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  1. How many cards can you fit in a box?
  2. Yeah. A 40k Stormraven is $80 unpainted and unassembled. $90 for the Tantive IV expansion is a downright bargain.
  3. Are Team Epic games played at a maximum of 400pt per side or 300pt per side with a max of 200pt per player?
  4. EvaUnit02

    Game mats

    Man, I'm torn. I love the idea of a custom spray-painted mat but with the second Kickstarter, I can get a 3x3 and a 3x6 for 2/3 the price of one custom 3x3.
  5. I am utterly disgusted that you EVER would use a mental disorder such as ADHD as an perjorative. Sociopathic trolls on various cesspit websites like 4Chan think it's funny to do that. I would think a forum such as this would be above emulating the depravities of such pools of 'human' detritus. I hope you don't take this as a jab but I find it a little funny to be upset with someone inadvertently speaking ill of one group of people while yourself intentionally speaking ill of another.
  6. One piece of advice I would give is to not look at the list building as min-maxing. Don't be concerned with trying to build the "right" list. X-Wing is more focused on flying your list well. Now sure, you could build a bad list but for the most part, things are well balanced. You can run your named pilots just fine. You just need to know how to fly them. I don't know how you play but I find most people who blame the dice (which you haven't done, I realize) just aren't flying well. They just throw their ships at the other guy and roll dice. The problem is exacerbated when you lead the charge with your precious high-point ships. X-Wing is a very tactical game. Much more so than it seems on the surface. You want to build your list to the style that you want to play. You then want to fly your ships in a way that will maximize their dice while minimizing your opponent's dice. I know that sounds obvious but a lot of people just don't do that. Your X-Wing has 2 evade. Put a stealth device on it and you're rolling 3. Set yourself up in to range 3 and you're rolling 4. Position yourself behind an asteroid and now you're rolling 5. That's a difference between taking damage and being nearly invincible. Just yesterday I watched a cool video on how to strafe with Lieutenant Lorrir. I'm sure that would throw a good many players for a loop. A lot of this game is figuring out how best to set yourself up on the current round, anticipating your opponent's maneuvers & actions, all while figuring out where you want to be on the next round. A bad maneuver could mean your entire squadron falls apart. ...and that's the fun of the game. You can build a list of generics, a list of uniques, or some combination thereof. Flying them to their strengths while focusing on your opponent's list weaknesses is what the game is all about.
  7. I'm not sure how it breaks down, really. The rule is nothing more than a measure of distance. The Rule of 11 isn't about how you fly your ships, it's how to conveniently think about the length of the play area in terms of base length.
  8. Ionization Reactor: Cargo. 5 Energy. Limited. 4 Points. ENERGY: Spend 5 energy from this card and discard this card to cause each other ship at Range 1 to suffer 1 damage and receive 1 ion token.
  9. The turrets don't really "fall off." Rather, they're keyed to come out when oriented a certain way.
  10. Just adding my anecdote to the pile: My order from CSI shipped today.
  11. I would if I reasonably felt it was influencing the outcome. To each their own, of course. If neither player has a problem then do whatever you wish. My point is simply that the dice are intended to be completely random and neither player has a right to try to influence their outcome.
  12. The dice exist to inject randomness. If you notice questionable behavior and the dice are rolling well outside of their odds, I would consider it to be potential cheating and speak with the TO. If you notice questionable behavior and the dice are rolling inside of their odds then no harm, no foul. If it's a critical roll (and I suppose there's room here to consider all rolls as critical) then I probably wouldn't tolerate any shenanigans at all. Again, the dice are there to be random. Neither player should be trying anything, superstition or not, to influence the rolls.
  13. Nothing is unsportsmanlike about playing the game by its established rules...rules which both players can leverage equally. Moreover, there's no requirement to play by preconceived notions of how a game ought to play out thematically or otherwise. Great tactics are devised precisely by breaking conventions and shaking up the expectations of your opponent. If a tactic bothers you then it should be encouraged and explored in order to see how it impacts the game. Blocking doesn't inhibit the contest at all and, in fact, makes it more nuanced and competitive. So, blocking is not unsportsmanlike at all. It is really quite sporting.
  14. A lot. http://wizkidsgames.com/startrek/star-trek-attack-wing/ Click on the "GALLERY" tab to see them.
  15. I do. I installed all three of the games (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance) recently on Win7 Ultimate x64. When I get home, I'll provide instructions (if I remember)
  16. This. X-Wing was designed to be played until one player's entire squadron is destroyed, however long it takes. The time limit is an external factor imposed by the need to get an event finished within a reasonable amount of time. Deliberately attempting to reach the time limit and win because you couldn't finish your game is poor sportsmanship. So, there's a very simple test here: imagine the TO declared that the time limit is not in effect this round, and you will play the game until one side is destroyed. Would you change your tactics? If you would keep doing the same thing then you're using a legitimate strategy that just happens to involve flying defensively. If you would abandon your strategy and fly more aggressively then you're stalling and guilty of poor sportsmanship, and you should be banned from the event (and all future events). I would argue that without the time limit, the game would end in a stalemate. If the best (perceived) strategy for two players to make prevents them from playing the game to completion (without a time limit) then what you're asking is for one of the players to elect to put himself at a disadvantage. That would be unfair and a bit unreasonable. Are Chess players being poor sports if neither of them intentionally put their kings in harms way?
  17. I find it utterly childish and, coincidentally, unsportsmanlike to complain about the tactic. It's entirely legitimate. This isn't a game about a dual at high noon and who can draw the fastest. This is a game about destroying enemy ships and keeping friendly ships alive. OP did just that. I find this quite similar to when people used to complain in fighting games about people who would throw (because it beats a block) or people who would turtle (because it prevents hits) Fighting games aren't about who can throw the hardest punches. They're about who's smart enough and skilled enough to deal damage while avoiding taking damage. X-Wing is much the same way.
  18. I think it's disappointing that the thread fell in to such hostility. Both sides have claimed to use facts and logic when it suited them while falling back on "hey man, it's just my opinion" when it didn't. He has a belief and he voiced it along with his reasons. Others rebutted. That's how argument works. Sure he may have been a bit self-righteous and snide but so what? He doesn't need to be shouted down or told to "eat a bag of d****." Communities like this are relatively small compared to other communities. I think we would do ourselves a service to listen to criticisms and reply to them fairly and with kindness. That way, we don't represent ourselves as a bunch of hyper-defensive nerds. We want to be welcoming so as to attract more players to this fantastic game and often, that means accepting dissenting views. The OP feels this game is unduly expensive. I feel it's a fantastic bargain. The OP feels he was cheated out of an X-Wing. I don't. We can both have our views and discuss them without resorting to inflammatory remarks.
  19. I'm not really sure how X-Wing can be considered a "rich man's game" when you look at how much money it takes to play something like 40k. Regardless, it seems the market can bear $15 per ship just fine. Where you might see a rip off, I see value. For $15 I get a pre-painted detailed miniature that comes with a base. Not only that, it comes with new game assets (pilots, upgrades, chits, dials) I can use. For $40, I can get three ships, dice, specialized rulers, chits, and dials. Try that in 40k. You'll pay more than that for the rulebook alone. As for the GR-75, I'm not so sure anyone is getting shafted out of an "important element" of the game. What important element? Every expansion has cards you might want to play. Are you getting shafted out of those when you don't buy their respective expansions?
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