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  1. no they replace a common read the pack of the plastic wrapping on a pack of cards
  2. is any one going to start a kh league at this place? if so contact me on the forums
  3. hey i am really excited about the upcoming event center but does any one know when it opens ps be my friend if you live in mineapolis mn area
  4. I wnt a plain old kingdom key card please buy or trade (i dont have very rare cards
  5. well i got an old kingdom pack and one darknes and light pack and 1 break of dawn pack and on old starter deck pack and one of my decks won with racing
  6. the source comics and games shop sell the cards dont know if they do tournys though
  7. how do you plan to win 13 levels of worlds, opponents heart points to,0 or both
  8. I am looking for a good deck for just starting does not not need to be certain ways of playing
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