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  1. They work together, but not quite in the way you're suggesting. Nien Nunb makes the 3 and 4 straight green instead of white, so if you reveal one of them you can absolutely switch to another green maneuver, or vice versa. What you can't do is reveal a 3 straight and say "Well because of Nien Nunb this is green, so I can trigger Hera's ability. Now I will rotate to another maneuver of the same difficulty, and since both the 3 straight and the 2 turn are white, I choose a 2 turn." The three straight is green now. It will always be green (barring Boba crew airlocking Nien Nunb), and that means it will never be white. Wait, the 2 Turn on the VCX-100 (Ghost) is green, therefore with what you said, I should be able to choose that, instead of any of the 'now green' straight maneuvers, based on what you said. Am I missing something?
  2. Question on Hera and Nein Nunb, doe's Nein's ability feed into Hera's ability to change the maneuver dial? It wouldn't give a lot, but a right or left green 2 turn or a faster straight 3 or 4 would be nice. Thank you in advance for your help
  3. Got and thank you all for the quick answers. Much appreciated!
  4. I was thinking of a nasty combination, where a tractor beam pulls a target closer (optimal would be within range 1), so the Gunner can fire the ship's primary weapon. Can this be linked in this way? Thank you in advance for your help and thoughts.
  5. Instead of a full repaint, I thought I would start off with just a few added touches. Here is what I did; 1. Added dark blue up front to reinforce the strong emphasis of a pointed design 2. Add random darker grey panels (hard to see in picture) - two on dome and a couple on 'wings' 3. Added red lights next to factory 'blue' lights [fore, sides and aft] 4. Engine glow I am pleased with the final product. It gives me a distinct model without loosing the 'Fleet' feel. Feedback appreciated, all I ask is that it is constructive.
  6. There is an optional rule "Scheduling Limitations" (pg 17) to have one less highlight than the number of players when a tournament is revealed. The Finn said: It's treated as a normal week with 1 highlight per player in addition to the tournament
  7. Page 14, bullet #5 answers this one cleary for you.
  8. Gmax's point 3 is not correct. The ball goes to the player with the Passing skill, they cannot pass or hand off the ball to another player on their team. Here is the quoted rule from Page 10. "Passing is optional. If the ball token is at midfield (i.e., on the matchup card), give it to the player using the passing skill by placing the ball token on his Player card. That player is now the ball carrier. If an opposing player is the ball carrier, move the ball to midfield. If another player on the manager’s own team is currently the ball carrier, the manager may choose to either leave the ball with the current ball carrier or move it to the player using the passing skill. If the committed player is already the ball carrier, but still has more pass icons to resolve, ignore them."
  9. I like the idea of a themed expansion with Amazons and Lizardmen, but as an old school BB player, I would love to see Undead, Goblins and Halflings (with Treemen) too. I agree each team, new and old need more individual team upgrades to add variety while keeping the teams unique playing style. Great game FF, now keep the momentum going! JH PS - Do not buzz kill the momentum with Print N Play expansions.
  10. Rolld6


    I think expansion could come in the form of New event cards Three new cards for each team's hand New additional location cards New bosses (specific to new event cards) New psionic powers (spells) or new team members for each team that can use them Linking games could be fun for a story/theme, but the reward/penalty should be light either way. Such as one or two extra reroll markers for a team member or starting with a genestealer on you to start the next mission.
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