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  1. Have a look at 'Flesh' from the 2000AD comic. Suits this perfectly. Cowboys time travelling back to farm Dino's for meat ('Flesh') - but Dino's bite back... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flesh_(comics) info and links
  2. One thing I find essential for all my games in whatever system is one or more of those little whiteboards with a whiteboard pen. Order of initiative, quick maps, NPC hit points in a random encounter, secret notes to a particular player - anything temporary can be added to it and wiped out as needed (literally in the case of NPC's). Another thing I have that I will be using specifically for L5R is a small stack of Chinese style coins - the kind you get in ornaments or for IChing etc., round with a square hole, Very handy for general token usage. Just adds a bit of oriental flavour.
  3. FFG Customer Support have now been in contact to help resolve the problems. So credit where credits due. They now sorting it out.
  4. The reason I tried to buy direct is that my local games stores are lucky to get anything from FFG until months after the release date. And then often dribs and drabs that they don't have much control over. But my main point here was about how abysmal the FFG eCommerce system is. And to turn it into even more of a farce I apparently need to redo my Credit card details for some reason. Despite double and triple checking the data I added into the form to get it to work in the first case! And guess what - when I try to update my card Info I press Submit and get 'Internal Server error'. Frankly the incompetence shown by FFG is staggering. I give up. FFG you are so insistent on having an eCommerce system that refuses to work that - stuff it. I can't be bothered even trying any more. I'd complain again to FFG's so called 'Customer Support' but I have even less faith in them being bothered or responding. One very disappointed and disillusioned customer.
  5. I have maybe, possibly, hopefully just pre-ordered Masks of the Oni and Shadowlands. I've tried several times before and each time been thwarted by the abysmal eCommerce system FFG uses. It bitched about every field and even refused to accept my Address as a 'valid address'. I have never before come across an eCommerce system so determined to not let you order a product. I've complained to FFG about it twice, and been totally ignored. So so much for customer support. It seems to just as bad as their eCommerce system. I was hoping to get it resolved and an order placed whilst still in pre-order, but no. So my order is now late pre-order and will be shipped out 'whenever'. So much for trying to support a game! To me Lot5R is a good game system totally let down by a shambolic and uncaring games company.
  6. For collectors or completionists - copy of the ultra rare Limited Edition for sale. Only 200 ever made and sold out in minutes, so rarer than rocking horse droppings. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dark-Heresy-Limited-Edition-rulebook-/221454041967?pt=UK_Toys_RolePlaying_RL&hash=item338fb0836f Comes with the two maps and a Certificate signed by the Inquisition. Hardly used and extremely good condition. (one of the other GM's has the normal edition so that gets used for play.)
  7. Healing could be auto self repairing like the car Christine - hey its a weirdo chaos demonic gift so anything is possible. So normal marine regenerative healing maybe helped by tech repair…
  8. James Sparrow said: Herr Arnulfe said:… I still don't know whether the success of the W40K lines is down to its more traditional system or the higher fire-power of the setting. I ran WFRP 2e and we played for ages. they loved it. I switched to 3e and the group didn't get on with the mass of cards and tokens. I now run Balck Crusade and they love it. I recently ran the Star Wars beginner set and they liked that. They thought it good, and lacking in their words 'the pile fiddly bits' of WFRP 3e. Ok, we are are all old gamers and used to the traditional style, but even I found as a GM 3e to be too overloaded with bits and pieces. I am dying to run the new Eneamy Within, but would need to redo half ther rules and bits to get the group to go for it. I can't wait for a slimmed down Star Wars like 4th edition that gets around the mass of bits.
  9. The beginners box really is a beginners box. But it is very good at being so. By beginners I mean a guided walkthrough on how to not only handle the rules, but the beginnings of roleplay as a concept. you get all you need for the task at hand - leading a bunch of totaly new players through their first game ever. And it is handled and presented very well. Whilst it does not though give you character generation or any of the advanced concepts like Jedi powers etc. It does provide enough to get budding GM's and players going long enough to decide if they will continue on to further adventures. At which point the Core book starts to look very juicy. Though there is enough in the beginners box set to tide them over for a few more adventures at least. Of course the Core set gives you all the rules. So an experienced GM and group can skip the beginners box if they want. But the the beginners box goes through the rules in a clear well laid out manner - with all the major rule details on the character booklets. So would work well as an introduction to the system itself for the group.
