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  1. Yeah not bad but I would only want it for dice storage so I would only order it with 4 of the dice only layers which I dont see how to do. Lost sale
  2. @sampo Yeah ideally it would be a full playset in one box, but getting two for a playset is not a deal breaker. Just depends on cost.
  3. I use the ultra pro dual deck box for my game deck. Plenty of room for deck and dice. What I dont have is good storage for the unused dice. I need something that fits a complete play set for storage https://boardgamegeek.com/camo/0158184929e0827da3457a5730c496ebe6729ed5/687474703a2f2f7777772e652d6d696e69732e6e65742f696d616765732f78555038323938332e6a7067
  4. posting a great trade reference with ImmortalJedi
  5. Happy to trade multiple card in exchange for higher rarity in your favor for my priority items Have Have Leg spirit leg 1 Blackmail Have Rare Spirit rare 2 Asajj Ventress x2 Spirit rare 3 Ascension gun x3 Spirit rare 3 Astromech x3 Spirit rare 1 Aurra sing Spirit rare 2 C3p0 x2 Spirit rare 1 Force push Spirit rare 3 Guavian Enforcer x3 Spirit rare 1 Imperial discipline Spirit rare 1 Jedi Acolyte Spirit rare 1 Jyn Erso Spirit rare 3 Lightsaber pike x3 Spirit rare 3 Lone operative x3 Spirit rare 2 Luminara unduli x2 Spirit rare 2 Lure of power x2 Spirit rare 2 Makashi Training x2 Spirit rare 1 Overkill Spirit rare 2 Personal shield x2 Spirit rare 3 Rebel Commando x2 Spirit rare 2 Temmin Snap Wexley x2 Spirit rare 2 Unkar x2 Spirit rare 1 Virbro Knuckles Spirit rare 1 Vribroknife Spirit rare 1 tie pilot Promo Promo 1 Kylo Ren alt art Promo Promo 3 alt art tie fighter Promo Promo 1 alt art command shuttle Awake Rare 2 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle Awake Rare 2 Veers Awake Rare 4 Reys Staff Awake Rare 1 Padme Amidala Awake Rare 2 Black Market Awake Rare 1 Jango Awake Rare 1 tusken Raider Awake Rare 1 Gaffi Stick Awake Rare 3 Jedi Robes Awake Rare 1 Cunning Awake Rare 1 nighsister Awake Rare 2 first order storm trooper Awake Rare 1 Count Dooku Awake Rare 1 Force Protection Awake Rare 2 Infiltrate Awake Rare 1 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol Awake Rare 1 Holdout Blaster Awake Rare 1 Survival Gear Awake Rare 2 Immobilize Awake Rare 2 Leia Organa Awake Rare 2 Comlink Awake Rare 1 Infantry Grenade Awake Rare 1 Speeder Bike Scount Awake Rare 1 Scout Awake Rare 1 Flame Thrower Awake Rare 2 BB-8 Awake Rare 2 first order tie fighter Awake Rare 1 Admiral Ackbar Awake Rare 1 Qui-Gon Jinn Awake Rare 1 Sith Holocron Awake Rare 1 Datapad Here is what I need. #1 priority is palpatine and force speed. Need Awake Leg 1 AT-ST Awake Leg 2 Kylo Ren Lightsaber Awake Leg 2 Black one Awake Leg 1 Lukes Lightsaber Awake Leg 2 One with the force Awake Leg 1 Millennium Falcon Awake Rare 1 General Grievous Spirit leg 1 Palpatine Spirit leg 1 Slave 1 Spirit leg 2 U-wing x 2 Spirit leg 1 Chewbacca Spirit leg 1 Bowcaster Spirit leg 2 Maz Goggles x2 Spirit leg 1 Force Speed x 1 Spirit leg 1 Quad Jumper? Spirit rare 1 Con artist Spirit rare 1 FN-2199 Spirit rare 1 Mon Mothma Spirit rare 1 Royal Guard
  6. You are not an opponent. If you were playing a multi-player game then each of the other players would take damage but you would not. If they mean for all players then it would say all players deal 1 damage to their characters.
  7. I had very much the same thing across my two boxes, with only a few differences. Now do I trade the the leg. to get 1 of each or keep 2??? First Order Stormtrooper Yes 1 General Grievous Yes 1 General Veers Yes 2 Nightsister Yes 2 Bala-Tik Yes 2 Jango Fett Yes 1 Tusken Raider Yes 2 Crime Lord Yes 2 Admiral Ackbar Yes 3 Leia Organa Yes 1 Luke Skywalker Yes 2 Qui-Gon Jinn Yes 3 Han Solo Yes 2 Hired Gun Yes 1 Padme Amidala Yes 1
  8. Hello All, I play Star Wars LCG and Netrunner LCG amongst other games. I am looking for players around the San Carlos area to play pick up games or even meet regularly. Send me a message if your interested. Brian
  9. Hello All, I play Star Wars LCG and Netrunner LCG amongst other games. I am looking for players around the San Carlos area to play pick up games or even meet regularly. Send me a message if your interested. Brian
  10. Yeah fostercity is not too far. My office is in san carlos we can grab lunch for some gaming and at night. Drop me an email brian at laing.org
  11. Yeah with three young kids and my own business to run commuting an hour to play just wont work :-(
  12. Hello all, I am getting back into the game after a bit of a hiatus. I played from the start and got out just before the switch to LCG. I am looking to get regular play setup. If your in the San Carlos area drop me a message. I have several different places we can play including at my office in downtown san carlos. Look forward to playing with everyone. Brian
  13. Hi all, Not sure anyone is still following this group. I used to play in the bay area quite a bit, but go out of Game of thrones just before the switch to LCG. No I am looking to get back in. Is anyone around the San Carlos area still playing? If some send me an email Brian at Laing.org. Cheers, Brian
  14. yeah really looking forward to this one!!
  15. I can see some rules coming out like the overlord stuff for M44.
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