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  1. ...and generic T-65s are good because ships are good. I mean, come on. We're talking about design issues. There's nothing wrong with that and no need to paint the discussion simply as a bunch of unduly ambitious people crying over spilled milk.
  2. It doesn't matter. Be the player you want to be. If you want to win on a mistake, take the win. If you want to win a game of X-Wing, let it slide. Either way, there should be no argument.
  3. Is there a thread, blog post, site, or other link that has a collated set of lists that have had tournament success against TLTs at major tournaments with detailed information like turn-by-turn reports? What I'm after is to get away from people's opinions, theories, talk about "theme" or "negative play experience", or any such nonsense. I also want to get away from people that have defeated random lists at small tournaments or tournaments that are not representative of premiere-level play. I want to know if there's actual data out there on lists that are not only having success against 4 Y-Wings with TLTs but also having general high-level tournament success. I'm having a tough time against it and am interested in what information the community has collected.
  4. No, you have people with a bizarre hatred of mathematics and an incessant need to believe in magic and the power of the unseen. These people see numbers, numbers that are explained quite clearly and verifiable by all, and inexplicably refuse to believe what they are seeing. They then allege that the numbers are actually a misguided trick meant to represent an all-encompassing scalar value for all ships in the game where higher-order ships necessarily defeat lower-order ships in any and all circumstances. It's maddening to read over and over again.
  5. I hate this term because it just gives people a label to make it seem like anything they don't like in a game is objectively bad. Don't like a particular rule? NPE. Don't like a particular ship? NPE. Don't like a particular player archetype? NPE. If an NPE is "something that, largely independent of skill or luck, significantly reduces the enjoyment of games, for one or both players, involving a particular concept, component, combination, or process" then just call it what it is: bad design. That way we're all on the same page and are talking about discrete problems rather than ranting about how X-Wing isn't thematic enough, how people who play competitively are ruining the ozone, or how twin laser phantom B-Wing turret arc timers are destroying all that is sacred with the universe.
  6. I've had some success using bombs on a low PS K-Wing. Not to actually have the bombs detonate, mind, but rather as a means of shutting down lanes and directing my opponent toward my gaggle of jousters.
  7. I just played against this with a swarm the other night. I left wondering how on Earth I could counter the TLT list with a list that wouldn't fall to other list archetypes.
  8. This happens in fighting games all the time, too. Casual players cry "cheap" at every instance. Fireballs? Cheap. Throws? Cheap. Long combos? Cheap. A character with a faster movement speed? Cheap. 50/50s? Cheap. Everything is cheap. The game is the game. It's defined by its rules. Play to the rules or you're just playing a different game. Sure, there is occasionally the truly cheap mechanic or broken character. However, most of the time the most interesting mechanics and tactics are born out of bugs or oversights that weren't part of the game design's original vision: cross-ups, kara throws, hit confirms, etc. X-Wing isn't much different. I *want* people exploiting the rules and discovering new tactics or card combinations. Sure, I don't want anyone doing something that is clearly unbalanced or broken...but the tournament rules already prohibit such things. Gadge spoke of people not playing in the spirit of the game. This I totally understand. There is an intent behind the game and you should be playing that way. I would argue that not reminding your opponent of actions he clearly would have taken is not in the spirit of the game. I would call those players "gamesmen" and I don't like them one bit. They too, ironically, aren't trying to play X-Wing. They're just trying to score a W. They don't care what the game is. Gadge also mentioned people who intentionally slow play when its convenient for them. These people are just straight-up cheaters and I don't like them much, either. It's just unfortunate that this behavior seems to be what we're meaning when we berate "competitive players." It sucks because the game, and its inherent competition, is fantastic. This idea also sucks because, in my opinion, it gives players an opportunity to feel free to claim just about anything is "not in the spirit of the game." I've heard people claim that turrets aren't in the spirit of the game. That "fat" pilots aren't in the spirit of the game. That two-ship lists aren't in the spirit of the game. That running away from combat isn't in the spirit of the game. Those are all nonsense and it's sad to see such accusations being considered acceptable while at the same time bemoaning people who play competitively. If you don't want to play competitively, you still have that ability. You're free to run four generic X-Wing pilots. You're free to build your squadron thematically. You're free to do all of that already within the rules. Imposing even more limitations on other players just to suit your desire to have theme or "narrative" or whatever is absurd. You don't want to play X-Wing then. You want to play your own game with your own rules or else you're just taking your ball and going home.
