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  1. Just before fire fireworks. official mini or not? Areus waiting more news.
  2. CT GAMER said: I have not had a chance to read any of the game materials or seen a game/demo, so I am curious if anyone coud enlighten me on hoe forces are constructed? In particular: 1. I gather it uses a points system . What is the points total of a standard game? 2. Is it possible to field an all mechanized force in DT/DW? 3. Does it have some sort of force org/required units in each force? Are certain units restricted in how many you can field? I really like the Axis walkers and wqs hoping to build a mechanized company/formation. Is this feasible? Thanks. Hi. 1. Inside Seelöwe game is around 350 AP for the bigger. 2. yes but the DT campaign is made to limit walkers. Still waiting more news with DW. 3. No. Except for heros. They can field either alone or with a squad. Alone they cannot join a squad later and with one they can leave it when they want but never return with or join an another one. 4. Yes. both sides have the same rules. But if i can give you an advice wait DW.
  3. Areus

    Combat Chart

    Hello. Have you noticed? No explosion effect as result domaging units all around (within a X range).
  4. You know well the soviet army. i'm surprised. Applause. And the yak fighter/ illiouchine fighter-bomber. loveely.
  5. @peacekeeper: May you link to unfficial SSU minis? I'm interested. And i'm totally against that FFG take AT-43 minis for the SSU. As someone said they're ugly.
  6. @peace: i think C weapons can only be used in close combat (i.e base to base)
  7. I think they cannot. See opposite corner's rule. Clearly it is written you cannot attack your target even if you get a line of signt.
  8. I believe you're dreaming riftsinger.
  9. @ Napoleon you play right with brig. Now with the sickbay you can stay turn after turn but you cannot perform a volontary move. (I check quickly the rules) So if a player begins his/her turn within a place like sickbay or brig he must follow the rules which ruled them. Hoping that it helps you. Areus.
  10. Hello all. May I use some content as news skills, crisis, destinations cards and characters from the pegasus extension with only the core game or i should use the pegasus board. Thanks.
  11. Mike said: It's all in the (very simple) rules. My advice would be to pay close attention to the movement and attack rules for cylon raiders. Intercept and destroy them. Good hunting!
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