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  1. IF, it is similar to star wars / Genesys. Might be able to fold it into Kenjutsu and have a talent trees of some sort cover the iaijustu skill. Something like advantage and disadvantage on focus can be split to draw(triumph here give you 2 strikes) and or strike. how much and where modified my school talents. I would like to see a little more variation within individual clan schools. Should be able to recognize the school but a little variation between 2 bushi of the same school would be neat. Looking forward to seeing what they have done next week anyway. I've always kind of thought the system had some cool potential for a martial arts game. using the extra advantage and disadvantage to trigger special moves and such. We use it to narrate that type of thing alot now as it is. Just a vague idea but monks and duals in L5R might show some of that potential. If the game isn't something completely different than Genesys of course.
  2. "Custom dice mechanics enable players to contribute to the unfolding story and decide whether their character succeeds, by how much, and how much it will cost them" Hope this means the dice decide and not the player decides to succeed. Rest of the article seems to imply a good number of mechanics though. Personally really don't like super narrative systems. One thing i like about star wars is it's somewhere in the middle the mechanics matter but has a some narrative style elements as well. Good middle ground.
  3. please be good please be good please be good.
  4. That's not good. Vehicle defense is abysmal. We have been allowing dodge and sidestep to apply since they work against ranged attacks and don't specify non vehicle like barrage. But prepping for the age game we noticed that the defenses available to all the age careers are fewer and farther between than in edge and so gives no relief to ace pilots. As it's stands initiative and gunnery are almost more important than piloting. Good ideas on this thread though. Gain the advantage denying arcs to the target . And leaning heavier on pilot checks and narrative to deny shooting attempts, for sure will be used. maybe some combo of maneuver dice speed and size giving the base defense as well. Or just having defensive driving upgrade difficulty instead. We don't care that ships die easy' but having no reliable defense upgrades based on skill, talents, craft or what not is weak.
  5. Agree with ugavine, The system is a great balance between narrative style and rules weighted games. Common ground can be found with little effort since this fits somewhere in the middle. There are alot of options for character advancement and though you advance in carreers you don't feel as forced as a say class based d20. It feels more be what you want to be like in d6, at least as long as you stick to 2 or 3 core specialites. But really in d6 if you spread to thin its counter productive anyway so ends up about the same. The edge that the new rules have over d6 is the talent trees that really lets you tweak the feel and abilities of your character. Any carreer can learn any skill but the the techie will be able work faster, in worse conditions, and with fewer tools than the highly skilled but untalented hired gun for example. The other thing that Edge has over d6, is how force powers work, while not the focus of the game at this point the way you gather and use force is brilliantly done and feels perfect. the slide to the darkside tempatation that d6 had but d20 never really got just right. You basicaly role for whats available then can use dark side points if you want. the way the dice are set up you are more likely to get dark side points than light side, even though the number of pips of each color are the same on the die. You advance your talents along a tree like everyone else. It remains to be seen if jedi become broken as in d20 and d6, but since the non force types can invest in talents and gain abilities that are usefull the gap should be somewhat smaller. At least for edge of the empire purposes. What Edge has over d20 at least for now is that the talents are laid out clearly and dovetail very well with the rules. so while you have more things to pick from than even d20 it not cumbersome to track them and add them to your character like it can be with d20. They are also described more loosly if they let you do something cool so it is easier to apply them broadly without getting bogged down in minutia. Same with the rules overall, it is much easier to eyeball difficults and build the roll on the fly than d20 (assuming you bother with all the modifiers d20 provides) but its done in a logical fashion so it doesn't feel to handwavy. This keeps things moving very fast once everyone understand how the dice work which really doesn't take that long once you start playing. Art and layout wise the quality blows d6 and d20 away.
  6. Boehm said: * it should cost 2 advantages per hit to same target - 1 advantage per hit to additional target (ei. make autofire a suppression weapon rather than a single character uberkill weapon) That's a good idea , keeps it important but not overwhelming. Idea we had was to give autofire a rating, and have it up damage accordingly. Like auto fire 3 adds 3 damage per success instead of one, or adds damage per advantage used. Not as bad as it currently stands but still potent in skilled hands. Would also encourage hugging cover even if your a damage soaking tank.
  7. Boehm said: usgrandprix said: A few big concerns from a session this weekend: 1. It's still just too easy to hit with both ranged and melee. Both beginning PCs and minions were hitting 75%+ of the time. That's with characteristics and skills around 2ish. Move to the 4-5 range and no one will ever miss. I recommend upping the hit difficulties by 1 across the board. Cover and spending advantage and threat helps a little but not enough. I guess adding 1 to the difficulties would result in more threat and less advantage so you'd have to test it, but it seems too easy to hit as it is and it's not going to scale well. My preferance would be to: 1) up the advantage of cover … irl this is HUGE, change it from black to purple dice 2) in order to help people not in cover - allow 'evasive running' (from cover to cover, zigzags etc) by spendign an extra menuver … OR maybe by spending an action (roll athletics? to make them harder to hit?) thus still allowing the character to cover 2 range bands similar concerns in our group, pretty easy to hit and while some classes have defense upgrades the other classes are screwed. Upping cover to adding to difficulty would help a lot as long as its not so much that low levels miss all the time. But that's a better problem to have in Star Wars than hitting all the time. This would allow combat focused characters to be able to risk being in the open even though cover may be preffered and encourage the scholar and talker types to hug cover no matter what.
  8. Agree specialties cost should be arranged in such a way that it isn't more cost effective to take out of career specialties first. Keep one multiplier but add a surcharge to out of career. Or track them separate with the same multipliers I have 2 career specialties and 3 non career specialties and go from there. Second options works well if more specialties become available to the careers in later source books. The cheaper cost would keep drawing you back to your career.
