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  1. While I agree it's a shame that Wiz-War is not more popular, it also isn't shocking that it lacks the interest fans believe it should have. In this day and age, games that have such direct confrontation aren't popular. This isn't a co-op or multi player solitaire game which typically gets lauded on sites such as BGG. It requires a bit more from players. It celebrates creativity of players within the design space. You have to know how the design works in order to play the game fluently. You also need to appreciate schadenfreude and a sense of humor at your own expense. Not a lot of contemporary games are like that, and not a lot of gamers enjoy this. Games like Survive! even struggle for popularity, and it requires far less from participants. It takes a particular brand of consumer as well. CCG players have an easier time acclimating since they are accustomed to using creativity within a design space to accomplish their goals. But even then, the first couple game are rough as you internalize the cards and the potential they offer. It's a lot more daunting for non CCG players. That's makes this a niche game within a niche market. But, FFG were confident enough in it to not only aquire the license from Chessex before it expired, but to produce 2 more expansions for the game. But it will be a shame for others, who much like you, found out that the game is quite good, only to find it out of print. All because more people didn't buy it enough and FFG decided to let it go out of production due to it not being as popular as Star Wars. [Edit] As for FFG's lack of promotion, this has long been an issue with FFG. They feed into what is already popular, not what needs help to become popular. All it takes is an occasional article posted on their site promoting older and/or less popular titles to possibly increase sales for an item. But they haven't done that as long as I recall. They promote only upon new release and then move on to the next thing thrown against the wall to see if it sticks without any help. It's frustrating, but that's how they seem to market stuff.
  2. I haven't played coc in 5 ish years and am shocked to see that they still haven't released them in pod. It's this sort of crap that killed the game in the first place. A lack of acknowledgement and respect for their customers and their own word. But they have star wars, so screw everything else.
  3. It seems fairly cut and dried. All cards are magic cards. But only neutral, attack and counter magic cards are spells. Energy and item magic cards are not spells. Thus, you cannot use dispel against an item.
  4. Judging how its been nearly two years since the last expansion was released, I'm sad to postulate that other expansions may never come. FFG are making too much money with Star Wars and other high profile IPs right now, add to that I assume it didn't sell well enough to warrant further expansions. Though I do know the base game has been sold out and reprinted and the malefic curses expansion is currently oop... Sad, since this is the only remaining game that FFG makes that still looms in my library. A critical favorite of ours as well. I don't really mourn the loss of a 6th player, but would really like some more spell cards. It could be print on demand for all I care, I just want more spells. As for your arena type of idea, maybe this idea created by Kuhrusty on BGG that I made into an optional rule card might do the trick? More of this type of stuff may be found HERE
  5. There has always been much discussion and corresponding opinions given in order to find a standardized way to play FFG's version of Wiz-War. The topic most often discussed that I have seen is which optional rules to include, and how to best construct the magic deck. While I haven't witnessed much in the way of a consensualy agreed upon standard for these topics, I have seen that the 'Big book of spells' optional rule be a pretty consistent recommendation. Mostly because of ease of setup. A common complaint I have seen in real life is that game setup should be simple in order for new gamers to buy then play a game. But as expansions are added, the unwieldy size and dilution of the deck becomes a problem. Even without expansions, dilution can be an issue. The following article is our groups attempt at addressing this issue, for new and veteran players alike. To form a single standardized magic deck of 85-100 cards following the content rubric found in the classic game, that still allows room to be tweaked similar to how FFG has set up their schools of magic. While also addressing some other common complaints; like too many counterspells, spell redundancy, and cards that seem too situational when used in such a large deck. Streamlined Magic Deck for Wiz-War There are a few other game tweaks for Wiz-War such as spellbook themed tuck boxes for cards, 3D hirst arts Wiz-War boards, random labyrinth generators, etc. that can be seen through this link: Wiz-War game pimps Constructive feedback is always welcome.
  6. +1. Agreed. I think the more generic that the utility options are in the magic cards, the better the overall play experience is. I enjoy cards that offer obstructions, and it would be nice to see a few more of those offered. Perhaps this is why I find the Conjuring school nearly compulsory in construction of the magic deck. I would like to see Animate Object brought back, to break the rule that you cannot create an object in the same square as another immovable object (like Glue does). A walking Stone Block, or Rosebush, etc. with little feet sticking out from underneath it would be not only humorous, but pretty fun. Items are rather rare in the expansions. I am ok with Relics playing a minor role as they are really powerful, but we could use a few more items and immoveable obstructions. My main gripe with how this is progressing is magic card redundancy. It's kind of a drag. For the price asked, I would hope they could offer a bit more than the same card nearly twice in each school. I know FFG can do better than that, especially with such a large pre-existing pool of classic cards to choose from. If there could be only one request that I was allowed to make of FFG in order to influence how its produced, it would be to stop the profane amount of card redundancy.
