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  1. I'm a sucker for anything with a campaign!
  2. Hey folks! I am one of those people who was looking to pull the trigger on getting descent + road to legend to start a campaign with friends. Question since I am very unfamiliar with the actual game play of road to legend vs someone who has played a lot, Would road to legend work with descent 2nd edition? I don't mind the idea of getting descent + road to legend now then later on getting the 2nd editon core set (i like supporting the industry since i love it lol). So thats the question, would road to legend work with the 2nd edition? Or should i just be patient and wait for 2nd edition and it's new campaign mode? P.S. anyone think the new campaign mode with 2nd edition would replace road to legend? Cheers!
  3. Hey so I made this guild on Boardgamegeek, somewhere we can at least post in a forums and start getting centralized as there are a ton of different walks of life playing this game but all over the place! We need to centralize! http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1119www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1119
  4. hey guys I like it! HonestD I think we may have msg'd each other over BGG but hey lets figure this out! Cheers!
  5. Gah I was a bit over a year ago lol! Now I reside in vancouver but TTT Bump for your thread and good luck! Lemme know if you happen to know anyone in the vancouver area.
  6. Hey! Lookin for some players in vancouver bc! There was someone posting on here about going to UBC or something? Cheers!
  7. so quiet in the the irc room all by my lonesome lol!
  8. I play the song of ice and fire rpg by green ronin as well, good system if not a bit complex (i like it but hard for noobs!) Yah i always wanted to get into the AGOT LCG but the whole constantly designing decks thing really turns me off, i just enjoy playing za game kinda thing!
  9. Hey thanks for the suggestions, just tried it on my girlfriend last night, yah no dice lol, BUT i think there may still be a hope for my friends!
  10. Hey folks, i have lots of love for a lot of aspects of this game such as the different zones, beautiful cards with no borders, the strategic and tactical gameplay, warhammer sieging/warhammer online theme. loves it! Unfortunately for me and my regular gaming group we are not into deck building. For me i don't take a lot of joy in deck building when i wish i did. It is because i am the one who is introducing my friends/game group this game that I am here beseeching you wonderful people could help me with the following request it would be much appreciated in helping my friends and i play this game. Please help me make balanced decks for each race with my decks i bought! I have 1copy each of the following: Warhammer Invasion Core Set Assault on Ulthuan (entire corruption cycle less arcane fire) Again i really appreciate the assistance and would like to avoid people telling me things such as, if you dont like deck building then this game isn't for you etc... anyway enough of me being demanding, thank you!
  11. Wytefang said: My thoughts are that they are doing exactly that with this next cycle per their big announcement about the upcoming LCG changes! So your prayers have been answered. Going forward new Battlepacks will have 3x of everything in them. Bless your heart Whytefang you're good people ! I totally hear where you are coming from, and lets hope with all the future battlepacks coming out that it make all the 1x cards per battle packs be a very small percentage in the grand scheme of things. Still, at the rate of 1 battlepack per month, it will literally take years before that day happens... So I digress and go back to my original point! C'mon FFG! I know I am not the only one!
  12. Hey folks, hats off to the fast growing Warhammer Invasion community. Very informative for newbies to card games such as myself and love the enthusiasm. I am definitely an avid Warhammer Invasion player and some day when I grow up (25 going on 5 lol) I would like the idea of competing in a local tournament should it happen. Alas, I feel like unless I buy 3x core set, and each corruption cycle 3x I won't be competitive. (That's near another $200!) and I know this is supposed to be overall cheaper then other CCGs but am I the only one who is not going to be able to afford that? It does sadden me I have to admit especially when I am such a big fan, I'd rather spend the $200 on other FFG games since I do have more FFG in my collection then anything else! (Woo talisman!) Anyhoo, I had an idea to try and stir things up. According to my card inventory @ deckbox.org I have approximately 120 1x cards. I have bought 1x every current battlepack, core set and assault on ulthuan. Now my idea. What are your thoughts on FFG releasing battlepacks specifically for people who buy 1 of everything (i got a hunch there are a fair amount of people who do that). This way we can essentially have 3x every card without having to buy 3x of everything and can spend that money towards other FFG products ya know? I don't think it is such a crazy idea and perhaps if we had enough people interested in it, this could get FFG's attention. So, whats your thoughts?
  13. I concur, its about playing not winning. I am a big fan of Talisman and I can always get my non-gamer friends to play. Do you think Dungeon Quest will be a talisman killer? I sure hope not, and hope it has enough differences for me to own Talisman + Dungeon quest
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