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  1. Android setting, Twilight Imperium setting, mission: red planet setting (or any other Victorian/steampunk setting)... I'd love to see a WW1/WW2 setting also.
  2. I would add multiple attacks rules. Even for high XP characters they can rarely shoot twice. That's a downside imho.
  3. I got a nice excel file chargen for EotE. My AoR Beta just arrived and I was looking for the same kind of chargen for AoR, has anyone seen such a thing? Last but not least, when the f*** will FFG release an oficial chargen (or license it to herolabs)?
  4. Well yes we missed this rule of the initiative slot in the first session but from them on that helpd the group a lot. But it is worth mentioning for sure!
  5. I'm ok with this. Vigilance as default (and it is not even house rule), and if somebody is better at cool than vigilance he/she can go with it in case of upcoming combat situation. Thanks for your help!
  6. I am GMing a campaign with four players and most of the characters have high "vigilance" stats and poor "cool" stats. The awkwardness of such situation is that it is worse for them to get ready and prepared for the combat because that way they use "cool" to define initiative instead of vigilance. I house ruled it in a way whatever is the PC/NPC best stat between cool/vigilance is going to be the one used for initiative. My question is: Am I missing anything? Does this rule really suck? How do you guys deal with initiative? Any hints? Thanks in advance!
  7. So, still "available soon"? I recently bouth EoE and would really like to buy the beta for AOR.
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