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    Using a remote is a demonstrably better option as it means you don't need to physically get up from the sofa to do anything to your television.



    Having a dice app is NOT better as it achieves the same thing with the same amount of effort (and before we have the argument of 'remembering your dice', you have to bring every other token with you, so that's not an effective rebuttal).


    Who's finds that inflammatory? Androids? Look, I'm the first to accept and embrace new technology - I use an app to order pizza for heavens sake. Anything that can improve life or make it easier, I'm all for. But there's a line where it becomes completely unnecessary . You don't need an app to roll dice for this game.



    The app is objectively better than your dice. You simply can't argue otherwise. The RNG is more random than your dice. Period.


    As mentioned otherwise, it also saves you the cost of buying additional dice, should you want to roll a handful at a time, and prevents accidents on the table, which admittedly you can prevent with a dice tray but I'd argue that's just another cost you're incurring.


    I think it's perfectly acceptable to prefer rolling physical dice. I've no problem with that at all. What I have a problem with is your accusation that using the app betrays some terrible relationship that person has with technology.

  2. Back on topic. After playing X-wing for years I recently started collecting and playing Star Trek attack wing as well. 

    some of the minis are NOT as detailed however the newer ones are pretty good. Not as good as the X-wing ones but that is due to the Scale differences mainly.QC is also not as good with STAW however their Custmer service is pretty good about on par with FFG IMHO. I like the many different ship combos and factions that are available in STAW. and yes you can mix in match factions if you play that way. however many tournaments do not allow that or do two Ops where one is faction "Pure". The game plays very similar to X-wing. I like the various OPS that come out as it makes game play different and unique every time you play. unlike X-wing which is always X team vs Y team. Also when you play a STAW Op you buy a "Blind" ship in an unmarked Box that you then have to add to you fleet which makes things interesting AND you get a new ship every time you play. Also the prizes for various Ops are usually new ships and resource cards. I find that also waaaay more interesting and useful than the usual 7 or 8th plastic range ruler! or 9 recon spec card!! or coin!! lol As for game play yes the mechanics do favor X-wing better rather than captal ship combat however then myriad of different captain/crew/tec/weapon/factions/movement templates keeps it interesting. Just my 3.5 cents... Also just have to say the Borg Giant Cub and DS-9 space station are really cool looking.. Also along those lines the Scale of attack wing is waaaay off but that is a concession due to the many different ships that are in the game. Its a fun game on par with X-wing in my opinion as far as pure fun goes. but both are fun for different reasons.



    I can't believe you just argued in favor of requiring a competitor to buy a blind pack in order to participate in a tournament.



    And yet, I have no control over how my dice roll. Sure, they may have some manufacturing defects, but that's not the point. The point is that I don't need a phone app to roll a bloody dice.



    I don't need a remote to control my television either but it's, on most counts, a superior option.


    It's fine to prefer physical dice but claiming that using the app is a "sad statement on people's relationship with technology" is a pretty inflammatory accusation lacking any real substance, in my opinion.

  4. The idea that we need a mobile phone app to roll dice is, I think, a sad statement on people's relationship with technology. Roll a goddam dice. The phrase 'there's an app for that' doesn't mean 'there NEEDS to be an app for that'...



    I promise you an RNG is better at (pseudo)random results than you rolling your X-Wing dice.



     Did I complain about losing?  No, in a very practical way I looked at my chances of winning in an event and decided that I would in all probability, lose.  I even went so far as to say that losing didn't bother me, but in a very real way I see how silly it is to spend hundreds of dollars on attending an event which you will likely lose.  I can tell myself that I'm going for the fun of it, but again, looking at the cold hard facts of life here, is it feasible, or even at all responsible of me to go to an event like this, at that cost?  For the simple enjoyment of the process? 





    And why am I not entitled to play in events that better suit my schedule and life?  Am I not supporting this company enough or something? 



    I genuinely don't know how to response to this.


    Well then don't!  You try to make me sound like some kind of lunatic for not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on what is going to be an entirely casual event for a player of my caliber and then you don't know how to respond?


    But two day events are totally infallible and anyone who can't make it should just forget about high level competition? 


