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  1. I'm taking bets to see how many threads there can be that fear the sky is falling without actually saying it.
  2. EvaUnit02

    Dear FFG

    I come from the school of thought that you don't announce things until they're pretty much finished development. Otherwise, you'll get exactly four minutes between the time of your announcement and the time someone complains about it.
  3. I don't really understand these threads. A new Star Wars game comes out and people freak out because it's not X-Wing. Star Wars Descent? OH NOEZ. IT'S NOT A *REAL* MINIS GAME COMPATIBLE WITH X-WING. Give it a rest. FFG could come out with Star Wars napkins and some of you would be upset that the napkins aren't to scale with the standard X-Wing base ships and can't be used to add one green die as a "meticulously clean" pilot skill.
  4. I don't think anecdotal means what you think it means.
  5. I'd absolutely play for money. I want to compete and when money is on the line, people are rarely there to do anything but. It doesn't mean everyone will be a jerk. In fact, I think it would mean quite the opposite. I would like to see this sort of thing happen the way the FGC handles tournaments: an organization such as a store or a group host the event, all players pay an entry fee, and prizes are a percentage of the sum of entry fees. Then, as (or if) the event grows, the earnings by the host can be put toward growing the tournament, streaming, etc. Moreover, great players in my experience tend to be pretty stand-up cats. Sure there are exceptions but they seem to be friendly, very efficient, and know the rules in and out. You can't really ask for a better opponent. Personally, I don't really get the perceived disconnect between having fun and playing competitively. Playing competitively *is* fun. If you want to "fly casual", no one is going to stop you whether there's money on the line or not.
  6. I imagined you saying that in a mesh ball cap while driving a Ferd Fteenthousand with dual stacks and a crying eagle mural on the tailgate.
  7. I would keep playing. Just as I don't stop playing board games because there aren't new expansions, I won't stop playing X-Wing as long as I have opponents. Someone mentioned X-Wing being a war game and therefore needing expansions. I still play Axis & Allies, Advanced Squad Leader, and Battletech. I'd consider those to be war games. I'm not sure there's (yet) such a thing as an ideal pool of ships beyond being able to field any possible combination for a particular point limit. I think the only dangers of releasing too much stuff are 1) increasing the risk of unbalancing the game due to more and more complex (and therefore, unseen) interactions and 2) releasing ships that aren't unique enough to be worth the use compared to something else.
  8. I think the moment you start talking about the effects of gravity, you probably want to start talking about other forces and movement. Before you know it, you no longer have spacecraft that move like airplanes and you're using charts to determine orientation, thrust, and momentum. That said, if you just want a naive approach to gravity that fits in to the way the game currently plays, I don't see a problem with your -1 idea.
  9. Pretty much all of that. I won't play minis games that require me to put things together and paint them. I've no interest in crafting. I just want to play. X-Wing is really inexpensive for a minis game. For hundreds of dollars, I can field almost any 100pt list configuration available in the game. The game plays fast with a relatively simple rule set along with some clever play aids...while still being pretty tactical. It's a very balanced game still, too. Then, of course, Star Wars is just a fun universe.
  10. If there's anything I've learned in my years of gaming it's this: If one wins, the game is balanced. If one loses, the game is broken.
  11. The range ruler is just a tool for measuring length. Its width doesn't matter. Its purpose is to allow you to draw a line (lines have no width) and measure the length of that line, just like a normal ruler.
  12. The guides on the base do not count for range measurement. From the FAQ: "Movement Guides Movement guides on ship bases are considered part of the ship’s base for every part of the game except measuring Range between ships."
  13. I am not sufficiently familiar with BattleTech to fully confirm my disagreement, but - no - I don't think that's what I was getting at. But perhaps you can expand on this to support why BattleTech is an example of a game that integrated ground, fighter, and capital-scale games. The Total Warfare and Tech Manual rulebooks provide the rules for ground combat. Tactical Operations provides the rules for planetary combat. Strategic Operations provides the rules for solar system combat. The upcoming Interstellar Operations will provide the rules for the largest scale of play. There are even two rulebooks for RPG play, the smallest scale. All of these rules are made to integrate with each other. Moreover, in Battletech, you can field a wide variety of unit types. Various sizes of mechs, various types of ground vehicles, helicopters, winged aircraft, naval ships, submarines, various types of infantry, battle armor, drop ships, hover ships, trains, space warships, space fighters, space stations, satellites, protomechs, etc. It's seven volumes of rules, not even counting the miniatures rules, but you could run one glorious year-long interstellar campaign with it.
