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  1. I dont think ultraexpensive Ghosts are worth it. Where VCX shines are cheap blockers. A friend won local shop tournament flying Fat Dash with Chopper (engine and Zeb). I suppose Lothal Rebel with FCS and Hera might be the ultimate jouster.
  2. IMHO Fat Han is still very strong and competitive, it's still a very fast,agile,resilient and hardhitting ship, one of the strongest in the game. Adding VCX to the roster might be a thing.
  3. I have a strong feeling that VCX can be a very strong ship but in other ways most people expect. I am thinking about 38 pts Lothal Rebel with FCS and Hera as an addition to my Fat Han. You get a 16 hp 4 attack "kturn every round and shoot with target lock" jouster for this price? Doesn't it seem awesome?
  4. A lot of theory here but the fact is that they really dominate tournaments - so it's not only good flying that solves the case. I'd rather read how you actually won against them, not what you think might be good. I am sure the number of posts would dwindle dramatically. It's 24 attack dice and even high ag ships get their share of damage. I SUPPOSE 2 Agressors might be a good try. However, anything with ag1 gets decimated.
  5. As someone noted, fat turrets often tend to wipe the board in time, so it seems to be a fair change, moving the meta a bit toward small ships - which is good,in my personal opinion. Also,it makes sense with Brobots,which often lose half or more health but you lose as nonę dies. However, it makes swarms even stronger, which is also good for FFG sales, as you need to spend loads of money to buy eg. 8Zs or 8 Ties.
  6. The problem with all these "fixes" is that they make the t70 even better, and much better choice than T65.Maybe they fix T65 a little bit,but man,how they improve T70! So why bother with the X-brick? A fix for t-65 would have to be specifically for T65 to be a proper fix.
  7. As the meta changed,T65 is one of the worst ships these days. There is absolutely no reason to take it instead of a B-wing in competitive play. It loses heavily to arc dodgers because of poor mobility,it loses heavily to turrets because it's very soft. It's math.And if IA was a title, it would be more sensible because you could throw in EngineU to even the odds.BB8 is a much better in improving T65, but it's unique, so only 1 per roster.And it actually improves some Ywing builds too.
  8. I am dissapointed with the "fix" if it is THE ONE. It makes a terrible ship just a bit better but it is a whole galaxy behind anything comparable,especially T70 with the exact same upgrade. Consider it squadwise - would you take 4 T70s or 4T65s and a Z? For me,the answer is obvious, as T65 key weakness is it's bricklike flying ability. The worst thing is that T65 elite pilots don't benefit from it much,again especially compared to eg. Poe T70.
  9. What about that boulder trap in a dead-end corridor? Isn't it too powerful if the heroes can't avoid it?
  10. I also have a few questions but I didn't want to start a new topic, so I decided to use this one. Playing descent I have noticed a few small problems that distract a bit. First of all, using mentioned treachery cards makes me feel too powerful as overlord sometimes. For example, using boulder trap after a move from a second/third/fourth hero makes it really easy to kill the hero that already has moved in one shot. Moreover, in some dead end corridors heroes can't escape from this trap when it's rolling towards the end of it! Or am I misinterpreting smth with this trap? It allows to place the boulder 3 spaces away from any hero in any direction you want, right? Monsters are also very strong: spawning mentioned master troll and storming 8health hero often ends in a one turn kill! Especially when used in conjunction with traps... Moreover, my players didn't get it yet that Descent is kind of race game. In effect, they spend a lot of time resting and preparing for the next exploration, which allows me to spawn enormous numbers of monsters. All this makes me feel a bit unfair, especially considering my previous gamemastering experience, which in effect mutates our games toward a rpg game in which I try not to kill them too much... It looks that way sometimes at least. Of course, monsters are rather 'soft', in most cases they can be killed in one action. However, some of them can also deal loads of damage. If players allow me to spawn for a few turns in a row, they are really finished. I suspect that Enduring Evil is the answer in some respects, but I'd like to wait with implementing it. The reason is simple: I didn't spend 180$ to print all cards myself! I would really like to play all the quests from bought expansions and stuff without worring so much about the balance... I would appretiate comments.
  11. I must admit that I am also quite new to the game but have already played a few quests as the overlord. I have noticed a few things about the balance myself. When I was playing my first game we were using only the basic game, without expansion packs. We were playing the first quest and ,indeed, the game was easy for heroes. However, after implementing treachery rules from Well of Darkness and new overlord cards from Altar of Despair, the game balanced much better. For example, new spawn cards are much stronger. Spwaning a single master troll or 2 master blood apes changes a lot, even for a 4-hero team. They need some time to deal with such monsters, which allows you to spawn some more monsters. Always going for the weakest link (weakest health and armour) really works, even in the first quest, and makes the game much more challenging. We also use some home rules, taken from the German edition(available on boardgamegeek in pdf). For example, for a 4-hero party, they take 4 cards from the treasure deck and choose 2 (when the chest says e.g."1 copper treasure". Besides, some traps are really tough for players, especially using trapmaster card. One thing I cannot understand are 8hp heroes, especially dwarfs, which in all other universes are rather tough. When you happen to randomly pick such a hero, the hero players are quite screwed, I guess.
  12. I know, however using this: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/271256 will help to balance the game in each quest a bit (thx to Antistone for the link).
  13. Thanks a lot, guys! I'll try first quest with 2 heroes then, and afterwards we'll figure smth out. Cheers!
  14. Hi! Can you explain why the game is "virtually unplayable" with 2 heroes? Is it too easy or too hard or...? What do you think about using 5 players monster stats for 2-3 heroes games in easier quests in order to make the game more interesting? Thx!
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