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  1. monkeylite said: How many players will there be? Sorry, 3 + 1 GM = 4
  2. Emirikol said: OK, you've got 5 players and one boxed set. This would be like having 5 players and one D&D Players Handbook. If you have more than 3 players, ideally you'll have two or more boxed sets. Here are your bottleneck points: 1. Character creation rules. One book? Takes a long time. Solution: Buy extra boxed sets or have players download the PDF of the CORE. That means you will have a laptop or two at the game table, during generation. After that, BAN computers from your table..else you'll have people surfing for imaginary girlfriends while waiting for the dice-shortage-system to have worked its way over to them 2. Advancement rules (after your first game). Same as #1 above. 3. Career cards. It's rare that two players want to play the same character career, but ideally, you don't have the career card on the table. You have the players write the talent sockets on the side of their character sheet. Really, why have the career card out? it's just for advancement and background. Having the Talent sockets on there was bad game design and is risky for spillage-of-coke-on-the-table. Our group puts the sockets on the char-sheet. 4. Dice. You're going to be short dice until EVERYONE has their own dice. What we've done for a solution is to have a box-top between players and they share a pit of dice. We're still awaiting dice from TFAW.com..I think they were supposed to be in a month ago. 5. Basic Action Cards. These are the same on both sides. Ditch the cards and just make a print-out summary for your extra players. It will take up a LOT less space and you can fix the card's missing data about "universal boon/bane effects" where necessary. You could also have players SHARE between them. 6. Action Cards (non-basic). If any need to be duplicated..well, there you go. 7. Talents. See action cards above. 8. Conditions: You will end up short condition cards at some point as well. We use a single sheet of paper and don't use cards for conditions anymore (who has time to search through the stack for them anyways). Cards for conditions were a bad idea in this game. 9. Monster Card-board Stand-Ups. You're going to have a player who's going to say,"I attack the Orc that looks like the Artoisian boar." 10. Tuck's Medicated Boxes (3). I haven't even opened these. We put cards in zyplock bags..much more sensible..but not as pretty. Here are a couple other specific solutions: 1. Buy an extra boxed set or two with all the money you've saved by not blowing it all on 4E D&D supplement-of-the-weeks anymore 2. Have players purchase a PDF for themselves..but this is really useful only for working on characters at home..and you still don't have access to any cards that way... 3. For personal use, create or acquire a condition summary sheet: http://gallery.rptools.net/v/contrib/emirikol7/?g2_page=2 4. For personal use, create or duplicate the basic actions for your extra players. 5. Use a character sheet that has the TALENT SOCKETS on it: This will get your valuable career cards off the table (where they WILL get wrecked next time someone spills their coke). 6. Encourage players NOT to pick the same advanced actions unless they're going to purchase their own game I'm trying not to tell you to photocopy anything, but that works too if you have extra players until players purchase their own sets or some other solution is presented by FFG. 7. Print out some RACE CARDS so that the players can "tap" or reference them instead of trying to read that info on a dinky character sheet: gallery.rptools.net/v/contrib/emirikol7/ jh .. Woah...heavy stuff man... But thank you!
  3. Emirikol said: From: FALSE PRETENSES scenario: DM: Ok, you'll have to hold the elf over the edge while he casts high magic to close the portal. PLAYER (Chad..playing the dwarf smuggler): Is that a ride check? jh
  4. OP has 41 posts. I'm going with 'it's just for laughs'. And sounds like every D&D adventure I ran. Which was a laugh!
  5. Ok let's say I have bought the game, and it's all set up. The players are sat around the table, and wait expectantly. Going through character creation, what 'problems' would we run into because of how the game was built up as concerning available resources within the game box? I'm not talking about the rules, that's been covered extensively. I'm talking more about the player's options inside the box. Thanks all
  6. Is there any update to the reprint, is it out, did they correct known errata? Do you think the layout needs changing (obscure hidden rules), and when do you expect them to change it? In a reprint, or a new edition? Thanks all
  7. I'm sorry, I saw that and went mad. I think this is more to do with GW than FFG, so no surprises there then. My wallet will hold fire until it is more clear as to who has done what, and quite frankly, who can do what. But I'll tell you now, I wouldn't think twice about photocopying a 'card' and superimposing my 'stuff' over it for 'my own group's personal gaming'. In fact it's a very good idea. It's my game, I paid good money for it, and as long as I'm not making a profit, I'll do what I like with it. If anyone wants to come around my house and give me an ear bending, bring a big stick. You'll need it. And where do you draw the line? Example, my friend buys the game - but he has his own group and is short on a couple of cards. You telling me I can't walk over to his house and make copies for him? See how ridiculous it sounds? This kind of thing has gone on since day 1. This kind of thing is only excacerbated by a shortage of much needed products at the game's release. FFG can go either way here, it will be very intersting to see what they do. GW & WotC can hold hands and take a run and jump right now however. Strange how the bigger cats want to bleed you dry, yet those smaller cats who have a real love for the game (Swords and Wizardry, Lab. Lord etc) show it in abundance. I have no problems with FFG (or anyone) trying to make money, but trying to take extreme liberties with their customer base is something else.