  7. It makes me wonder where future expansions will contain. I think its a safe bet that next expansion would be the sixth (and hopefully final) player. But that only covers that single facet of that expansion. What of the design space will they pursue? Will they dredge deeper into some fine older cards, or insist on completely new stuff like we saw in the totem school? You raise a good point that the transformations are lackluster, with creatures driving home how much so. I wouldn't be opposed to the werewolf and the golem being retconned a bit. The most actual useful transformations seem to be the big man and the gnome. There is some good design space still to explore, along with some brilliant cards from the past that can be brought back. I wish I were a fly on the wall to know what we can expect.
  8. I dunno. I don't find it so weird or unintuitive. Granted, this isn't really delineated as such in the rules, but I can see and agree with the stance that there is a distinction between actual movement, and movement points themselves. Such a clarification is certainly worthy of a faq entry in the future. I look at it like this thematically. A stunned wizard leans against a wall, clearly dazed. But still has enough mental fortitude to command a creature mentally under his geas to do his bidding, freeing up his mental reserves to cast an attack spell. But as you noted, its an official response, so even if it is disagreed with, it helps consistency in the community so that a good thing.
  9. I am 12 plays in with bestial forces. It really is a fantastic expansion. I'm not liking the totem school for certain types of play though, such as big book of spells. It gets too diluted, and for a school which relies on playing with itself to make its own effects culminate, it has a lackluster showing there. When using the FFG magic deck method, along with specialization (especially as a school chosen for specialization), it functions much better. Totem doesn't feel very wizwar to me, but that's ok. There should be something in the game catering to various tastes. The use of creatures is adding a new dimension that is really swingey to the game. The genie, as predicted, is a pain in the ass especially since we know that creatures get more hit points added to them from wizards cutting themselves in order to even to conjure them. The boggart is pretty fun too for certain strategies (strategy... heh... now there's a word you don't hear very often associated with wizwar). I believe that creatures have indeed added strategy to the game, in its own minimal fashion, especially combined with the specialization optional rule. It offers something for everyone. For the counterspell haters and lovers, for those who hate and love treasure running too. Adding a new dimension to play, yet still sticking largely with what makes wizwar so good already. It is leagues better than malefic curses, even at this early stage of experience with this expansion. Very fun. The only real criticism I have is that magic cards are _far_ too often duplicated inside the schools, so the novelty wears thin a bit with their predictabilty of draws within the decks(s), and a couple cards from the base set made it into this expansion adding further fuel to the duplication criticism. It doesn't suffer for that, but I feel ffg could have handled that better and thus a twinge of dissapointment creeps in. A definite must buy and I consider it a compulsory purchase.
  10. Full card list for bestial forces now available to peruse. Enjoy. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1225695/so-who-bought-bestial-forces-gen-con
  11. Glad to hear it lived up to your expectations based on your experience from previous editions.
  12. In fairness to FFG, even though CP has stated that all games get equal attention ( riiiiight) Descent, X-Wing, etc make way more cash for them and thus get more attention. I find that reasonable. I am just fricking happy that we have gotten two expansions for Wiz-War within the same year. But I wouldnt mind one last teaser before the (assumed) release near Gencon. They really do, do a lot for driving excitement for their games. Which makes one wonder if they promoted their other games as well as they do for Netrunner, Descent, etc. would they do better? Limited personel resources for marketing are a bugger to manage.
  13. You can put up a new preview for the bestial forces expansion anytime now, FFG. We won't mind this at all, I promise.
  14. 1) Rusty posted a great tongue in cheek review of the FFG edition from the perspective of a grumpy old change resistent codger that you might appreciate. 2) As rusty noted in his review, not owning Wiz-war is not a serious option. Or any option at all in my opinion. Better sooner than later.
  15. AUCodeMonkey said: I have to say that my biggest disappointment out of this set has to be the Cthulhu cards. I'm not a huge fan of the "sacrifice something to get your opponent to sacrifice something of theirs" tactic. I mean, c'mon, this is the Miskatonic expansion! They are the biggest thwarters of this mechanic in the game! You tell the missus to cry me a river over that one for me please? lol
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