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  1. I do all combat rolls opposed because so it reflects the skill of the opponent my group love it. And the players got an impresion how skilled there opponents are.
  2. The missing og maps with a scale. The missing of a big inspiring map. For that money ithink we could imagine a well organized GM screen. Handouts for the players about charaktercreation - checklist. Cards for weapons and armour. A bigger adventure istead of lame fluff books (at least if you already the second edition) A scenario contest. At least 3 free downloadble Adventure of the Size of the Starting adventure. The opportunity to buy the action cards separately. And a much better organisation/Layout of the rules (who was responsible for that?) Give us more free stuff to download Adventures, Maps, Pictures of every Monster, 200 NPCS with pics etc. But at all i must confess I played the game 3 times as Game Master and I really love it its a step in a new refreshing direction.
  3. where can i find it in the rulebook that the dices on the card are additional that would be great news
  4. If people think that a forced diversity is compatible with a "say yes to your player appraoch" great, so i guess if the missing card would be in the box you ve had throw them right away. The diversity of cards should be the resaon why no character is the same if the cards can t do that than a forced diversity is even more terrible. One of you said that from a gamers perspective it seems illogical. True and this game is made for gamers not for GM realising there omnipotence fantasies i thought.
  5. I really love the Game but the numbers of action cards is a big failure. Every Player should have the right to create his own carakter as he wants. Oops ic cant choos XY Strike because because someone choosed it beforeme. That is No saying yes to my player. That sounds like even if we printed in China we was to greedy to give every payer his own card. At least it should be possible to buy this cards for every player
  6. The abstract movement was at first a big shock for me too and I agree thats it not very wise to give no attention to groups that love there Battle Maps. But put only a yard figure to the distances and you can play it with the rules easyly. youcan apply the normal manouever rules. Any terrain modification you can represent much better with the dice mechanic than ever before.
  7. Where Can I find inthe rule book which charekteristic geice a luck bonus. And if that are the Primary charakteristics of each player.
  8. Engaged is not a distance by the categories that is used in the rulebook but on the the otherhand it is a category that describes your location and you needmanouevres to move forth and back from this engaged location to an close location. I agree with you that there are no rules for opportunity attacks but thought that is the result because they decided for that free-rule light-cinematic approach. ."Otherwise they may be attacked". If that is only a fluffy description????
  9. Thought it would not be a houserole discussion because it more a a hole in the rule system. But if any admins want replace it to houserule it will be fine for me too. Not answering your Player how far their bow is shooting or how far the beastman are away is not very helpful to create an picture in there mind. So avoiding distances at all is not a good Idea its artificial and without any benefits for Roleplay. For me its just a bad decisision to give not a distance and I see no win for roleplaying in it. So im still looking for help how to fill that gap to help my player in their effeorts to imagine the scene and to play it on a grid because thats the Style my group prefer.
  10. Profanity angers the gods Iwould let the Priest heal as often as he would like (Say yes to your Players )but ad everytime a Purple Dice. Every failed Spell seems to be a bad omen 1 Black Dice for the following healing.
  11. Profanity angers the gods Iwould let the Priest heal as often as he would like (Say yes to your Players )but ad everytime a Purple Dice. Every failed Spell seems to be a bad omen 1 Black Dice for the following healing.
  12. extreme should be about twice what long is - based on the manoeuvre cost to move between range bands maybe that is a good calculation but guess then the description from Rulebook in incoherent, I love the game but really hate this distance topic and yes you can replace metres with yard if you want - is more about the relations between the distance classes i hesitate to assume a fixed time period for every "Round" guess the game tries more to represent cinematic events that are not cecesaarily connected to a fixed time but as i told you before I found it very dissatifying
  13. Unfortunately FFG decided to give no concrete distances because you should be not buried by counting squares on a battle grid. That is a noble thought but unfortunately its an unnecessary complication for groups who love battle mats and grids. But even if you are one of these Stortelling GM imagine a scene" You see 3 beastmen. The first thing that my player would ask" How far they are away" "A Bowshot" would be a lyrical answer but would be shattered by the question "how far I can shoot with my bow. So i prepared some distances and i would ask you wether you think its a good transformation into the world of facts and figures. close - up to 5 metres medium up to 30 metres long 100 metres Extreme 500 metres does that make sense for you?
  14. Im not sure wether i understand the Manouevres you need switch between the different Distance classes correctly. engage <-> Close 1 man. with proper disengage or 0 Man but a free hack for your opponent close <->Medium 1? Man. Long <-> Medium 2 Man. Extrem <->Long 3 Man.
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