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  1. It seems I could have placed: - Dodgy Right Knee as either a Physical Feature or a Physical Trauma - Social Anxiety either as a Social Feature or a Social Trauma What's the difference?
  2. Thanks all What battle mat would you recommend, keeping in mind I'll probably end up buying two? Also, the FAQ is quite extensive at 16 pages. How much of it applies to the newer Force Awakens core set?
  3. Hello I'm thinking of buying the X Wing miniatures game because it looks cool Can you play with more than 2 players? Is there any errata for the Force Awakens editon? What's the largest sized space battle mat I should get, I'm looking at the 3' x 3' mat but does the game cater to bigger mats? Thanks all.
  4. I heard the other day that the naked dwarf syndrome was still an issue in 3ed? Wherein an unamoured dwarf is almost invincible because of his Toughness or something. Is this correct?
  5. dvang said: The Core rulebook is "worse" yes. I personally didn't have much difficulty with it, but others have. It might be because the core book has more actual rules, while the other books tend to have more information and fluff. Not having a built-in index is some of the problem (although FFG later created an index .pdf you can use). Thanks Dvang
  6. Is it just the core rulebook which is a bit of a mess? I heard the other three books are fine
  7. A few months ago I purchased the 3ed pdf. A little later rpgnow.com alerted me that they had been updated. What exactly was updated? I ask because the current errata is very small. Is that the errata that's been updated (in which case there's no errata left to fix)? I guess I could go and take a look, but I was also hoping someone could shed more light on the situation. Thanks all
  8. AVJax said: I would go for the core set (an errata'd version isn't needed any errors are magnified by the lens of the internet, it would be good if they did do a second printing with the docs cleaned up but don't wait for one). You may also want to add either the Creature Vault or Guide (don't need both straight away). If your players pick a Wizard or Priest you can add the Signs of Faith or Magic box down the line, both also bring in other careers usuful for other characters. (Signs of Faith has the Assassin Advanced class for example). If your players get into it they can pick up the Players Guide hardbound book and supplement it with the role specific guides if they feel the need. My current collection - Core Set, Games Master Toolkit, Advenurerers Toolkit, Signs of Faith, The Gathering storm, extra set of dice and the Creature Vault. The game is a beautiful thing to play and I have a mix of players, some use all the components and some just use character sheets. Thanks for the advice AV. And isn't it the case that only the 'core rulebook' is the problem, and even then it's a case of rules being laid out all over the place? I'm bursting to give this game a shot, I love Warhammer and I think FFG put out some gorgeous looking stuff.
  9. I'm not sure where I stand on all this. On the one hand, I can see the thinking behind a peasent with a club being unable to damage a full plated knight, but then fantasy novels are all about the 'one shot kills'. You know, you have the drawn out exciting battles of back and forth, and you also have the insta' kills as well. I'd have to house rule this across the board. I think.
  10. Regardless of skill and/or size, is it always possible, no matter how remote, to kill your opponent in one hit?
  11. Thanks for that commoner. It clears a lot of the confusions up.
  12. Thanks for the information. I just found out the Player's Guide does not contain the 10 careers from the Adventurer's Toolkit?
  13. I considered this, however I heard the books in the boxed sets are a bit of a mess concerning layout and organization of rules. I should add that I also have the pdf of the 4 core rule books, and they've recentley been 'updated' as well. Quite what that means I don't know. Pdfs are all well and good but it's a lot easier to have a book at hand so to speak.
  14. My 11 year old son, I'm trying to get him into roleplay. But it's going to be better if I can sell it as a kind of boardgame. I know 3ed isn't a boardgame, but the bits would definitely be a strong selling point. My question, if I buy the 3 hardbacks, how could I get hold of all the bits? Things like creature card figures, the stance track, crit hits, party card etc? Do they sell them all separately? What's my best option? Thanks all EDIT: Is there a way to subscribe to these threads? I can't find it
  15. All very interesting. Does the game lend itself well to tinkering and house ruling?
  16. I hear people have reservations about characters reaching a plateau too quickly. This however doesn't mean your character stops 'getting better' at stuff. My question, the opportunity seems to have shifted from upward forward advancement to staying in basic careers. Is this more a design feature than a bug? Thanks
  17. Thanks for all the information Still undecided because it seems cheaper to get the books. What would I have to buy concerning boxed sets, to get all the information contained in the books?
  18. This is not good news. I was seriously considering buying the guides and vaults. Gutted.
  19. Hmmm...good points. I don't want to spend all that cash on the books if I'm still missing a sizeable portion of the game. I know roleplaying games are always producing supplements, and no core book is really complete. But there is so much extra material needed to get full enjoyment of the game in those boxed sets. Also, I don't really want to get the core rule boxed set if it hasn't had a reprint with various issues addressed. Not sure what to do now.
  20. Hello fellow Wammerites! After months of wrangling with my wallet and conscience, I've decided I want the WFRP 3ed offering from FFG. I love the Olde Worlde, simply love it. However, I do have a few questions, and where better a place to obtain some answers. 1] On my return, I see there are books out as an option to the boxed offering? At first blush, this seems like the perfect option for me, but what will I be getting if I purchase the books, in as far as rules go, and more importantly, aside from all the bits and the dice, what will I not be getting? 2] If I get the boxed set, and I may well do, has it had a reprint, has the errata been updated in this reprint? 3] Concerning the books, in the future, new boxed sets are going to come out for the boxed set, does this mean I'll have to buy these boxed sets, or will a book version be on offer as well? 4] Careers and career progression. If I remember rightly, there was a problem about not enough advancement for careers, and I think, something about not being able to play halflings? And wasn't there an issue with priests concerning their availability? 5] All things above considered, what would you recommend I get, the books, or the boxes? Thank you all for your time and effort, I appreciate any help
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