  8. Wycked said: Wow, I can't believe the the amount of self entitlement everyone has, not to mention the weak justifications they have for allowing copyright material to be, basically, given away for free. What is wrong with you people? If you have such a problem with the lack of material in the set for all players, make photocopies or get a pencil and paper and <gasp> take 5-10 minutes to write the info down. Are you really that lazy? No wonder the companies in this hobby suffer so much, people think they have the right to produce and distribute whatever the hell they feel they should. Pathetic, simply pathetic. What a load of rubbish. Who do you think your kidding? What right has FFG got to knock on my door and tell me I can't give 'so-and-so' my so made homebrew Hobbit/Elven Mage/Whatever? If I'm not making anything out of it, and I'm filling a much needed gap (which FFG left), what's that to FFG? Afraid we may be able to do better? Hey that's the internet for you!
  9. WFRP fans: Fan content and support guidelines and information will be available on our website shortly, so fans can continue to create homebrewed content and support their favorite games in a way that conforms with FFG's licenses and practices. With the complexities of different license arrangements and the legal impact of these decisions on trademarks and copyrights, we appreciate your patience as we finalize a plan that works for all parties involved. - Jeremy @ FFG And has this happened because of the storm it's kicking up or was it in the pipelines all the long?
  10. Like I said earlier, it's basically because they are a business and don't really give a stuff for you or I. They only want our money - so if a kind hearted hard working soul comes along and gives us something for nothing, in order to help us play, then they'll stop that. Why? Because they aren't going to make money otherwise. Similar to WotC pulling all the old classic D&D pdfs out of sales. So here's an official declaration for FFG. Up yours! You won't have a penny of my cash you money grabbing soul sucking parasitical capitalistc theiving filthy lucre grabbing persons. At least **** Turpin had the decency to wear a black mask when he robbed us blind. Games Worskshop FFG WotC Hang your heads in shame! PS: Ok maybe I was a bit rough...after all we did only pay ALMOST £70 FOR AN INCOMPLETE GAME! Have a nice day
  11. Fair enough perhaps someone else would be kind enough to reply?
  12. From rpg.net: Is the core mechanic broken, it it fixable? Example: The scholar Has 20 points of experience and the following dice on an Int test: 5 blue, 2 yellow, 2 white. He is attempting a Hard test - 3 purple. Taking the test 20 times he can't fail at all. Or mostly ever: 17-18 out of 20, or 8-9 out of 10 times, he will pass it. It is wrong, he is competent, but not a master. For him it's supposed to be a hard task, with max. 60-70% chance of success in normal conditions and max. 80% in favorable conditions. Not 90% chance. Example: The Troll Slayer Has 20 exp. Combat Mode: 5 red, 2 yellow, 2 white, 1 purple, 3 black (opponent has shield, armour and dodges). This one is worse: 10/10 and 19/20. Combat becomes hack fest "who has more wounds" with no finesse. If you up the number of diff. dice there's no way that a "3-4 blue 1 yellow dice" character will pass such test. Is this correct? I dislike games that have this 'you are so good you simply cannot fail ever no matter how much time passes'.
  13. Thanks for that. I heard the 2nd print run was already out, has the errata been updated?
  14. In a few weeks I may be the lucky recipient of the core rules, the GM tool kit and the Adv. tool kit! Out of the 3 I see no halfligs, but are there any magic schools? Is there a contents list?
  15. There's only one reason they decided to change the game with all cards and counters. To rope in boardgamers (of which FFG knew they already had a lion's share - so why not tap that source) along with roleplayers. Why? So they can make more money from boardgamers. There's only one reason why they decided to leave out the material that they did - and only reveal a small portion of the empire with drip releases in the shape of more boxes. Why? to make more money out of boardgamers and roleplayers. On one hand I see nothing wrong with that from a business point of view. But I couldn't care about that because I'm on the receiving end of their money making scheme. I'm a consumer. For me at least the game itself was a secondary project, and lacks the labour of love so evident in much smaller packaged indie games. Yes 3ed is all glitzy and nice to look at, and yes the mechanics are a step forward, but at what price? Last I looked, £70. 3ed feels souless and love less to me. Believe it or not, this is not a flame, just my opinion, and I fully intend buying this beast at a later date. But that's how I feel about it.
