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  1. when the overlord spawns a new group of monsters, is he allowed to move them/attack with them on the same turn or does he have to wait a turn?
  2. also had chainmail, making armor rating a 5
  3. i was playing with brother glyr today with my enemys and I totally pwn3d them all and I was wondering if hes OP? i was playing on well of darkness, all i own is well and core. the overlord could only hit me with traps because of the 3 base armor, and the fact that i could move while battling
  4. i got Well of Darkness also, i got 7 figs, dups of 2 and none of that awesome wizard
  5. how did you get it so that the character pictures dont overlap the conquest value and the little thing at the top left corner?
  6. thank you all, just needed some quick clarification, and it appears that i have been playing this way from the start so thank you for confirming
  7. so when it says "when a monster hasnt been activated yet" that means they hevent moved AT ALL yet, correct? and can monsters move, even if they are on the other side of the area and havn't got line of sight on the heros yet?
  8. im pretty sure Chronologically is the best way to go
  9. so i have some questions about the movement and activation rules. 1) when you enter a new area, are ALL the monsters in that area immediatly revealed, or are they only revealed once they are in a hero's line of sight? OR is it like, they are revealed but the overlord cant move them until they are in line of sight of a hero? (I have questions like this for people like that orc shadow guy from the core set) also for that orc guy i just mentioned, when it says he can kill a dude that hasnt been activated, do they mean not activated that round? or not yet activated ever? thanks in advance
  10. THANK YOU ALL, i think you answered my question for the most part
  11. even if your blast hits 1 out of six spaces a dragon occupies, the dragon still takes full damage for the effect as if you hit the whole thing
  12. then should i paint with lighter colors for the masters?
  13. i want to start painting my miniatures, but i dont know how to go about painting the "master" monters (the red ones) can someone please tell me how i could paint these ones? i already know that i could just distunguish them by leaving the bases red or white, but they might be too dark for the paint.
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