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  1. You do not control terrain unless you are the only player with disks overlapping it. This includes enemy disks that are pinning your disks in such a way that they would be on the terrain if you weren't there.
  2. Its hard to make a perfectly satisfying systems, let me just elaborate (for my sake as well as others) on some different methods and their implications. Agility Penalty (no minimum) Slow characters can't move Medium character become very slow Fast characters move a bit slower Analysis: its very strange, makes fast characters the least effected by encumbrance which seems bizarre to me. Agility Penalty (with minimum) Slow characters are unaffected Medium characters become slower (but never too slow) Fast characters move a bit slower Analysis: makes sense but causes a strange problem where there is a large band of identical scores (maybe guard armour has a -10 penalty to a minimum of 25, 25-35 are now all the same) Agility Cap Slow characters are unaffected Medium characters are effected by heavier armour Fast characters are very effected, possibly discouraging armour use completely (a plasma gun will kill you armour or no, sowhy not max dodge) Analysis: makes sense but extremely hard to give good numbers, high numbers make armour penalties meaningless to most characters, low numbers make agility a dump stat. Agility Soft cap (every point above the armour penalty number is halved, if guard armour has a cap of 40 then agi 40 = 40, 45 = 42, 50 = 45) Slow characters unaffected Medium characters are effected (but not too much) Fast characters are effected, but their extra stats arent useless Analysis: My favourite system, unfortunately its a little complex to do off the top of your head.
  3. The flat agility cap is a neat addition but I thought of an interesting idea to make it a bit more detailed and work better with mixed armour. The agility cap of armour applies differently to each part of your body as follows: Armour worn on the head caps perception (sight) Armour worn on the legs caps agility bonus for movement Armour worn on the body caps agility for skills (including dodge) Armour worn on the arms caps weapon skill I can see that it might not be to everyone's liking, but it could be a neat optional rule.
  4. Ha! I haven't actually made the card backs yet, though here is a layout made by my internet friend (not the one I used but my layout is messy and dumb) http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/81136/class-card-photoshop-template Also I've made 4 classes in all and posted them on boardgame geek for those who are interested: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/839660/reid-mcs-kennel-master http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/839654/reid-mcs-blood-mage http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/839646/reid-mcs-duelist http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/839642/reid-mcs-alchemist
  5. Alchemist is done, also errata/patches of previous classes http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/812/alchemistprintsheet.jpg/ Errors -Wicked Knife now has the magic trait -Focus now has an action icon as it should have Patches -Life Drain now requires you to convert fatigue into health rather then just get health -Leech has been changed accordingly -Dueling can now be used to make a lunge attack
  6. Im making alchemist for the sole reason that its a unique mechanic, I was thinking about the warhammer online runemage when I started designing it (gives runes to other players giving them more powers) but runes dont work that way in descent so alchemist seemed to be the best thematic fit. As for plausibility, it is a mage archetype. Presumably there letting their magic do part of the work in the alchemy. Nice catch on the grenade thing though I dont think the grenade is actually gonna be in his skill deck, doesn't really serve a unique tactical purpose. Also I decided to add a skill that allows the alchemist to drink their own potions and throw them to allies not adjacent to them. thanks for comments/criticism
  7. Lunge is a great idea, I might ad it as part of a passive ability as an exhuast action, its also a little silly that Duelist has only 1 ability that uses fatigue. The skills Ive got for alchemist so far are All potions have the text: action: give this card to an adjacent ally and pay the fatigue cost, potions cannot be used by the alchemist themself. Default: health (return skill to alchemist to recover 4 health) 1xp: stamina (return skill to alchemist to recover 2 fatigue) 1xp: smoke bomb/invisability (return skill to alchemist to make all attacks targeting you have to spend a surge or fail) 2xp: cure (return skill to alchemist to discard all conditions) 2xp: alacrity (return skill to alchemist to make an immediate move action) 2xp: grenade (return skill to alchemist to deal a red die to enemies in a blast, no armour applies) 3xp: crippling poison (surge: this attack cause poison, immobilize and stun, return this card to the alchemist) Non potion skills 1xp: science! roll a (die with variety of different results) and consult the chart to see what happens (list of nutso potentially broken or lethal results) 3xp: experimental potion (as one action paying both fatigue costs give two potions to an ally, these potions must be used at the same time) please post some suggestions/modifications before I go off and make these P.S about the psd files, I will share them once Im done the four classes Im working on, dont know where I can post psd's and dont want to go through the hastle at the moment. Though if you want me to email them to you specifically.