  16. Or you could perhaps not bother reading other people's right to voice their opinion in a free country? The game is not perfect, it has issues, not everyone is going to like it. So when they ask £70 for an incomplete (as compared to other editions) edition, you are going to take some flak.
  17. I really want to try this game out, I haven't got it yet but plan to do so when it's tidied up a bit more. I don't know how bad the layout is, and I'm not convinced the rules are fully functional throughout. I've heard a few gripes but nothing serious. I guess the main issue for me is the price. If it was £30 -£40 I'd have it by now. I just have this thing about errata and in the case of 3ed, the layout/organisation. Here's wishing FFG every success though, because if they're successful, we are too
  18. Do you expect the errata and orgainisational/layout to be corrected in a reprint? It's entirely possible, you just have to go through the templates. If so, does anyone know when the reprint is due? Thanks
  19. Duran Elderbar said: Rat Catcher said: A 12 mile trip to a town for example is usually shrugged off in a sentence or three. The fatigue/stress counters offer an easy way of making sure pcs now take the time to plan their journeys in advance. Ohhh... Great idea. The characters have to get to The Fat Halfling Fortified Inn on the Old Dwarf road within a certain number of hours to warn the locals that beastmen are active in the area. Do they rush to the Inn and suffer 3 fatigue by the time they get there (with no chance of respite before the beatmen arrive) - do they get there quickly and suffer 2 fatigue and arrive at the inn and see the beastmen scouts lurking in the woods and have to fight their way through. Or do thay just wander there... and reach the inn as the second wave of beastmen reinforcements are beasy eating the flesh of the inns previous owners.... Exactly, very good example
  20. Seriously, I haven't come across anything like you mentioned. I even started a topic 'Constructive Criticism' and it's been great Tarring all with the same brush perhaps?
  21. Sarim Rune said: I agree with what has been said. Designing the adventure is about the same. There are two areas that might be a little tricky at first. Monsters - Their 'slaughter margin' is very tricky to figure out. A day late anda shilling short suggests that a Wargor is a fearsome foe and that it is a serious threat. I'm sure it is, but I ran it for three other characters (not the ones created for the pre-written adventure). The Troll-slayer used the duel wield action card and nearly killed the Wargor in one hit! It's stuff like that that is much harder to predict in this version (rather than previous versions). Thus, I highly recommend giving some easier encounters than heavier encounters. Take it slow at first. Side-Effects - One thing I feel that V3 encourages is the use of Bane/Boon Side-effects. I was working on converting a V2 adventure (Ashes of Middenheim) just to see and they have pretty standard tests smattered throughout the book. Now going back to a day late and a shilling short demo adventure, you have a bunch of extra side-effects that are smattered about in addition to the regular tests. The Storm causes Misfortune dice. The storm also 'forces' a break in the combat (which is interesting). Neither of those are things I would have immediately have thought to include in a 'regular' adventure, if for no other reason that a typical system doesn't encourage it. If you look at the location cards, a bunch of them offer these Bane/Chaos Star effects. You can use that to whet the apeitite and create your own. What side-effects can happen in a given situation? Finally, in the demo, they suggest that the first time you see a Wargor you can hit the part with some Stress. Fatigue and Stress are your tools to cause tension in the game. Characters want to travel weeks in the forest? Give them Fatigue throughout the day (which probably recovers during a good sleep). Have chaos artifacts call to them, giving them Stress. I would think about where you want to hit the party with Fatigue or Stress. I like the idea of this last part, giving import to actions most rpgs take for granted. A 12 mile trip to a town for example is usually shrugged off in a sentence or three. The fatigue/stress counters offer an easy way of making sure pcs now take the time to plan their journeys in advance.
  22. Is it easy to design adventures? I've still got this impression that 3ed isn't like normal rpgs. So does the game lend itself well for GMs to create their own adventures? Is adventure design similar to other rpgs?
  23. Necrozius said: Sarim Rune said: Halflings are missed, to some degree. They are a staple of Middle Earth but they are such a lame race. Fixed that for you. And that is why I couldn't care less that they are gone for now. Every fantasy setting, even the most RECENT, critically acclaimed ones, like Dragon Age, are just Tolkien-esque fantasy with a shiny new coat of paint. It is ALWAYS some mix of humans, wood elves, high elves, dark elves, dwarfs and some kind of orc/demon/troll/gnoll/beast antagonist working for the Dark Evil one. Let's move on, folks! Only Dragon Age has no halflings
  24. Ahh that explains the 'no stock' thingie then Thanks for the update
  25. Has this game actually been released in the UK? i cant find it at gameslore, leisuregames or amazon. all say 'out of stock' Frustrating, and to think us brits gave the world Warhammer
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