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  1. Hrathen said: Geist06 said: I don't have my book on me, but I'm fairly certain that it states you can only "purchase" 3 DISADVANTAGES (and gain the Creation points from them). You may have as many Advantages as you can afford. The rules state. 3 points for advantages and 3 total disadvantages (it does not put a stipulation on the amout of points you can gain from dissads) If you could spend as many advantage points as you wanted you could do some crazy things. For example for like 32 points you can have straight 10's in your stats. Now this is pretty cheeze, more so than just about any powergamer I have ever seen, but advantages can be really good. They are all way worth the points you pay for them. The real cost of advantages is that you can only have 3 points spent. So if you spend 2 points on gift. you only get on more point. Now if you want to get the 1 point advantage that gives you acess to a simgle psychic (what ever the groups are called) then that is a lot weaker than your normal mentalist. Hence the mentalist wizard can not be as good a mentalist as a straight mentalist would be. Hence he is a hybrid. The Point made about the points is a good one too. However as I see things Straight class character seem to have some points to spend on skills and other more fluffy aspects of their characters. Hybrid characters will in general never have as good of skills. This seems like a deliberate misreading of the rules. So, to quote, from p. 015: "...PLayers can spend up to 3 Creation Points on the Advantages he chooses..." "...each Disadvantage gives a Player Creation Points he can spend on other Advantages..." If you still think that you can only spend 3 creation points on advantages regardless of points obtained from disadvantage,s I would have to ask: What do you think a player would do with those remaingin Creation Points? Save them for posterity?
  2. It costs 4 points, so you need 1 disadvantage... which seems easy enough
  3. But if I am making a Mentalist, why not be a Wizard Mentalist just to leave myself the option later? Nothing says I HAVE to buy anythign but the Gift at 1s level anyway. I just leave myself the option learning some magic later if I want to. It seems like there should be a greater advantage to having a "pure" class. What you are describing is the advantage of spending all of your points in one area, which is fine. But haivng the option if you choose seems much mor epowerful than not.
  4. So, it seems like there is almost no reason to play a Mentalist instead of a Wizard Mentalist. The Wizard Mentalist goes down to a %50 limit on Psychic Ability from %60, in exchange for much better Magical advancement and equality in every other aspect. The same occurs when you compare the Wizard Mentalist to the Wizard. Am I missing something here? Is there an errata I didn't notice?
  5. Is there a specifc order in which these are used? I am curious what happens if I attack with Trenloe, then the dodgin enemy chooses to dodge, can I then use his reroll to reroll one of the dice agan? What about aim v dodge?
  6. Wow, okay that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks very much. I knew that was how it worked for heroes dodging, but for some reason we assumed it was an auto miss for monsters who dodged.
  7. So, Im pretty new to DEscent. It's somethign my girflriend and I play just the two of us. We just got Well of Darkness, and she just dropped All Concealing shadows. WTF?? Are we misreading this card, or is it an auto-win for the Overlord? Im running 4 heroes, so she gets 4 threat (enough to cancel 2 attacks) each turn just from that, as well as drawing 2 cards (which usually can easily mean at least 4 more threat per turn by dsicarding). So I have no option but to stand still all game and waste most of my time swinging at the air for the rest of the game until dying? How is this card remotely fair?
  8. So, we're playing mission 3 in the main set (PRoblems of Life and Death) and the one Naga at the end apparently can't be hurt by nromal attacks.... but there is nothing defining what is and is not a normal attack. Little help?
  9. On the Astropath Transcendant Rank Charts, it lists a static cost for new powers, while the power lists in the Psyker Powers chapter lists individual XP Costs for each power. I'm unclear as to whether A) you use the Rank charts and pay static costs B) you pay the cost listed in the Powers chapter or C) you pay both, first the Rank cost for the right o buy a power, then the cost of the individual power. Does anyone know for sure?
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