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  1. I don't usually math-hammer weapon stats in my rpgs, so perhaps the more technically minded of you guys could shed some light. Why aren't thunder hammers two-handed in Deathwatch? They are pretty powerful and I bet that they are taken with storm shields more often than not. A great combo, but kinda inappropriate for a brother in power armor, IMO. I see assault terminators as a more viable choice for such a loadout. Partly for reverence reasons, but also because I've never seen any minis (or astartes elsewhere) one-arming thunder hammers. Also, because it seems to marginalize the poor power fist, which I've always had a crush on (pun intended). On the topic, do any of you laugh in the face of numbers and take the power fist, anyway? I never see it in any threads and players never take them, it seems. I feel that if I make the thunder hammer two-handed except for TDA users, then the power fist might get some attention from more aggressive assault marines and tac marines. Thoughts?
  2. Gokerz said: Interrogator Dariel said: I was under the same impression. Unless the errata specifically says so, the writeup doesn't change. Thanks for putting the changes into perspective, guys. They have both Proven and the special quality in Black Crusade, if that helps. I did notice that, so it helped a great deal. Besides, just because it doesn't say Special in a weapon's stats on the chart doesn't mean that there aren't other rules that apply. I appreciate it.
  3. herichimo said: AriasDerros said: A) While the force weapons still have "special" in their entries, the lightning claws lose that property. This would mean that the errata's version would not have the extra damage for a good hit roll. Which, if implemented that way, would make the lightning claws changes outright suck. Fairly certain it still uses all the rules under the lightning claw entry. The same way Thunderhammers give +1 to your unnatural strength despite no remarks in the weapons tables pre or post errata. If its in its description its still part of the game unless the errata specifically states, "Delete/Ignore the following lines from rulebook whichever: 'yadda yadda yadda'." I was under the same impression. Unless the errata specifically says so, the writeup doesn't change. Thanks for putting the changes into perspective, guys.
  4. Removing the Tearing kinda nerfed them, IMO. It's just hard to imagine aspiring to anything else for a future Raven Guard Assault Marine. Maybe I can make a pair of Arcane ones with Tearing.
  5. Sup fellas. Took about a year break from the game, but I'm running another campaign now that First Founding came out. One of the questions that I had was about the lightning claws after the errata. How do they fare after losing Tearing? Are they still worth it? They cannot be permanently requisitioned until really late in a Deathwatch marine's career, unless I missed something. 45 RPs for a pair doesn't really fit into most missions' Requisition. So what's the verdict on them?
  6. Bassemandrh said: I would imagine Chaos Spacemarine - Forsaken would be a great start for a Fallen. What he said. The Forsaken career is meant for that sort of thing.
  7. This idea had merit until you said, "During the Clone Wars." I was so excited, too.
  8. I love what I've gotten in it so far. The information on the various radical factions as well as some cool gear they caught up on. I might be easy to please, but it's a great book. I do think that they should put some more books out about the setting, though. I really only have some novels to go by on stuff like hives and such. They have been pretty vague on a lot of stuff so far.
  9. SAN DIEGO, CA Looking for tabletop additions to Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy games. originalgringo@gmail.com
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