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  1. They call me Stook, pronounced stewk. Located in Chandler Arizona.
  2. Russell Simmons: The Photographer - Great Attribute set up and between his ability and retainer he gathers SOOO many useful items and allies and skills and... you get the idea. Leo Anderson: The Expedition Leader - Attributes make him a blank slate perfect for adapting to whatever ally, skill and items he starts with. Plus his ability has saved many an investigators. Mandy Thompson: The Researcher - Good Attributes, her ability makes her such a useful team player. Patrice Hathaway: The Violinist - Decent Attributes, incredibly useful ability. Joe Diamond: The Private Eye - Great Attributes other than will, Good ability, great if paired with Hathaway. Keep in mind i do not have Kingsport yet, so only IH and DH expansion characters.
  3. The most i have done so far is CoTDP, DH and IH. It actually made for a fantastic game. Our GOO was Nyarlathotep so it was not the most challenging game.
  4. I recieved CoTDP for christmas. Since then we have played some sort of combination of CoTDP, Dunwich and Innsmouth about 10 times. One particular friend of mine has had the misfortune of fighting Ithaqua not once, but twice. He was able to emerge victorious both times. I did not even know it was possible to be caught in the unyielding grasp of the other GOO's. I eagerly await my trips to the other worlds now.
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