  8. shnar said: A critisism on the Duelist, the starting ability seems rather powerful. Maybe you should change it to be 1 Surge = +1 Heal? Then at least it's not automatic and doesn't happen if they miss, and they have to decide where to spend the surges. I was at first wondering why the Duelist didn't have a second hand item (at which point I was going to suggest a Main Gauche) then I saw the 1XP Parry skill. If I may, swap that with the Dueling skill, this way the Duelist is encouraged to stay one handed from the start. The Focus skill is EXTREMELY power as-is, since you spend a fatigue and get an attack. That's potentially 10 attacks in one turn! Add either 'Exaust' to it or make it be an Action skill. Otherwise, looks great. Mind sharing the PSD files? -shnar Focus is supposed to have the action icon in front of it, thanks for catching that. Dueling does extra damage, it doesn't heal (those symbols are kinda confusing) Good point on parry, it is odd for one of the few skills that doesn't require a free hand to be the core one, ill see how it plays in playtesting, thanks again for pointing somethings out.
  9. KristoffStark said: reidchapman said: Finished up the Blood Mage, next up: alchemist! javascript:void(0);/*1343846763111*/ reidchapman said: Finished up the Blood Mage, next up: alchemist! javascript:void(0);/*1343846763111*/ I am concerned that Life Drain (and it's upgrade Leech) seem a little too potent. Healing every time you damage a monster without acquiring any fatigue seems a bit unbalanced at first glance. Also, as this class is described as a "mage," might you consider giving the knife Magic? Hmm, the knife should have magic, shouldn't be to hard to edit, thanks for catching that. As for life drain, I have not yet played a game with duelist or bloodmage yet and am going to test them this weekend, if it is unbalanced I may nerf it in some way (perhaps you can only restore health once per turn using that so a guy cant take two attacks and potentially heal 6 health)
  10. Cut and paste icons and symbols, Adobe Garamond Pro is similar enough to the body font that it works fine and titles are in Charlemagne Std. The rapier is a witch hunter weapon from Warhammer Online and the Wicked Knife is a knife from Guild wars 2 I already had the ideas stated out so making them didn't take very long. If you guys have Ideas and I have spare time I may make the cards for you, your ideas will have to be more interesting then my ideas based on my own opinions however. Or you guys could help me come up with ideas: I'm currently working on the alchemist which has a neat mechanic (gives his skill cards to allies, then they use an action to use the potion and return the the skill to the alchemist) and Im up for suggestions as to what potions can be made.
  11. Finished up the Blood Mage, next up: alchemist! javascript:void(0);/*1343846763111*/
  12. I made up a new class for scout, the duelist. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/duelistprintsheet.jpg/ The duelist focuses on bringing down single foes while maneuvering around the battlefield I'm planning to make 3 more classes (Bloodmage: a healer who uses their own health, Alchemist: a mage who makes potions, and Sergeant: a warrior who buffs allies)
  13. I'm pretty sure bloodbowl isn't an alternate world but simply later in the timeline. Two of my plot lines involved bloodbowl as a main feature. Although it was treated as new and the rules weren't very well established so it was even more brutal. One of the bloodbowl teams had a pretty funny backstory behind it. Callifa's Castaways was a team entirely composed of the mutants that an oddly moral witchhunter didn't have the heart to kill. When she was expelled from the order she started coaching full time. The assassination attempts only stopped once the castaways won a tournament against chaos. (The castaways are technically an imperial team, even though only mutants are on the team)
  14. Maybe they should have tiers of monsters, like in the deatwatch rpg. Troops: creatures that individually can't stand to a single hero, but come in large numbers. Elites: creatures that match the heroes one for one, do about the same damage, have nearly the same health and probably have a few dangerous mechanics. Master: creatures that a hero cannot face alone, do only a little more damage then elites, but have heavy armour and high health. If you look at vanilla descent, even a dragon would barely meet the requirements of being an elite, (A hero with only store bought or copper level stuff can easily take a dragon 1v1) Of the things I have seen about descent 2: I'm loving the changes, armour dice, built in campaign and hero progression, and the amazing looking tiles. I just hope to see some more dangerous monsters.
  15. About the magic thing: Really I'm complaining against things like "The scythe of reaping" or the "souldrinker" relic, They sound and look like melee weapons, but they aren't. What I'm saying is that the ease with which the starting monsters die is a fundamental problem with the game, spawn cards should be used to reinforce your monsters, not be your primary source of damage. By giving Heroes feats in the base game (and balancing the game so they need to use them) means that the Heroes have to surprise the OL every here and there. (Note: I haven't played non-campaign descent in years)
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