    Sounds like it's time for some more totally I'm Batman! crazy-talk from DC!


    Why not host more events that are more spread out and allow for more formats of organization!  Why is Calgary the only place in Alberta making the cut?  What about Edmonton and Red Deer?  Here in BC, what about Kelowna, Victoria, more in Vancouver?  You're telling me you can't look at your area, province, state, country, whatever and list at least three more prime locations for a Regional event?  I know I can.


    So what's the deal?  Why can't we have more events and more support?  Entitlement my ass.  I work hard to pay my bills.  If I have to organize my own tournaments to start some fun, guess what?  I do it!  Haha!


    Crazy Darkcloak rant over!  You may now resume your regularly scheduled normal things.  I'm going to play some X-WIng today and it's gonna be freaking awesome.  Awesome!



    I don't think you're crazy. I just think your expectations are completely out of line. You said it yourself: you'd be going for a casual event. These aren't casual events. They are competitive events. You then seem to imply that you paid for your minis and that entitles you to a one-day regional tournament in your area. You paid money for your minis, nothing more. If you want to compete at tournaments then you need to sacrifice your time, money, effort, or some combination of the three in order to attend. It's how the world works.


    Two-day events are completely normal for games like this. Hell, there are tournaments for games that are four days long. Asking someone to compete for 15 hours in a single day is more unreasonable then asking them to compete for 7.5 hours for each of two days. X-Wing also might actually be the most inexpensive miniatures game ever to become popular. Hell, I remember Monsterpocalypse, a game I love, had blind packs.


    I don't exactly know why there aren't more events. Of course prize support costs money and I imagine there's also the issue of trying to maintain a semblance of control and organization with the X-Wing season. You certainly don't want 112 people showing up to a national or continental championship with a bye. However, I suspect the biggest issue is that more shops in your area simply didn't apply to host a regional event.


    I'm going to compete at Gen Con again this year. That's a round trip plane ticket, five days of accommodations, two days off of work, plus expenses. I'm not entitled to go. The fact that I can is a privilege. I hope I can appreciate it and help others to have the same experience.


    At the end of the day, you have a comparatively inexpensive miniatures game with pre-painted minis, official prize support, and an officially sanctioned season with events all over the globe, including major annual gaming conventions. Not only that, you have a really well though set of rules with a comparatively balanced miniatures game that is still producing more ships, unique play styles, and a meta that is arguably the most diverse it has ever been. Trust me when I tell you FFG has done you a solid here. They have gone above and beyond what any other company ever has in order to support this game. It is unreasonable to expect even more in the way of a regional tournament that meets your specific wishes.

  6.  Did I complain about losing?  No, in a very practical way I looked at my chances of winning in an event and decided that I would in all probability, lose.  I even went so far as to say that losing didn't bother me, but in a very real way I see how silly it is to spend hundreds of dollars on attending an event which you will likely lose.  I can tell myself that I'm going for the fun of it, but again, looking at the cold hard facts of life here, is it feasible, or even at all responsible of me to go to an event like this, at that cost?  For the simple enjoyment of the process? 





    And why am I not entitled to play in events that better suit my schedule and life?  Am I not supporting this company enough or something? 



    I genuinely don't know how to response to this.

  7. This might very well be the most absurd argument that has ever been had on this forum. Folks have seriously just complained about not only the scheduling but also the location, who their competitors would be, and the fact that they may lose. You can't afford to go to a two-day event? Sorry to hear that. Don't go.  It's too far away for your comfort? Sorry to hear that. Don't go. You don't want to travel just to lose? Sorry to hear that. Don't go. What in the name of all that is holy is the big deal? 


    Two days for X-Wing makes complete and utter sense. You're not entitled to an event that perfectly fits in to your life. FFG does a fantastic job at promoting and growing the game, its community, and its events. Folks seriously need to get their expectations in check. The sense of entitlement is ridiculous.

  8. Arguing in favor of a single-day tournament that can last fifteen hours or so is ludicrous. Two-days is a reasonable solution. If people can't set aside the time or money to participate then that's unfortunate but it's no reason to turn a competitive event in to a test to see who can stay awake and on their feet the longest.

