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  1. I would say SC ! and have few comments regard Beren comparison (from my experience) Play time : SC - my the longest game in SC last 4h (with 4 players) with break for joint, for 1v1 game 3h is maximum time you need (including game set up). For me, play time is crusial thing, I can play one game with my companieros after work and get to home at reasonable time to take care my wife :-) TI - 6h...no comment Luck : SC - initial planets should be set up by all players carefully to eliminate disadvantages (in my opinion). There is also scenario game option. Getting combat card you want is another element of strategy (special attack + 5 cards, special research + 3 cards and you can have one on your hand)...I would say little luck and lots of skills TI - When you use dice and have not luck then the best strategy will fail... Tech : TI - Tech tree...but one tree and one type of ships for all races in universe.... :-/ SC - no tech tree, you build exactly what you need to response on enemy moves or just to surprise and take advantage over your opponent. Tree races but for each you have completely different units, tech and strategy Learning : SC - I read rule book twice and in my third game we didn't use it at all. Knowing PC game allow players "enter" to game at first BG
  2. date

    Board vs. PC

    I read couple report of this game before I bought it and most people try to compare pc game and board game. Video game is completely different story in my opinion but like in video game you have to predict your opponent moves and have good knowledge of units capabilities. The BG randomness is reduce only to battle cards you draw (and galaxy setup but this can be fixed), but then again, your moves have crucial impact on how good your cards is...every game is different be cause of "map" and tactic you choose. I got to say...SCBG have soul of his video counterpart and not only be cause of units which you command but also strategy and battle
  3. date

    3 player game

    I'm after first 2 vs. 2 player game and I see tremendous difference in players interaction and strategy planning...on good side of course. Once again and the last time I soppose....wee randomize universe construction (according to rules), side effect of that was two never used planet in our game. I also not satisfied with race balance, on every our game zerg was overpowered by protos and terran... This lead me to conclusion that I need to buy Brood War exp asap :-)
  4. date

    Splash vs. Cloaking

    Thanks ! /local version/ Dzieki cyb3k :-) przypadkowo znalazlem Cie na BGG stad wiem zes swój, pozdr
  5. date

    Splash vs. Cloaking

    ok, that's clear now...only one thing bother me, If unit with cloking withdraw...according to rulebook it is removed from battle, then I must place it on other friendly area on active planet (if it's possible otherwise is destroyed). On "splash" step resolution, this unit is still considered as unit participating in combat so it can be destroyed right ?
  6. Hi, I just want to confirm that I understand rules correctly and here is my question : Can cloaked unit which withdraw at skirmish resolution on other friendly area or assist unit be killed by splash on "resolving splash damage" step ? thanks
  7. date

    3 player game

    We thought about adding additional planets and we try this in next game Adding CP for survived base...I'm afraid that will end game to soon. If any player have two or more bases and control two CP then game will end in third or fourth turn....but it's worth trying anyway I also thought about some scenario...very playable planet setup, something like Lost Temple is on computer game and modified starting unit e.g. each player gain additional battlecruiser or carrier or guardian + hydra for example...
  8. date

    3 player game

    Dears I'm noob player in board game but on computer game I "lost" a lot of time many years ago I and two of my companieros fight off few battle in SC base set (Z vs. T vs. P every time) till now. Unfortunately like in real life...in SCBG when two are fighting the third one is benefiting. We try to balance game with setting up universe with similar resource and CP planet values and conclude a silent alliance against player who is the biggest threat...but that's all Do you have some golden rules or advice for 3 player game...maybe scenarios or other solutions Any help you can give on the above would be very appreciated Regards, date
  9. That's what I'd want to hear :-) Thanks, Regards/Pozdrawiam
  10. I have additional quastion for this topic. In last my game I have played flame kissed on character with duplicate (str 2) and there was two versions of what should hapend then : 1. character is killed with duplicate and flame is discarded 2. one duplicate and flame are discarded/killed please advide the correct version
  11. and what if military battle plot in on and Turncloak Mercenaries is attaking....could any character (with immunity to character's ability) be declare as defender ?
  12. date


    You can try it here, rgs http://keldon.net/bluemoon/
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