  14. I agree with you that it's not inevitable, and I also agree with you that X-Wing, as we know it, is a simple dogfighting game. I do think that if they want to make it more than that, that they have several avenues for doing so. Adding a ground-game element or a capital-ship scale element as a separate game is a way in order to make it more than what it is, if FFG wants to do that. I would certainly want them to do that, rather than continue to flog this horse with endless dogfighting expansions, finally getting everything out of that image with all the weird and wonky TIE fighters. I could see a ground game being complementary to our game by introducing landing ships such as Sentinel-class landers and Theta-class dropships as something that needs to get past the screen of dog-fighting X-Wings in order to bring troops and walkers to the ground game. I could see X-Wing being a game that exists between the capital-ships game (from where the landers/dropships are launched) and the ground game (where they disgorge their units). That said, while I think it would be awesome, I think it's a long-shot bet that people would want to play that en masse. I don't get the sense that most people want to play integrated games. I think that - like you - they want short and sweet. So, Battletech with Star Wars minis.
  15. Because ground fighting plays a major role in the star wars universe. Yeah well, so did politics. I should hope we won't see a new political rules system.
  16. I don't want to win badly enough to check. If someone wants to have a rigged damage deck then whatever. If I catch it by them having too many of a particular crit drawn then I'll call it out. I have no problem allowing my opponent to check my deck were he to ask.
  17. I'm pretty much with DR4CO on this. I remind my opponent of anything both positive and negative for him. He can't take back a bad decision or a misstep but he can go back and do something he would have otherwise done. The game is not one of trying to see who forgot the least amount of stuff. It's about trying to see who's the better squadron builder, pilot, and tactician. Conversely, I never allow myself to redo or take back a decision or an action unless my opponent explicitly allows it. That may put me at a disadvantage when playing against a jerk but it doesn't matter. I'm there to play and win in the spirit of the game, not win at all costs.
  18. Eh...that's often self destructive, though. It's kinda like those people who view renting a home as wasting money compared to owning a home while ignoring the cost of maintenance, HOAs, taxes, lost opportunities by not being able to move, etc. If you're just looking after your bottom line then you're neglecting the benefits you're receiving with having a stable base of players to play with, a location for tournaments (which can earn you ships and cards), and new friendships. All of these things can translate in to not just more fun for you (which is your ultimate goal with this game) but monetary savings. You can trade with other players. You can carpool to Gencon with your newfound friends. The store owner can give you personal discounts for being a good customer. You can try out other new games without first gambling on the cost of a purchase.
  19. I just do what I can. I don't figure out percentages, have rules, or anything. I just buy whatever I'm comfortable buying. The first time I went to this relatively new FLGS near my house, they were having some big state Magic tournament or something. The guy on duty took the time to fish out the X-Wing stuff they had moved to the back to make room for tables. He did this despite the fact that I said I was just looking. I ended up buying about $100 worth of ships for his effort. When I go in, sometimes a buy a ship here or there, sometimes sleeves, and once I bought a mat. Recently I went in and cleaned them out of their Netrunner stock. These cats are nice and they let me play X-Wing without so much as asking me to buy a soda so, I try to support them as much as I can.
  20. He's using the term, collectible, in reference to a "collectible card game" (CCG) compared to FFG's "living card game." (LCG) By comparison, CCGs are defined as having blind boosters, rare cards, and obsoleted cards which require a steady purchase of product from the player.
  21. Of course it is - ALL things being equal. But all things are never equal. There is skill and dice. Skill is a byproduct of experience, and experience is (hopefully) a byproduct of playing the game for a while or intensively (unless you're just not paying attention), and along with time and intensity you usually pick up more stuff. So, there's a complex set of factors, but if you hold all of those constant, the more choices you have, the more you'll be able to put together a competitive build. The question is, how much? How powerful is that factor in the face of all the other factors. I hazard to say fairly minimal, but it's still there. Well, sure. Absolutely. However if it is by those terms that a player will derisively refer to the game as "pay-to-win" then I would consider that player's expectations to be off base.
  22. I think they allow third party templates precisely due to the issue of accuracy. The official rulers are themselves not all the same size. The (more expensive) third party acrylic templates can be produced to be more consistent and therefore allow players a better degree of accuracy should they choose to use them.
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