  9. Maybe blast should work more like auto fire. Affect more targets in the engaged and short range bands for advantage and unintened targets for disadvantage. . Hell let big **** bombs go to medium. There isn't much point to people moving to engaged with the abstract nature of things. Just like players will rarely be engaged as a group unless giving medical attention enemies will be unlikely to bunch up as well. As it stands area weapons are limited in use. Narration works to some extent but to much back and forth on who can hit what will just lead to maps and squares. Keeping it loose keeps things moving better. Autofire still needs toning down. Disappointed it wasn't addressed yet. And now wounds go negative so stims are useless. Their healing should probably get bumped up if wounds are still going to take forever to heal. But happy with the defense changes of talents. Defense talents need to be In more classes but at least now people can pick them up with less hassle if not less cost. Unclear of why cover needed to be clarified as defense. Defense just adds the same number setback dice anyway, does it interact with something else that the clarification is helpful to note?
  10. Majesticmoose said: I'd still like to see a basic version for now. Force tickle?
  11. Can we move the discusion back to the mechanics please. And away from the bickering. At least put some mechanical discusion at the end of the opinions. What are some options for adjustment up and down. What about wound recovery times? and battles in quick succesion but in different scenes. How is autofire and other multi hit options affecting play?
  12. Pretty much the age old argument of star wars along with light sabers , The heroes also do stupidly suicidal things and survive. Its deadly to everyone but the heroes. Until certain dramatic points and then it's only a close call or a replacement hand.. Luke was a henchman of the droids until his player showed up to rescue the princess from the big base if you wish Its not about fighting to zero hp. Or making combat the only way to go. Of course the heroes shouldn't be able to stalk and murder everyone on the death star. Or take out a star destroyer with a frieghter. Or blow up a space station the size of a moon with only fighters…. Oh wait. That part was dramatic so it's fine. A chase or retreat is still a combat that needa surviving, holing up in a corridor trying to figure a way out needs surviving. And so on. Doesn't have to be easy. But should be possible. True star wars isn't Rambo but they are expected to survive … Barely and with some trickery and aLot of luck perhaps but they do. And true star wars is about more than combat and action and this varity is what makes it great. BUT combat is a major part of the setting as well. As i said combat isn't deadly in edge, you get knocked out more often than not and this is good for pulp. But it happens to easily. In my opinion. Not easily enough in others opinions which is fine not really a Big Deal.. So realy some guidance on scaling, hard core fringe to fringe unleashed may be in order. So people's can tweak as desired for their vision of the setting. Since honestly either vision has merit. To me based on how its described, criticals are wounds and wounds are more like threat or something. This could be made a narrative function, your wounds are maxed how do you lose? Or escape or whatever. Or just be adjusted. wounds heal quicker cause it's just a bruise. not a true injury like a Crit. Maybe something like going to zero wounds doesn't knock you out unless you chose to be knocked out,, but if you stay up each hit is now a Crit. Sure you don't want to pass out? Though that could make combat drag ass to much. Regardless it looks like wounds and minion skills are the best places to leverage the various flavors without breaking other things. Minions could maybe be ranked mob through elite, to determine how quickly skills grow.
  13. Star wars is just as much about combat as it is about talking. I can't agree with just avoid it, the films start and end with a battle. Its pulpy and action packed even more so in some of the EU. The only person that avoids conflict in new hope is C3PO who can fast talk better than Han. However I do agree combat should't be the only or even first option and it should't be without risk. People don't get hit in star wars but when they do it hurts and hurts bad. So more defense edges in the specialties would be good Exspecially if wounds are actual injuries. But to me Crits are the big thing, I'm fine with them as they are presented. Healing times and all. They represent the getting hit hurts. Are relatively easy to get and can get you killed. If you push your luck. But wounds are on one hand described as close calls and combat fatigue but on the other hand treated as serious injuries that take a week to heal without a very skilled doctor. if they are only a near miss then it should recover quickly, maybe be renamed. If they are real wounds then defense should get a boost. Or at least minion skills reduced. The storm troopers have no business missing as much as they do in the movies if they are at skill 5 from group bonus. The strain to oppsed roll is a good idea/compromise. At the very least a side bar with tweak suggestions should be included, such as plus 1 skill for every two extra minions or fast recovery options. So people can salt to taste.
  14. Little concerned with the high damage in combat, while it is rather hard to die getting knocked out is very easy. And recovering from wounds is pretty slow. 1 point a day natural or 1 every two hours with a batca tank. I think it may be worthwhile to make this recovery faster. Exspecially if wounds are more scraps bruisesnand near misses while criticals are the actual bone breaking injuries. This coupled with a large group of minions having a very high effective skill makes combat rather rough. Either issue on there own isn't a big deal but together it makes planning the pc's are captured scenario a frequent occurrence Thinking an alternate wound system could be considered, such as take a crit to reduce wounds by some amount. How much do you want to risk to keep fighting sort of thing. Or having players recover some or all wounds at the end of each encounter, leaving medicine for emergency aid in an encounter and tending Crits after combat. That way the doctor tree is still very useful.
  15. Agree that there should be some guidance on treating wings of fighters as minions. Also agree that the difference in range bands is strange. I prefer the fully detailed ships but I think the encounter idea has a place as well depending on the scene. Fighters engage the Capitol ship to start a bombing run or some such. I'm curious as to how the Capitol ship combat will work now. The nebulon b has all the guns detailed which means the star destroyer will have many more individual guns. Even with attack, damage , and defense handled in one roll It would be cumbersome to roll once for each gun.. Especially in a large engagement.
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