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  1. Spkelly, can I buy that from you/him? Also, make sure not to post the QR code graphic or letters at the bottom of any deck before trying to register yourself.
  2. Exactly. It's nice to see that the devs recognized that the rules logically didn't lead to the result they wanted, so changed them.
  3. Posting here is for elevation. BGG isn't where the official rulings appear. Playing a cad that gives you the option to play an off-house card is a card conflicting with the rules and therefore negating them, just like the rulebook says. It's a great first turn because this is a competitive card game so deck cycling and deck speed are important parts of strategy.
  4. Yes, I must assume that's how the names are associated with the deck lists, and they obviously have a master list, or the app wouldn't work at all to record or look up decks. That method you described would work well for individual words, but combinations of words will require a lot of manpower to review, whether through manual brute force (the method in my previous comment) or associational algorithms that are similar to the ways good search engines can find sets of words close to one another in documents, or a combination of both. That is to say that it will take a long time to read the titles by hand or it will take a long time to generate the lists of words or phrases you don't want and to have the database find them for you.
  5. Perhaps when they realized the mistake, they literally assigned each employee to review several thousand names (already printed) over the course of a few weeks before the app was to go live?
  6. Oh, geez that's great. I wouldn't have thought of that because I mostly use D8s, D10s, and D20s, and sometimes D4s. I have too much emotional baggage from crap games as a kid to want to use D6s if not required. Time to out some D6s in my KeyForge set!
  7. Phase Shift (117) is a Logos action that reads: "Play: You may play one non-Logos card this turn." What happens if you try to play it on the game's first turn? The general rule is that, "First Turn Rule: During the first player's first turn of the game, that player may only play or discard one card from their hand", rulebook page 5. However, page 3 of the rulebook says, "THE GOLDEN RULE. If the text of a card directly contradicts the text of the rules, the text of the card takes precedence." So here we seem to have a classic case of a card giving the player an option to break a regular rule, and the Golden Rule seems to support the player doing that. Thus, the first player's turn should be:* forge no key* announce house Logos* play Phase Shift* play a non-Logos card* ready* draw probably one card However, I hear (and see no support for on the rules sticky yet) that apparently someone official thinks the Golden Rule does not apply to Phase Shift being played on the first turn. If so, maybe the Golden Rule should be changed to exclude overriding the first-turn rule? Or the first-turn rule should specify it is immune from the Golden Rule? Without some kind of chengemlike this, we are not playing by a game of written rules but instead by the choices of some officials to change the rules on the fly without notice. Or, as an escape, are we saying that because Phase Shift says a player "may" play a card and not that they "must" or "are to" play a card that Phase Shift does not therefore "directly" contradict the first-turn rule, so does not warrant application of the Golden Rule?
  8. Sorry, I did not write that clearly. We used bright cubes on top of the deck for cards not to be drawn, and black cubes placed onto the photocopy (provided by FLGS) of the chain tracker for each chain.
  9. Please explain: Are you saying that you still use the chain-tracker card with the ring to indicate how many chains and use the die atop the deck to indicate the right-column effect on reduced card draw, or something else? At the prerelease we attended, we put eurogame cubes onto the deck for each card not to be drawn.
  10. Reading rulebooks on mobile devices is fine, but printing out one for the table so it can be passed around and pointed to is something I don't want to give up, so I printed the first 12 pages of the July KeyForge rulebook. Problem? There's such a dark color for the background of the document that a lot of contrast is lost and a lot of extra ink/toner is wasted when printing it. So.... Please use a much lighter shade or white for the background color of the rulebook in future editions, or have a separate download for a print-friendly file. Thank you!
  11. How did you do that? My deck has Glass Hive and Key Abduction but I haven't been able to forge with it, and won't unless I go crazy with archiving. My deck only has 3-4 Mars creatures.
  12. It would have taken far, far longer to create the list, at the expense of far, far less name diversity for every word they didn't think to add.
  13. Disagree. The most obvious are glass beads and other basic counters available at every FLGS. That option is also almost $40 cheaper than a core box.
  14. It's not uncommon. What happens is someone creating an algorithm to create random names grabs a whole dictionary of words and adds them as input, and checks that there are no obviously foul words in there, but doesn't check that other terms like racism that are perfectly fine words but oughtn't be used in a game are removed. To have spotted and removed that and similar words takes either a lot of foresight, or, what they did, was to spot check some random decks throughout production (and be receptive to issues being spotted and publicized on social media). It's not as though there is someone at the factory reading the entire name list and playing censor, word by word.
  15. Ellimist, I looked for the same counters but these don't have numbers:
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