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  1. I'm always pretty amazed by people who seem to arbitrarily decide what the rules ought to be rather than what the rules are.
  2. I would also argue that the dice are a mechanic meant to force you to change tactics. You can't walk in to X-Wing with a prefabricated plan because the dice may make break that plan. Your job as a player is to A) mitigate the effect dice can have against you, B) maximize the effect dice can have against your opponent, and C) put yourself in a position to change tactics when your dice fail you. If you go all-in on each and every roll, you're dooming yourself to failure.
  3. You're my very favorite person on this whole site right now. Scrabble is a great game.
  4. I can't believe the number of people in this, a Star Wars forum, who didn't get the joke and proceeded to get up-in-arms. Amazing.
  5. what amazes me most in america is not so much the idiotic things I meet, but the amount of americans who defend the idiotic things and utterly ignore or deride anything that is not american, like saying europeans are communists for having free education and health care, and that america is best in everything, and the core system is great. so thank you, and all americans who don't immediately defend something because it's american. USA is one of the best countries in the world, lets keep improving it also by learning the better things from other countries ...what? You spouted complete and utter nonsense and berated my ::ahem:: "expensive american education" without having even an inkling of a clue as to where I was educated. Now you want to pretend like it's Americans, not you, who are defending (or in your case, berating) something because it's American? As if they're the obstinate ones and not you? Are you actually out of your mind? I have a degree in mathematics. An actual degree. From an actual accredited university. Not YouTube knowledge I pass off as a PhD. Common Core is just fine. It's not just fine, it's *good*. You clearly have no clue what you're talking about here so maybe you can step down off of that high horse, stop shouting about how bad American education is, and maybe just learn a thing or two about the stuff you decide to spout off about. kthxbye
  6. This is patently false. I like your articulate arguments and supporting evidence you provided. that expensive american education really paid off and proves to be much superior to my free italian-british education 'kay.
  7. This is patently false.
  8. Because people on this forum act like getting X-Wing at 33% is an inalienable right. The consumer has just as much right to complain about higher prices as suppliers do to complain about lower ones.
  9. The volume of water in the glass hasn't decreased, it's the volume of air that has increased.
  10. If you have separate figures for 40pt wins and to-time wins, that would be even better.
  11. Theme and aesthetics have always been ancillary for me. It's nice that the ships look really cool and I enjoy Star Wars but really, I just want to play a really fun competitive game. So, not only does theme not matter so much to me, I don't harbor any particular loyalty to ships, pilots, or factions. I'm the same way with board and video games. I don't care what my avatar or character looks like. I don't really care so much what the board looks like or whatever is the backstory as to why we're all pushing chits around a board. Theme can make for some fun moments of imagination but really, I just want to go in to a game to see who the better player is. Actually, I think not caring so much plays a bit in to my favor. It means I get to see new things. I can look at and play with new ships. I can play video games where I'm a female rhino warrior clown. I can play board games about World War II just as easily as I can play games about basket weaving. Since theme and aesthetics aren't prohibitive to my enjoyment, I get a wider set of games, options, and strategies to explore.
  12. I imagine a time victory will still be considered a modified win.
  13. A competitive event where someone can literally win with a "dice off" would be absolutely ridiculous.
  14. Mostly because someone labeled an SJW tends to declare things, ideas, or people as socially detrimental without providing adequate evidence. They then argue that evidence is unnecessary because we all should just "listen and believe." They also tend to be insufferable with their moral superiority. SJWs can also be ironically antagonist with their beliefs while at the same time completely ignoring issues that are demonstrably social problems. It's basically the left's lunatic fringe to match the right's lunatic fringe.
  15. I've never heard of this being even remotely a problem. War games? X-Wing? Archery? Really? Yeesh, people 'round your parts need to get a hobby. Might I suggest X-Wing?
  16. I love how you people who talk about playing for "fun" are the same people moaning about how IDs give an unfair competitive edge. Although the moral superiority of your post is a magnificent touch, I must say. ::kisses fingertips::
  17. I too come from fighting games and all of this talk about "toxicity" or about how competitive players are bad for being competitive just makes me giggle. Reminds me of this: https://twitter.com/ScrubQuotesX/status/718090483621175296
  18. I never really understood this swiss-to-single-elim structure. What's wrong with a double elimination tournament?
  19. As opposed to: I hit your ship, a crit goes through, and you're guaranteed to be critically damaged because it's a bloody critical hit.
  20. I'm not really sure what this means. The meta doesn't eliminate the need for good flying (that would be a poor game indeed) The meta is, essentially, the list building portion of the game. The meta is what it means to have a "solid build" as far as the community is aware.
  21. The "choice" argument is lazy at best. In that case, why not just give us the choice whether or not we even want to take crits? Hell, why not give us the choice for how many points we want to bring to the table like in the new WH? Choice! It is a matter of design. Crits are meant to be harmful and worrisome and avoided. The old deck allows some lists to ignore a full 7th of the crits in the deck. That has the capacity to significantly mitigate lists designed to deal crits while also making the decision to avoid them less of an issue. That is a problem. Full stop. FFG recognized this with their explanation for the new deck. It made crits once again critical across the board for everyone. Crits are crits again. They are harmful, worrisome, and to be avoided. Except now we have some bizarre "metagame" explanation for allowing players to choose which deck they want...except for Worlds, naturally. If you want to make some cost argument for having to buy the new core set, I won't stop you (although I find it to be silly) If you're going to make an argument about how a choice of decks makes the game better, then you're going to have to do better than shouting "choice!" from the rooftops like some sort of maniacal free market idealogue.
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