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  1. It makes perfect sense. Not every vision problem can be fixed by just wearing glasses, I once met a guy who had a degenerative problem with his eyes, it was hereditary and gradually made his eyesight worse. He explained that his vision as greatly reduced in darkness and that in 20 years, he would see absolutely nothing in areas with very little light and his vision in lighted areas would be as bad as his current vision in darkness. So yeah, thematically the investigator might have such a degenerative disease and bring more light to every area to make his vision half-decent again...
  2. Pirrekurr said: We actually only use one houserule. It is that no character can gain more than 7 extra strength or craft counters. This would give a "standard" human with strength 3 and craft 3 a maximum strength and craft of 10. Of course you can use equipment on top of this. Fighting Dragon Kings, Daemons and things like that should never ever be an automatical win... I like that one, but then again I am tempted to try something similar, once you have doubled your starting stat, it costs 14 points of trophies for increases.
  3. I'd like to get a higher resolution version too, thanks in advance. mathieulamontagne@hotmail.com
  4. I tried the Keeper upgrade once, it only really shines if Khorne is hounding you. It forces him to invest at the very least a bloodthirster or two bloodletters to score points in a region with the keeper. It is very useless against Tzeentch's horde of cultists and Nurgle's horde of cultists and plaguebearers. It is quite fun to block dial advancements for Khorne by controlling a bloodletter and then killing cultists and blocking Tzeentch or Nurgle too.
  5. I think the main problem with Tzeentch is experience. You can't pick Tzeentch up and win the first time around like you can with Khorne or Slaanesh. In my group, only the people with more than 10 games under their belt stand a chance of winning with Tzeentch and by then, they are very strong contenders.
  6. If you play it carefully, the dungeon can make a character go up in strength/craft very quickly, moreso if you have access to spells. Like others have said, those beefy monsters can rack you a lot of points with a little help from lady luck. Also, getting the finger of death spell and making run to the end can mean a lot if you pick a good treasure.
  7. Essentially, the Lord of Change upgrade is an ace in the hole when you feel like Old World cards won't supply you with warpstone tokens (meteoric showers or whatever it's called) or if you want the opportunity to go get dials anywhere which is lovely when Khorne goes camping on warpstone tokens.
  8. I quite like the Great Unclean One upgrade. Mind you, I'm usually a high priority target versus my friends so the ability to plop down a GUO and instantly get a dial advancement without having to worry about him dying is priceless. Moreso, I can recall a game where the other 3 players were ganging up on me really bad and I just plopped down the GUO twice in two different regions, 2 dials without giving Khorne a lot of targets made him fall back upon the other two and saved that game for me.
  9. Yes. My group speeds up the process by just drawing 5 cards right off the bat and sorting them while the player with the lowest threat prepares the old world card.
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