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  1. OK, so Altar or Tomb, this gift, thengot it! Probably Tomb, for the new die type. Thanks, all!
  2. So far, so good, in that I have some notion of what to get next. But what about the whole line? I'm mainly trying to figure out what order to eventually get ALL of it, based on the opinions of folks who've played all of the expansions. Also, the fact that we don't play Campaign does not means that we wouldn't love having the other tools of Campaign-oriented sets, assuming they are worthwhile in one-off play. So the Sea of Blood expansion sounds really sweet, if only because it introduces ship-to-ship play and (I think?) outdoor terrain. We might eventually play a Campaign, but I know it would be fun to play some one-offs with sea adventures. So I guess that's my "redirect," follow-up question: What order would you buy all of the remaining expansion, to be able to use the most interesting elements in one-off play, though maybe also in eventual Campaign play? Thanks again, y'all! David
  3. It's Christmas time, and I am thinking of getting my friend another Descent supplement. He has, so far: * Descent: Journeys In The Dark * Descent: Well of Darkness What would be the recommended order in which YOU'D buy more supplements? Note: We prefer non-campaign play, because we can't be assured of all players every week (or, frankly, we'd be playing a campaign RPG). Thanks in advance for you advice and reasons why!
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