  9. I believe that after a long day of play that you made a mistake.



    I think you were antsy to pull the trigger on that mistake and tried to capitalize in an unsporting way. You should have just asked if he was finished. That's what literally everyone else does in the history of tabletop gaming.

  10. No worries guys.  I know the rules and I know my biggest missed opportunity was calling the TO over.  I was tired, I was hungry, it was a long day.  Point is he knew what he did was wrong, he knew I questioned it, but he decided to act the way he acted.  We were top table, he was flying Screed and ACMs.  I don't think he "didn't know" or misunderstood and his attitude after that event reflected it.  I didn't really want to play him after that and don't really want to play against him again.



    I feel you. I like to be competitive but I hate dealing with gamesmen, manipulators, and cheaters. I'm the sort that tends to pick a fight when dudes pull that garbage, heh. You're a better man than I.


    I'd probably just concede my game if I ever came across him in the future. If you don't want to play against him, there's isn't anything else you can do about it, unfortunately.

  11. When talking about play styles and groups can we please stop talking for others or whole groups? When talking about how your way is superior, more fun, better, or whatever please put to me afterwards. Competitive x wing is the most fun way to play the game, to me. Competitive x wing is the best version of the game, to me. That way you're not painting with a broad brush.


    "To me" is implied. There's no need to end every opinion with "to me." Even if the writer isn't explicit about it, the reader should understand it.

  12. The main problem with X Wing is that the tournament format is promoted and played by so many players to the exclusion of all else. You can go into some stores on a random games night and find EVERYONE there playing a tournament format game. There are so many ways to play X Wing but gamers are so precious and scared to deviate away from the 'official' way to play that no one ever does anything except play the standard 100 point tournament snoozefest.



    Come on, dude. No one is "precious and scared." Those of us who like the tournament format want to play the competitive game as it was designed. Feel free to play missions, campaigns, or anything you can think up. No need to beat this "competitive players vs casual players" drum. The idea that the two butt heads is largely fabricated, in my opinion, and mostly by comments like this.


    yeah I agree there is not much that can be done without ruining the game before it starts. 


    I am amazed that you happen to of been recording him... I have yet to see camera's in any event.. what did you finish?

     Oh this is not a recording of my game this one is from Atlanta regional where as my game was at much smaller store championship. just the handling of dial was very similar and it made me think that I overreacted by reporting the player.


    Ask them to place their dials next to their ships on the mat.


    If they refuse, call the TO over.


    If this makes them angry, it's on them.



    Sure but many people are uncomfortable with confrontation, frankly, because people don't like the feeling of not being trusted. So, for some, asking them not to do something is a tacit accusation of being a cheater. This makes them irate...and there others who would simply not wish to experience that behavior. So, you can't really say "if it makes them angry, it's on them" without alienating people (in my opinion, unfairly) who have a hard time coping with someone exhibiting that sort of anger or irritation.


    Sometimes you need to speak up because there are no reasonable alternatives but in this situation, I think there's no reason a rule can't be put in place to resolve the issue. You can only look at your dials, one at a time, when it's your turn to maneuver a ship or something. Then, you're still free to recheck your dials and your opponent is free to watch you.

  14. It does get kind of crushing when you get a 4/4 hit attack off against Soontir and he converts a blank blank focus roll into 4 evade results.

    At that point what's the point of continuing playing if one side has invincible ships? I'm not saying that to stroke my pessimism boner, hear me out. A new player finally gets Soontir in arc with say, an HLC B-Wing. He scores 3 hits, and Soontir rolls blank blank focus and spends an evade token, a focus token, Palpatine, and Autothrusters to completely block all damage. That's not creating a positive play experience, quite the opposite.


    Fel has 3 hull, no shields. Literally the weakest HP total in the entire game. If you don't want him to use Autothrusters then get within range 2. Palp cost that guy two crew slots and 8 points (not to mention requiring a shuttle in his list) The Palp roll he uses on Fel he's not using on his other ship(s). That's on top of the 29 points for the Fel you described...which will likely be more like 35 points instead.


