was treated with no respect. I submitted articles and asked questions to guide me down a road of self improvement. Questions that went unanswered. At the same time editors were wording my articles in ways that made me look ignorant toward the rules I claimed to understand. One time, I wasn't even given credit for an article, although that was quickly remedied after an email. While this two faced fan appreciation was taking me for a ride, FFG announce the cancelation of the Warhammer Roleplaying Game. Shortly after 3rd edition was announced and fans of the old felt betrayed. Fans of the new began to post nasty comments and for the first time in FFG history we had flame wars on this very site. I did my best to try and get my FFG contact to stop the wars, but went unanswered, so I decided to play 'Dark Knight'....and got burned. I knew I had to do something to keep my image, so I created a new forum handle, Curator. Using this forum handle I tried only to stay positive and objective and leave the infighting alone. I posted only support for a very long time. Among my contributions I posted more articles and variants for various FFG products. As years passed and more products released, I began to notice a trend. FFG was becoming more and more greedy/corporate. They closed down forums and support for products without warning. They remained silent. Worst of all their products became riddled with errors and rule oversights. Example: Shards of the Throne wasn't playable until the FAQ following it. The Descent Quest Compendium was full of errors and in fact required FFG to redo the book and throw the original creations from minds' of people like ... well I will let FFG do the talking. "The Descent: Quest Compendium features scenarios designed by giants of hobby gaming such as Monte Cook, Keith Baker, Mike Selinker, John Kovalic, and more!" Most of those "original ideas" were scrapped in the 10 page errata that was required to make sense of the 90 page book. I am glad Gygax passed away before FFG could sucker him into that group of very talented minds only to be wasted. It doesn't stop there though and if you are reading this then you most likely own an FFG product which has no excusable errors in it, be it art, rules, or printing. I have let all of this go. Til' now. Before I continue remember that point I made earlier? About not caring if my ideas are borrowed or used. Well. It appears Mr. Petersen feels it is his duty to speak for others and has attacked the integrity of David Sirlin on Board Game Geek. Accusing Mr. Sirlin of stealing En Guarde's rules and gameplay for Flash Duel Second Edition, despite the fact that Mr. Sirlin credits Dr. Knizia at the beginning of the rules. Mr. Sirlin is known for speaking his mind and encourages innovation through his blogs. His hit game, YOMI, never received a single negative review and yet he provided it for free to play on his site. He has stated his position on Wizard of the Coast, Riot Games, and even FFG, however he has NEVER accused a developer of stealing ideas. He calls out the greed where it exist and ensures his products remedy that. I have done my best to support this company and even dreamed of working with Corey, however, this classless act not only shows how little Mr. Petersen cares for this industries innovations and works shared from one game to another, it also shows how careless he can be with the support and future of his company. Mr. Petersen perhaps the next time you speak for someone else or accuse your competition of cheating, you should think about your company and those who rely on you to put food on the table. Cool Stuff Inc. is literally walking distance from my home. I am well known among the community in Orlando (though I will remain nameless), be lucky I am not as ignorant as you and actually care about your employee's families and income more than you obviously do. I was told this by your nameless dev at one point in time. "Funny thing about the net? Once it is posted you can't remove it from the memories that have seen it". Enjoy. Oh and I am not breaking any of your forum policies. So do play fair and leave this topic posted. Corey and Co. I wish you the best. See you at Gen Con Mr. Petersen. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/721312/new-bgg-page-for-second-edition javascript:void(0);/*1323517395000*/
  8. This game still needs and should have had reserves. Units that get played face down as developments and can be revealed at any time, they most likely have reaction abilities much like instants from Magic. It needs support units with powerful lasting abilities that are forced to turn into developments after X number of turns. Then it needs cards that destroy/reveal/flip developments. I posted this idea when the game was still under Nate's control. It takes an aspect no other game has and makes a very strategic and tactical game out of it. Only flaw could be slowdown as players keep checking their face down cards. I think this can be used to bluff. The main issues I have with this game is the lack of activity between the the players and the developer. You look at most expansions FFG has done for board games and they are pretty much reworked player variants or demands. Why this doesn't apply with the LCGs is beyond me. The other thing is this game SHOULD be tactical and not feel like a card game. Empire shouldn't be the only army to move units around. Instead they should be the only army that has units that don't corrupt when they move. Dwarves shouldn't be the only ones to encourage development building. They should just have more "sturdy" developments. Warhammer is a very tactical table top game. It feels like a battle is taking place. Warhammer Invasion could have felt even more war like, especially if it had reserves and defensive face up developments that can be destroyed to protect zones like moats and tar pits for example. The ability to move non-cavalry units but have to corrupt them would have made for a very different but more realistic game and separated the type of units to feel unique (cavalry don't tire) ...instead it's just "Magic with three life dials" and unfinished or underdeveloped concepts.
  9. A simple filter effect. This only took maybe an hour to do and I don't have a template to work with. This is why I got upset in the other topic with how they pushed this error through production. The artist, if I had to guess, lost the file for Waiqar's Capital.
  10. Katsue said: I just don't see how it can be a production error. I can. Look at the elves and undead capital art. This was carried through the entire development of this expansion. This image is from the preview for developments. It is also in the rule book.
  11. That was exactly what I need to see Trantor. Thanks a ton buddy! (can I call you that?) I have decided it is better for me to stick to my Raid decks for the WoW TCG and the new dungeon decks. I was torn having to decide between the two games, however, I have a ton of WoW TCG cards and don't feel like investing in a 'iffy' co-op LCG...especially after having spent all that money on the Warhammer one that still suffers from major issues.
  12. FFG likes the heat I guess. Burn fire burn. Wow I didn't even catch all of this...LOL. Still on FFG's side Sig? Guess I better get busy editing the tiles too. The cards can wait. GLAD I BOUGHT 2 RUNERWARS. I already replaced the undead tokens with actual reanimate figs and added an additional mountain. Working on new harvest and rally support order cards with new info that can just be sleeved over the originals and be taken out when playing the base game. The undead capital is fixed and I posted it already. My co-workers are going to be ticked that I am fixing FFGs mistakes while having a game of my own I should be working on. In all seriousness, I know it sounds like I am angry, but that is just the internet that makes me appear that way. Honestly, ask yourself, would I post fixes for the oversights found in FFG's products if that were true? I just hate mistakes and I know others do to, so, I fix them and provide the fixes for free in support of the game and the community.
  13. Content removed. See this link for reasons. javascript:void(0);/*1323584837733*/ http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=169&efcid=2&efidt=588413
  14. I was looking for some updated reviews for this game, but could only find core set reviews. I noticed that this is a trend for LCGs. They get a review when the game releases and rarely a second look review after being out for a while and receiving expanded content during that time. So rather than ask is it worth buying, I would just like to know what has changed. What issues did you have with the core set? If any, what issues have been resolved and what issues still exist? Has the game felt balanced after 6 packs? Have the packs made anything worse or feel underwhelming? Is there a defining OP deck(s)? Thanks
  15. Although it is your right to do so, I think you guys let FFG get away with too much. Runebound required a second edition. Descent Quests Book required 10 page FAQ. Then Sea of Blood map was missing the whirlpool and instead had two dungeons entrances. Runewars came with replacement components and even then had the error on the tiles with the number of giants. I guess it just bothers me more than others that other lesser know game developers make error free games or at least games without illustration errors, because of how competetive and tight the industry is, but FFG feels they can exclude themselves from the same market because they are popular.
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