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  1. It would be 18 as you can use multiple types of adds to get your attribute above 12. The rule for your starting attribute is that you can not go over 12 even if you get a something that permanently adds to your stats. So if you had the power card and the max stat it would 24 and then start adding after that.
  2. rayze said: when asked if he preferred to play "good guys" or "bad guys", Willem Dafoe replied, "ain't no difference. everybody thinks they're righteous" Very true. Even Hitler thought he was doing a good thing for his world. But back to the topic. Jason, Freddy, Michael Meyers (any slasher movie villain) could all be followers of Khorne. I would put Hannibal Lecter in with Slannesh. Vader and The Emperor would fall into the Tzeench catagory for all the sorcery. The Crypt Keeper could be a follower of Nurgle and all Zombie movie villains.
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