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  1. Hello everyone. Reading the rules for Letters from Whitechapel I was curious about Special Movements for Jack, Coaches to be more specific. I read where you cannot backtrack to the same number (example: 149 > 138 > 149. I understand you cannot go back to the same number but was curious if you can backtrack to a different number. Would it be a legal move if I went from 149 > 164 > 136? I can understand this would be very confusing for the Police and well...that pretty much is the point to my question. Thanks everyone
  2. The player sheet describes that Edwards may move when the moon dimensional symbol shows up as the monster movement. Does this mean Edwards can move up to his normal movement considering he has movement points or can he only move one space? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, When fighting the Dark Pharoh do my weapons count as bonus's? Since I do a Lore Check against him I wasn't sure if I can add my combat items. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Quick couple of questions. Say that I have the spell Dread Curse of Azathoth and the Item Lamp of Alhazred (or however you spell it). I am going to be fighting a monster with magical immunity. Does that mean that the Dread Curse of Azathoth will not give me my +9 to combat checks or does it just prevent the bonus from the Lamp from doing its +5 damage? Second Question. I have an investigator that moves into a location with a gate...does he have to go in the gate? Is he able to go into a location with a gate and leave it (not that it would be condusive to strategy)? Thanks for your time.
  5. I would like clarification on certain checks that are made during the game and the modifications involved with them. If a character had a and item that gave you +2 to combat checks and had a 2 fight (2+2=4) and was facing a monster that had a -3 modifier would that investigator roll 1 dice or 2 dice? Reason I ask is because I am not sure if it just negates the fight value or if it subtracts from the entire amount of 4? That is to say it subtracts from the total number of dice. This conflict I am having with it drived in a dispute with a friend that revolved around the item that gives an investigator +2 to horror checks, so that when he made a will check and had a will of 2 and had to beat a -4 horror check, or something to that effect. He was wondering if his will was just subtracted but the item was not effected so the -4 does not carry over due to the properties of the item? I am confused on how this would go. Thanks for the time.
  6. Thank you DoomTurtle and everyone else for that matter, I appreciate you hanging in there for me
  7. Would it be safe to say then that I can use a house rule for this then?
  8. Thanks Avi. I guess disengaging is different from Sneaking? So when you disengage do you choose at that time after all your items are taken to disengage or would you attempt to roll a sneak check? Furthermore if you fail a sneak check before or during the encounter with the Dunwich Horror does he apply his combat damage to you much like a regular monster does when you fail a sneak check? Lastly. Say the person does have 5 dice whereas he atleast has a chance of succeeding (basing it on the Dunwich Horror that causes you to lose all your items), but doing the "auto" bit you mentioned does this mean you will eventually auto succeed whereas you dont have to roll to defeat him or that you automatically disengage combat after the first failed attempt? Thanks again.
  9. Addition: I am guessing that you only have 1 round of combat with the Dunwich Horror? Not sure. Thanks again for your time.
  10. Hello, I can see that the Dunwich Horror can be very, very nasty and He can pretty much take a player out pretty easily. My concern however is in regards to one of his Combat Checks for a specific card. If you fail a combat check you lose all of your items on one of the random cards you draw before you face him. So what does this mean? A) are you able to sneak from him at all? B) if you lose all your items and you keep failing and you have no items how does combat end if he really does not damage you? What happens when facing this scenario? Thanks for your time.
  11. I had a question in regards to the monster, Shan. Looking at it the blue is a darker blue then the other flying monsters. What does this darker blue mean or is it just a darker ink? Thanks.
  12. Are retainers in the game just considered the "retainer" card that gives you money each upkeep? Because the way it makes it sound in the rulebook that it can be other things in addition to that. When going insane in the other world for instance it states you lose "all of your retainers". Thanks.
  13. Ahh and the clouds lifted! Okay, very cool, thanks both of you, I see the difference in the text that makes it more clear, thanks again.
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