  10. WHFRP was very lethal. Combat could kill in a couple of hits even for a warrior. And if the combat didn't get you disease mutation or good old insanity surely would. I can see EotE PC's looking for force fields and flak jackets etc. after the first few goes at combat. Similar in the way it has the diferent dice types, dice face meanings, and how they work in general. But not enough to be able to use WHFRP dice in EotE (boo hiss as i have to get new dice) Careers came on cards that listed the advances you could buy before moving on to a new career. Similar-ish to ho you get and move between specialisations. But not as flexible. Actions (i.e. combat and spell abilities) came on cards and were affected by a conserative vs aggressive stance system. Most rules or effects were tracked via cards or tokens so not much rummageing through the rule book, but a bucket load of tokens and talent cards and party cards and fatigue and recahrge tokens etc. to take care of. Everything at hand but could be more bookkeeping than roleplaying in my opinion. All in all EotE is like a updated and improved WHFRP system with the tokens relegated to 'if you want' rather than being a must.
  11. Ranges are abstracted to melee, short, medium long etc. You can spend a manouver to cross from one to the next. So you could move from long to medium range to close the range for more accuracy etc. Works well as you don't need to work out if the PC moved inside the 20m range or if he is still 21m away and can't fire etc. They are medium and can fire or long and can't etc. Your pool of dice can be modifed for cover, range, size of target and any other advantage or disadvantage that fits. Very flexible and easy. Under lots of fire add some bad dice. Opponent is unaware and stationary add some good dice.
  12. Most will come - e.g. other eras, fuller jedi rules (i.e. above the jedi wannabe beta allows), extra gear and ships etc. My cons are more to do with peicemeal nickle and diming. The full set will be expensive - three core books and a host of other supplements. But hey, most systems are in the end if you get the lot. But I am not happy about the three set split, and the fact that the first one is the least exciting of the three. Seems like a deliberate ploy to have the fans buy a tide over game until the proper meat - rebels and jedi appears. Stuff that I feel should in at the start. One main book covering it all in enough detail for starting out, with supplements to expand on Jedi and Starships etc., along with the usual supplements. I don't like needing to buy three books just to cover a starting group that has a Jedi a smuggler and a rebel commando in it. Why is getting the basics in one book too much to ask for? We are far too often considered dumb stupid fans that can be relied upon to buy whatever they put out without complaining. Even moreso with an IP like Star Wars. Truth is we will buy the supplments and extra whole heartedly - so why not make the rules one book, and focus one the masses of other stuff for it. It's not like you are stuck for supplement ideas with the Star Wars universe.
  13. One of the reasons I got the Beta was to check how token and card free it was. I was nicely surprised to see that they are not the be all and end all of the game. Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come for a WHFRP 4th Edition. Sorry FFG but most of them just got in the way and confused my group. It played too much like board game for their liking. too many tokens to track for stance, wounds, fatigue, action recharge, party progress, etc. etc.. Some were useful at first - like action cards that said what you could do. But devolved into hassle as you then had to track stance and activation etc. too much bookkeeping and confusing for some in my group taht just wanted to get on with the game not analyse cards. The problem being that they were integral and essential, not optional play aids to help if needed. They also got bulky in the end. So many action cardd and creature cards and bags full of tokens that you needed a huge case to contain them all. A bit overkill in the end. Edge returns to a widget free system. You can use stand ups etc. if you want to, but are not forced to use them. Much better.
  14. borithan said: I thought the main scale problem with the YT-1300 was that the inside and outside of the actual ship sets were totally different. As far as I am aware the full sized ship from the film just wouildn't have been able to fit the internal set inside,, and so the disagreement came from which you used to scale the ship. Frankly I always thought it just best to ignore the issue. It is a science fantasy after all. Just use whatever feels right… It's a TARDIS. So true. like Obi Wan not remembering the two droids he spent three movies and the clone wars adventuring with, when Luke brings then round to him. Plots and sets are full of holes. Accept it and move on.
  15. BrashFink said: Even in our world Fencing is quite a different skill from boxing… QUITE different. Not the way I fence… On a more serious side I would be tempted to make special allowances for Ranged (light) aka pistols and Brawling as core skills cost upgrade for all given the wild west feel of Edge. Especially as the Players are assumed to be the more adventerous types not the random masses.
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