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    Hellfury got a reaction from Dice lord in New Wiz-War player asks- WHY?!   
    While I agree it's a shame that Wiz-War is not more popular, it also isn't shocking that it lacks the interest fans believe it should have.
    In this day and age, games that have such direct confrontation aren't popular.  This isn't a co-op or multi player solitaire game which typically gets lauded on sites such as BGG.
    It requires a bit more from players. It celebrates creativity of players within the design space. You have to know how the design works in order to play the game fluently. You also need to appreciate schadenfreude and a sense of humor at your own expense. 
    Not a lot of contemporary games are like that, and not a lot of gamers enjoy this.
    Games like Survive! even struggle for popularity, and it requires far less from participants.
    It takes a particular brand of consumer as well. CCG players have an easier time acclimating since they are accustomed to using creativity within a design space to accomplish their goals. But even then, the first couple game are rough as you internalize the cards and the potential they offer. 
    It's a lot more daunting for non CCG players. 
    That's makes this a niche game within a niche market.
    But, FFG were confident enough in it to not only aquire the license from Chessex before it expired, but to produce 2 more expansions for the game.
    But it will be a shame for others, who much like you, found out that the game is quite good, only to find it out of print. All because more people didn't buy it enough and FFG decided to let it go out of production due to it not being as popular as Star Wars.
    [Edit] As for FFG's lack of promotion, this has long been an issue with FFG. They feed into what is already popular, not what needs help to become popular. 
    All it takes is an occasional article posted on their site promoting older and/or less popular titles to possibly increase sales for an item.
    But they haven't done that as long as I recall. They promote only upon new release and then move on to the next thing thrown against the wall to see if it sticks without any help. It's frustrating, but that's how they seem to market stuff.
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    Hellfury got a reaction from MasterMicVin in Star Wars quotes you'd rather not hear in bed   
    Something I hope to never have to say:
    “That’s no moon... it’s a space station.”

    A quote I personally would not ever like to hear from behind me.:
    “Into the garbage chute, flyboy!”

    And a quote that I am sure the ladies would not like to hear from lovers who name certain parts of their anatomy:
    “You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon? … It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.”
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    Hellfury reacted to Julia in New Expansion!!!!!!!!   
    True, there's no way to have granted adjacency to all the others with a 6th player in, but you can build the board as a 3x2 so that each player is adjacent to other four wizards. I don't think there's the need for everyone to interact with everyone else, but for each wizard to be adjacent to the same number of wizards.
    This said, I'm curious too. I'd like a more "utility-oriented" expansion, with spells to mess up with walls, floors, adding the third dimension (pits, blocks, stairs and so on) and working on items, possibly with some cursed relic in. No idea of what's the future, tho :-(
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    Hellfury reacted to Julia in Bestial Forces - Question about Dispel and Stun.   
    1. Yes, you can dispel a creature. It's rather strong, but creatures are also rather strong, so, in some cases, it's a savelife opportunity. And indeed, when dispelled, the creature is removed, and, in case it's the Boggart, the treasure is dropped.
    Additionally, since summoning a creature is a neutral spell, you can also cast Negate Neutral while your opponent is casting the spell.
    2. Gaining movement points and movement are two different things: while stunned, you cannot move, but you have movement points. So, yeah, you can spend them to activate creatures.
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    Hellfury got a reaction from subochre in Full card list from gencon prerelease now up on BGG   
    Full card list for bestial forces now available to peruse.
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    Hellfury reacted to eirei in RE-OCCURING NIGHTMARE   
    Dropping out of lurking mode to express my disbelief at this thread still being alive.
    This has been mentioned several times already, but: you're in a deckbuilding forum, not at a show & tell. If you post a deck, it's only normal that other players comment on it. Whether you'll accept them as superior players or not (and I would, because most of them would be playing longer than you and me combined, and even if you were some sort of card game prodigy, the forgotten love child of Richard Garfield and Gambit, experience still means a-*******-lot), they're most likely posting their comments with no ill will, but purely because they like to tweak around with decks (aren't we all playing because of this?), or maybe because they genuinely want to help someone. No one has ruining you or your image as their personal agenda (you do this well enough yourself). Or maybe they do, but then you have larger problems to worry about.
    You claim others are arrogant for daring to say your deck is not flawless (shocking, I know), yet you yourself are arrogant enough to dismiss their comments without trying them out, not granting the posters enough respect to even CONSIDER the suggestions.
    Whether you like it or not, this game is competitive. Two men/women/cultists walk in, one walks out, that sort of thing. If you think your decks are descended from an Ancient One itself (maybe Yog speaks to you in your dreams and whispers softly of card management), then put your money where your mouth is and win the world championships or something. I'm sure people will shut up then and never slander your hallowed decklists again.
    Or you could just pout and run away as you have several times before, because of the oh-so-horrible community this game has.
    Of course, there's also the option of blindly disregarding what everyone else says and continue posting your decks (which I'm fairly sure fewer and fewer people will comment on with time, but this is basically what you want). Just remember that this frame of mind is usually found in friends of the good ole Yelow guy, if you know what I mean.