    35+8 points for a 3HP ship which you can negate a critical upgrade from (Autothrusters) by getting him in range and in arc. Your opponent invested somewhere between over a third and under a half of his points in making the most delicate of ships in the entire game something to be reckoned with. Not only that but the stressed Fel in your example effectively shuts down over half of his dial (unless he really wants to risk not getting that free focus)


    So, he's not invincible. He is the very definition of an ace pilot. He costs an arm and a leg to be resilient enough to be worth it, though. Get some arcs on him and take him out. You need three hits. Focus fire. Your HLC B-Wing could have stripped Palp, a focus, and an evade from Fel for your second ship to chew him up.


    Fel with PTL+Autothrusters+Stealth Device, Omicron Group Pilot, and Palp is a total of 64 points. If someone can't put 64 points to work in order to take Soontir Fel out then I would politely argue that not having a "positive play experience" is less the fault of the game and more the fault of the player.

  15. Yep. There's no baseline someone can point to, not even the core set. X-Wing is, by design, a collectible game. That means you choose the pieces that you will own. It doesn't mean the person who buys more wins, which is what "pay to win" denotes.


    You'd also be real hard pressed to make the argument that FFG obsoletes older SKUs in favor of newer ones. If anything, they work real hard to make everything as viable as they can without watering every ship down in to being the exact same thing with a different skin. You can't even argue that Imperial Veterans is evidence that the game is pay-to-win because it's a fix to a broken ship, not something that obsoletes an otherwise viable ship.

  16. I see all your points... but really, this is a game design principle.


    "Do not undo what the player has achieved". I find shield regen has some of that.


    Yes, games are hard, it's an interesting thing. Of course this forum is mostly the hard core "I don't care if it feels bad to my opponent if I win I use it"...


    But seriously, you don't find a difference in the feeling, the *feeling* which is not analyzable...


    Roll, miss all the hits, you feel responsible for that bad luck.

    Roll, see the evade, be told "No actually you did not just roll that".


    VERY different.


    I think the game you're looking for is called Craps.

  17. I think the OP's point is that it's not a positive thing when you get a great roll only to then be informed that dice don't matter because abilities/upgrades.


    I could make a similar argument: "it's not a positive thing when you have great upgrades only to be informed that they don't matter because of a random dice roll."

  18. That is stupid. Have you read the thread? Or maybe I am being mean and you actually read the argument and honestly believe that people are suggesting that X-Wing has pay-to-win components because you cannot play it without making a purchase?



    It's precisely the argument you're making. Although I recognize in your pedantry you were careful to say "without making a purchase" instead of hitting the nail on the head but whatever.

  19. I tend to get annoyed at people that do this.. I find it .. to use your word.. "Cheeky".

    Most times when I see someone reaching to check I tell them quite obviously that they are well with in TL range.. to continue, to me, is in poor taste.. know your ranges.. know your moves.. will you hit that rock.. maybe.. dial it up and see.. or play a safer move.. check for a TL inside of range two... sorry but you shouldn't be playing.. just my view, no one has to like it.. but I find it tantamount to cheating.. it's obvious.. and if you need to look at the range to see if you need a boost.. well .. you know how I feel.. 


    OK. blast away.. just remember, we all have our opinions.. not all will be the same.



    Yes I measure from time to time, it is typically at the extreme of range 3 where it is not always easy to determine.. but I'm usually sure it is just in.. happened on 2 games today, as I'm using Bomber missile boats and the TLs are very important.. anything closer than range 3 and I don't even reach for the range stick. 


    Just so long as you keep that salt to yourself and don't accuse others of cheating or being poor sports when they do it, then it's fine to hold that opinion.

  20. Trying to simplify things frequently leads to incorrect conclusions.  This thread is a perfect example.


    If people would stop trying to baby others, perhaps more people would actually understand it and not throw up their arms and say "Math is hard".  I'd like to think that any person is capable of understanding it given time and a slight bit of effort if you don't try to dumb it down.


    OP, I appreciate the idea and effort, but I expect there are more people confused by your post/this thread than were helped by it.


    He wasn't trying to simplify anything. Plainly, he just doesn't know what he's talking about.

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