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  1. In Android, each player plays a detective trying to confirm their hunches about a certain criminal. The game involves several different mechanics that come together to tell a story. It's complicated to explain, and playing it is about the only way to really wrap your head around it. In Murder City, each player represents a a detective trying to compile evidence against criminals to make money. You only make money if you get a conviction, so you sometimes have to plant evidence. It's an interesting idea, but it's poorly implemented. url=http://www.mevio.com/episode/100999/episode-9-murder-city/?mode=detail Here is an excellent summary. www.mevio.com/episode/100999/episode-9-murder-city/ is an excellent summary
  2. Sounds very cool! I actually plan to play three player some time this week, so I'll give you feedback on how well it works.
  3. I know there are a few homebrewed scenarios with three teams, but has anything official come out that I'm not finding? Also, has anyone else tried playing with three teams? Any tips for it to run as smoothly as possible?
  4. My guess is it's to tempt all the people who haven't purchased them yet individually, as it's almost 50% of the normal price ($59.70 individually vs. $29.95 for them in a shiny new box). I'm glad that they aren't putting in a single new deck (that I would need to buy this whole thing to get), but it does annoy me as a completist collector that I won't have the shiny box.
  5. I never play with more than three players unless EVERY player involved is experienced. Otherwise, there will always be a TON of drag. Also, look into getting some of the small expansion packs. They boost player interaction and give people things to do between turns (Can't remember the best for this, but I'm sure someone else should be able to).
  6. As far as I am aware, FFG has proclaimed that they are not going to follow suit with TOY and reprint the map from the base game on the opposing side. I had this thought, though. Why not do as TOY did, & when they release Tannhauser 2.0, they have a completely new board in that. They then offer an upgrade pack (ALA their Talisman reprint) with the new board they released with the base game, the new rules in print form, and any new components they introduce (if there are any). They could even offer a discount if someone were to trade in the board they had from 1.0 (You print a coupon off the website, and you can bring the board into a local game store and get $10-$20 off). That way, you don't have a repetitious map. Just a thought I was having.
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