    And, again, maybe you should rethink who the arrogant one is, considering how your holier-than-thou attitude made a random guy log in to rant, where many other much more interesting discussions failed.
    Just my .
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    Hellfury reacted to .Zephyr. in RE-OCCURING NIGHTMARE   
    You seriously expect that internet will playtest your decks and post only valuable comments? There are many different users with different approach, some of the users (like me) are not really good players, some other users just don't care and write their first thoughts… I cant really see anyone actually building and playtesting decks posted online before writing a comment… it would ba a ton of work for no real benefit. Most of decks are like mine - I do some dackbuiding, post some bad deck and someone says "how about card X" then i say "yeah, good idea, i missed that one". Its not an elite, only "pro" deck forum section where masters dabate on the future of CoC…
    I think youre taking it a ton too seriously. Its not a debate on world piece or how to solve hunger in Africa, its just a deck, maybe better than others but still just a pile of cards… someone doesn't apprecieate your deck, how tragic… srsly… and if the guy commenting your deck is actually wrong - so what, its not the first time someone is wrong on the internet… I like talkind and reading about CoC so I come here, you don't need to be a pro to comment.
    The only real test for your deck is play. If it does beat good players then how come some random forum comment gets that much reaction… its not like a bad comment is gonna make your deck worse than it is.
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    Hellfury reacted to Alfax in Need an opinion or twelve.   
    So, went ahead and picked this up on Thursday. It was as much fun as I remember and the wife and I played several games Thursday night. Friday afternoon I said the magic words ... "The fifth wizard in the expansion is purple" ... and the wife sent me immediately to pick up Malefic Curses. I really like the idea of magic types.
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    Hellfury got a reaction from SolennelBern in Need an opinion or twelve.   
    1) Rusty posted a great tongue in cheek review of the FFG edition from the perspective of a grumpy old change resistent codger that you might appreciate.
    2) As rusty noted in his review, not owning Wiz-war is not a serious option. Or any option at all in my opinion. Better sooner than later.
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    Hellfury reacted to jhaelen in Should I get Order or Secrets?   
    You should either get the (reprinted) Secrets of Arkham or the Terror in Venice deluxe expansion. Either one will bolster all of the original factions which imho is more important than introducing an eighth faction.
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    Hellfury reacted to BigKahuna in At first excited, then I read   
    Well I personally liked the first text, it was dark, believable and didn't feed into the mass illusion Americans have of being the worlds good guys.  The updated text smells of political correctness, which is both lame and actually doesn't make any sense at all as a back story.  They should have just stuck to the "lets make China the bad guy" format that American love so much.
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    Hellfury reacted to Tromdial in At first excited, then I read   
    For those who watch anime, I watched a great stand-alone movie called Summer Wars, and the unfolding events immediately made me think about Fortress America and why everyone hypothetically would gang up against the U.S.A. Great movie.
    To comment about the boycotting of Fortress America in this forum, I just want to say that I am glad FFG makes quality games. They do a stand-up job. I exclusively buy from them because they make a product that is second to none in artistic flair and cool mechanics. Though I was upset that FFG did not stand by their original game theme that made America the "bad guy", FFG is trying to sell a product as a business. As a business, if they feel they are creating a product that divides and hurts their market, it is a good idea to reevaluate their marketing plan. For those, like me (even as an American myself), who enjoyed the original background where America is a paranoid super-power against a shaky alliance of concerned/power-hungry nations, the original text is still available to read to your players or yourself before playing. I do not however believe it warrants a boycott, whether you believe because it is worth boycotting because what the original text says or because FFG updated the text to be "less offensive". FFG consists a group of human beings and fellow gamers like us, and I believe that if you are boycotting this game, ask yourself if the outrage is really worth the boycott.
    These guys make games, and most involve alternate realities. Is it worth getting overly upset about creative writing this much? In the end, I see one side yelling boycott like its the "Third Red Scare", and the other side yelling boycott because FFG humbled their product to make customers like us happy.
    I guess my real question is should FFG just not do a re-release of Fortress America? That way everyone will have a reason to be upset, and you may even have people say because of FFG not releasing Fortress America that FFG's games should just be boycotted all-together!
    I remember the days in elementary school where just one rebel rouser would ruin it for the entire class. Those days have returned.
    In summary, these boycott declarations are silly.
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    Hellfury reacted to SexyMike44 in At first excited, then I read   
    Asking people who play board games to grow up sounds pretty unrealistic, so I wont waste my time.
    But I will say that I'm a born and raised U.S. citizen and I had no problem with the original text. 
    FANTASY Flight Games.  Key word being fantasy people. 
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    Hellfury got a reaction from Hunter Smith in At first excited, then I read   
    Just so my opinion is seen as an opinion and not pontificating to anyone why it is 'right":
    I like the original backstory. Shame they dropped it.
    Though in an era where people genuinely beleive that  "Fox News" is an actual news channel, it is hardly surprising.
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