  9. I sense you are not a Euro player.
  10. I'm a little tired of this whole "play to win" vs "play to have fun" false dichotomy. Not only is it almost always used as a way to either berate competitive players or to justifying one's own distaste for competitive play, it also helps promote this stupid idea that if you play competitively, you're there to win at all costs. This is an inherently competitive game. It's one side vs another side with the winner being the one that most destroys the other. That doesn't mean you have to net-deck and build a list you don't want to run. It doesn't mean you have to be a rules lawyer, either. It doesn't mean you have to be a gamesman instead of a sportsman. It doesn't mean you can't run generic T-65s. It doesn't mean casual play is more fun than competitive play or vice-versa. Everyone is here to have fun by playing the game. Period. That's all there is. Stop trying to set up a divide between players.
  11. I played a list last week with one K-Wing and three B-Wings. With the exception of one upgrade card (that comes with the Firespray and the Aggressor) every pilot and upgrade came with the K-Wing and B-Wing packs.
  12. Right. They exaggerated remote start by telling me I could start remotely when in fact, I need to get in to the car to do it. If only I had bothered to consult my mechanic before buying my car.
  13. The named pilots are fine. The generics aren't. However, FFG now has a proven record of releasing fixes for overcosted ships in the form of new upgrade cards. So, I think you can hold out hope for the T-65.
  14. Exactly! While we don't know what the outcome will be, I'm guessing (going off of FFG's track record with this game) that you will be able to choose which damage deck you wish to use under similar wording found in the new Play Reference guide. (You should use the new deck, but can use the old.) I don't see being able to choose your deck as being reasonable. The new one will have to supersede the old one. My guess is that Worlds 2015 will use the old deck with next season transitioning to the new one.
  15. While I think nothing will happen to the named T-65 pilots, that's kinda like saying your passing game is as dead as you want to make it when your quarterback doesn't have arms.
  16. It's not even that, though. The T-70 won't eliminate T-65s from the table. All it will do is get more X-Wings on the table where the generic T-65s weren't appearing in the first place.
  17. I don't understand. Why couldn't you drop a bomb before your SLAM? The rules say a SLAM action counts as a full maneuver. They also say that to perform a SLAM, you choose and execute a manuever on your dial. Since you can drop a bomb before revealing a maneuver dial, you can drop a bomb before you SLAM, yeah?
  18. (yay, I got it) https://imgur.com/a/PBDcC
  19. The Z-95 is older than the Clone Wars. The time between the Z-95 and the T-70 is something like 60-70 years; so, sure. Entirely a possibility from that perspective.
  20. I have the Raider, 2 K-Wings, 1 TIE Punisher, and 3 Kihraxz Fighters from Gen Con. I'll probably pick up three more Punishers for the cluster mines. Perhaps two more K-Wings for the Conner nets.
  21. This isn't really what you asked (I discovered this as I re-read your post) but at regionals I ran an all A-Wing list: 4 Green Squadron Pilots with A-Wing Test Pilot, Chardaan Refit, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, and Predator. Predator is a "good enough" target lock on a 2-attack ship. Autothrusters is a "good enough" evade if you fly well. PTL can give you focus+boost on nearly every turn (or one of them and evade if you need to) So, if you fly your ships well, it's like getting a poor man's version of all four of your actions every turn. This all presupposes that you can fly them like an ace, which I cannot. Even then, you're just not really dumping a whole lot of damage in to enemy ships per turn. So, my strategy hinged on the following: 1) Be very good at flying ships. I practiced a lot and if this list did anything for me, it was to teach me how to visualize movements within millimeters. I could plan out maneuvers well in advanced, brush by obstacles with the hair on my cheek, and block multiple ships with one A-Wing. 2) Pick a target and lure him in to arcs. Do this as soon as possible. It doesn't have to be turn 0 but it does need to be fairly early, especially if you want to capitalize on your speed. 3) Keep A-Wings alive. No gambling. If you're thinking about performing a maneuver or an action combination that puts a ship in grave danger, don't. 4) Take down your target and run away for the rest of the match. If another target presents itself and you can set up the arcs, more power to you. Otherwise, the goal is to stall for time. I had a rough time against Brobots but the rest of my matches were pretty close. Still couldn't come out of it with a winning record, though. I love the A-Wings but I couldn't come up with a better all-A-Wing list than this. I thought it was really fun to fly but I couldn't make it reliable. However, with what I learned from flying it, it allowed me to jump right in to flying Fel at nationals.
  22. I just can't figure out their purpose. I can figure out the purpose of fighters and other anti-squadron squadrons but at the end of the day, I'm not understanding what it is that squadrons are bringing to the table better than ships. Could someone explain to me the benefit that squadrons provide? What am I losing by spending points on ships instead of squadrons?
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