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  1. There are actually 26 heroes from previous Terrinoth games that have not been released specifically for Descent 2.0 yet. These are: From Descent 1.0 Bogran the Shadow (base game) Mad Carthos (base game) Red Scorpion (base game) Varikas the Dead (base game) Landrec the Wise (base game) Brother Glyr (The Well of Darkness expansion) Aurim (The Altar of Despair expansion) Eliam (The Altar of Despair expansion) Kirga (The Altar of Despair expansion) Tobin Farslayer (promo) Laughin Buldar (The Tomb of Ice expansion) From Runebound 2.0 Ciridin (Midnight expansion) Elaria (Midnight expansion) Gyruk Kinslayer (Midnight expansion) Harthan Axecaster (Midnight expansion) Jaena of Sharuun (Midnight expansion) Kael, Son of Gurin (Midnight expansion) Mirala Goodtide (Midnight expansion) Telvan and Orcbane (Midnight expansion) Annen the Trailblazer (Mists of Zanaga expansion) Kala the Hunter (Mists of Zanaga expansion) Maliki the Claw (Mists of Zanaga expansion) Runemaker Tara (Mists of Zanaga expansion) Saka and Kuto (Mists of Zanaga expansion) Spiritspeaker Elga (Mists of Zanaga expansion) From DungeonQuest Hugo the Glorious12 of these have been released in the Conversion Kit, but not as proper Descent 2.0 versions. None of the Runebound figures was contained in the Conversion Kit. Although many of the figures in Runebound 2.0 are now made for Descent 2.0, all of these were originally from Descent 1.0, so there are probably no plans for releasing the rest of the Runebound figures for Descent 2.0.
  2. What about Runebound? Not my favorite game, but it's easy enough and it's not gonna ruin anything for the other games.
  3. Thanks for the tips! I really agree with both of you. Cosmic Encounter might be a way to go, but like subochre said, it doesn't have much in common with the rest of my games. I was actually concidering either AH or Descent 1st edition because of the reasons Julia stated. I dislike Descent 2 myself, so I don't think I'm gonna introduce them to it. If they like it, they might not like D1... Gears of War and Dracula aren't my favorite games either, so I'm probably gonna wait a bit with those two. But I don't know if they like what I like. My absolute favorite is Twilight Imperium, but maybe I should wait a bit with that one :-)
  4. I'm thinking about starting a new gaming group with three other people. The only game they've played (outside of Monopoly and the usual children's games) is Settlers of Catan. We've only met once and played Settlers. They said they were interested in other games too, but since I only own FFG games, it might be a little too much for them in the beginning. But since I HAVE to choose from my shelf of games, these are the games I own. Any suggestion to which of these I should start with? I've played them all with other friends, but I wouldn't know the best gateway game from this list. A Game of Thrones (second edition base game only) A Game of Thrones LCG (base game only) Android Arkham Horror (with all expansions and investigator minis) BattleLore (with 7 expansions) Battlestar Galactica (with 2 expansions) Chaos in the Old World (with 1 expansion) Civilization (with 1 expansion) Cosmic Encounter (with all expansions) Descent: Journeys in the Dark (second edition base game only) Fury of Dracula Gears of War (base game only) Lord of the Rings, 2000 (base game only) Mansions of Madness (base game only) Nexus Ops Rex: Final Days of an Empire Runebound (with all expansions) Runewars (with 1 expansion) Talisman (with 7 expansions) Tannhäuser (base game only) Tide of Iron (base game only) Twilight Imperium (with 2 expansions) Warhammer: Invasion LCG (base game only) Older games: A Game of Thrones (first edition with 1 expansion) Descent: Journeys in the dark (first edition with all expansions) Doom (base game only) Starcraft (with 1 expansion) Warcraft (with 1 expansion) World of Warcraft (with 2 expansions) Any suggestions as to where to begin will be gladly appreciated. PS: Sorry about my bad english. I'm from Norway :-)
  5. Same here in Norway. Battles of Napoleon costs166,48 USD on a webside with average norwegian prices...
  6. Thanks for the tips! That's exactly what I needed. Much appreciated.
  7. I have a lot of FFG board games now and I love most of them. My problem is that there doesn't seem to be any more games I really want. I'm about to buy the last couple of expansions on my wish list soon, but after that I don't know which game to go for. This is the games I own so far (including all expansion): A game of thrones Arkham horror Descent Runebound Twilight imperium Fury of Dracula Starcraft Talisman Android Battlestar Galactica Chaos in the old world Civilization Runewars Mansions of madness I also own these (but I didn't like them very much): Lord of the rings (silver line game) Battlelore Doom Tide of Iron Warcraft World of Warcraft If you look at the first list, you can see what kind of games I like. My absolute favorite is TI3, but I like all of them almost equaly good. Any suggestions as to what I should buy next? It doesn't have to be a FFG game either. Any company would do.
  8. That would've been awesome. I for one would buy it asap. Maybe they could put in a couple of exclusive new characters or cards just to sell the thing. As a good looking box with some nice AH artwork and a couple of extras put in for good measure, I'd guess it could at least sell a couple...
  9. I agree with everyone here. I think the game is perfect as it is, so I don't need anything else. As soon as a new expansion comes along, the game will never be the same again (for better or worse), and I want the game to be exactly as it is.
  10. I arranged a 6-player game this Christmas and it is really truly awesome. We were 4 people who had played it several times before, 1 who had played it a couple times before and 1 who had only tried it with 3 players before. Previously, I had played it with 3, 4 and 5 players, so this was my first 6-player game. I don't know about 7 or 8 player games, but 6 is definately better than anything less. Have fun!
  11. I've been wanting to design my own TI3 t-shirt for a while now. I want a picture of Hacan just like this: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Twilight%20Imperium%203/site/twilight-imperium-layout_01.jpg on the front. But I don't want the bright background that's on that picture. Can anyone help me with removing it? I don't know a single thing about editing pictures, so I was hoping someone could do it for me. Just remove the bright background and if it's possible, enlarge the figure a bit. Twice the size would be nice, but I don't know if that's possible. Thanx!
  12. And here is the correct link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_Flight_Games
  13. I've just created a list of every product FFG is carrying right now. Check it out and please correct any mistakes you find. I find these kinds of lists very helpful when I want to "get into" any given thing (games, movies, music, etc). I hope it will help others too. Here's the wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_Flight_Games#Fantasy_Flight_Collect
  14. Just saying... Looking forward to it! :-) Btw, I nominate this for the Most Useless Post of the Year award
  15. Thanks for the replies. We don't want it to be "too" hard, although some challenge is expected. We're usually play AH and one expansion with 3-4 players, but I'm sure we can grab a couple more :-)
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