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  1. Greetings. After playing a few rounds with my wife, and still remaining unbeaten, I have a few questions for clarification on the rules: 1. Tycho's attack "Really Big Word" states to "choose a word from a card title in your opponent's discard pile. This attack gets +1 damage for each letter in the chosen word". My question is, if I play this successfully, and I choose a word that appears on multiple cards in her discard pile, does the damage multiply. for example, on a success I choose the word "psychic" to do an additional 7 damage plus the one that the card grants making it 8. If my opponent has discarded multiple cards with the word "psychic" on it, does the damage multiply? 2. What happens when your opponent, or you, run out of cards during your turn. Is there a rule on "decking"? 3. I'm assuming that an increase in intellect not only yields the ability to play more hijinks cards but does it also increase hand size? and lastly, 4. The rules clearly state that a player can only have two stuff cards in play as a player. Is it permissible to have two of the same stuff in play. For example, Tycho having two thesauri out granting him a +2 to intellect. Thanks in advance! Tycho out. (not really)
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