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  1. The rules state "If at the end of the first round all evil-side players are eliminated and the good-side players fulfill their victory condition (see “Winning the Game”), the good side wins." So the good guys can not win on turn one unless all the villians are defeated? That is what i am taking from it. If so, this game is very weighted towards evil but we still had fun.
  2. Can u actually start a RS by placing Ice only and then placing an Agenda or Asset at a later time?
  3. So we know we can use multiple Icebreakers, but do their strength stack. If you have two Gordian Blades, can u use them both too have 4 strength or do u just have two 2 strength blades that u can choose to bump their strengths up by spending credit. I am assuming two 2 str blades and so there is little reason to use up that MU for the second blade.
  4. Can this game be played with more then 2 players and if so where can i find these rules.
  5. Can we get sleeves for these bigger cards FF? I need them for Infiltration and Elder sign. Thanks.
  6. Cool, thanks. What i assumed, but seemed like they may have been more to them.
  7. Where can i find info on Kingdom cards and how they are treated. I do not see anything about it but maybe overlooking it. Are they treated like locations or attached to something like the house card, etc. Thanks
  8. bitva said: I found the player card count in Khazad-Dum to be disappointingly low, especially when they included the Misty Mountians encounter set that cannot even be used with rest of the expanision or anything previous. Agree. BTW, did not tell you when you can or cannot post, all I said was you should read the post before commenting Also, I see the need for new quests on a regular basis, but why not make a quest with only 10 to 15 new encounter cards. Maybe use the first cycle of encounter cards combined with these smaller quests. I for one, really hope we will still get some quests that use the first cycle of encounter cards. Anyway, I see I am in the minority on this subject (at least with the people on the forums) , so good questing and enjoy the game people.
  9. Yes, I can say i would do more then tweak my deck if i had multiple strategies to choose from for different spheres. To the guy who said to give us what we want, all player cards, you really need to read the post before speaking. I really think you guys are missing my point. I hear statements like i am happy with the current amount of cards and that is fine, but were u saying that when we had only packs 1 through 3? I was just pointing out that I basically lost my play group for this game because of slow card addition and if no other people are having this problem then more power to them. No, i have not tried every card but this was not about me, I still buy and play (hope to use all the cards someday if i can find people to play with). I understand the defensive responses from some but I am not attacking the game. I am just giving info on why my play group has dissolved and giving a suggestion of what i would like to see them do (more player cards). They should keep making quest, but would any one mind a new quest with fewer cards in the pack, leaving more room for player cards. Maybe there is no problem here for the majority of the players of this game and if it is not then things will stay the same.
  10. My group definitely are not Boromir types. They just see no need in buying the cards to build their own decks when there is very little in deck variety and really no competition. Why not just use my cards/decks since i will be building for the group to win. Had they released more player cards quicker, I think they would have stuck with the game and built their own decks. If they want a certain deck they can just ask me too build it for them. I see that as being the weakness of this game, unless u are playing alone u do not need to own the cards just use somebodies deck. The other thing is, for me they are taking to long to get out theme deck construction. Sure we can now build a Dwarf deck, but what about the elf fans out there. How long before we can build a deck, over a year, maybe two. Hell we still do not have all 9 Walkers! I already hear several people avoiding the Star Wars game for the same reason.
  11. First, let me start off by saying that I really enjoy this game, but I have a real issue with the lack of player cards. I really expected more player cards in the Dum Expansion. FF is releasing these cards too slow, making deck construction no fun for me or my player group. I would love to see every other monthly expansion come with mostly player cards with a scenario with only a few cards to support it (using mostly cards from the Dum expansion). Out of the 5 players in my group, only 3 of us still buy cards. The other two will still play, but they are ok just using my decks. Now the third player is debating the same thing. Part of this decision came from the lack of variety in deck building due to a small card base and the other part was the difficulty in building decks for 4 player games, not knowing who was playing with what heroes. I realize this is not a problem for everyone, but it is causing us to lose players. I am hoping StarWars will be different but I am really scared it will have the same issues, so for that game I plan on being one of the players who do not purchase but play with other peoples decks.
  12. Really, our group is not a big fan of Exodus, but we do play with it. We would love a new expansion, especially bringing some new characters to the game.
  13. We are leaning the same way as a house rule, once per scoreboard phase, but i really think it is each match up during the scoreboard phase.
  14. I know it is really early to be talking about this, especially with most people not even able to own the base set yet, but i want an expansion. Being a huge fan of the BloodBowl minis game and playing most of the races, I would like to see another set similiar to this one with six different teams. I would like to see the High Elves, Dark Elves, Norse, Vampire Counts, Halflings and Lizard Men. You could use the new Staff Upgrades and Star Players, plus maybe a couple new team upgrades for every team for more variety, new tournaments and highlights, etc. Also the POD would work nicely to add new teams like Goblins, The Tomb Kings of Khemri or Amazons. Would not even mind them adding new teams of the same race either, maybe keeping the rooster deck the same but completely changing the team upgrades. There can be a bright future for this game, good job FF on the best game i played at Gencon this year.
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