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  1. Forgive my ignorance but if I use First Officer to discard the top dial on a Command 3 ship, does that mean on the next turn I have to set two dials?
  2. You know that's a bad argument, right?
  3. The app is objectively better than your dice. You simply can't argue otherwise. The RNG is more random than your dice. Period. As mentioned otherwise, it also saves you the cost of buying additional dice, should you want to roll a handful at a time, and prevents accidents on the table, which admittedly you can prevent with a dice tray but I'd argue that's just another cost you're incurring. I think it's perfectly acceptable to prefer rolling physical dice. I've no problem with that at all. What I have a problem with is your accusation that using the app betrays some terrible relationship that person has with technology.
  4. I can't believe you just argued in favor of requiring a competitor to buy a blind pack in order to participate in a tournament.
  5. I don't need a remote to control my television either but it's, on most counts, a superior option. It's fine to prefer physical dice but claiming that using the app is a "sad statement on people's relationship with technology" is a pretty inflammatory accusation lacking any real substance, in my opinion.
  6. I promise you an RNG is better at (pseudo)random results than you rolling your X-Wing dice.
  7. I genuinely don't know how to response to this. Well then don't! You try to make me sound like some kind of lunatic for not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on what is going to be an entirely casual event for a player of my caliber and then you don't know how to respond? But two day events are totally infallible and anyone who can't make it should just forget about high level competition? Sounds like it's time for some more totally I'm Batman! crazy-talk from DC! Why not host more events that are more spread out and allow for more formats of organization! Why is Calgary the only place in Alberta making the cut? What about Edmonton and Red Deer? Here in BC, what about Kelowna, Victoria, more in Vancouver? You're telling me you can't look at your area, province, state, country, whatever and list at least three more prime locations for a Regional event? I know I can. So what's the deal? Why can't we have more events and more support? Entitlement my ass. I work hard to pay my bills. If I have to organize my own tournaments to start some fun, guess what? I do it! Haha! Crazy Darkcloak rant over! You may now resume your regularly scheduled normal things. I'm going to play some X-WIng today and it's gonna be freaking awesome. Awesome! I don't think you're crazy. I just think your expectations are completely out of line. You said it yourself: you'd be going for a casual event. These aren't casual events. They are competitive events. You then seem to imply that you paid for your minis and that entitles you to a one-day regional tournament in your area. You paid money for your minis, nothing more. If you want to compete at tournaments then you need to sacrifice your time, money, effort, or some combination of the three in order to attend. It's how the world works. Two-day events are completely normal for games like this. Hell, there are tournaments for games that are four days long. Asking someone to compete for 15 hours in a single day is more unreasonable then asking them to compete for 7.5 hours for each of two days. X-Wing also might actually be the most inexpensive miniatures game ever to become popular. Hell, I remember Monsterpocalypse, a game I love, had blind packs. I don't exactly know why there aren't more events. Of course prize support costs money and I imagine there's also the issue of trying to maintain a semblance of control and organization with the X-Wing season. You certainly don't want 112 people showing up to a national or continental championship with a bye. However, I suspect the biggest issue is that more shops in your area simply didn't apply to host a regional event. I'm going to compete at Gen Con again this year. That's a round trip plane ticket, five days of accommodations, two days off of work, plus expenses. I'm not entitled to go. The fact that I can is a privilege. I hope I can appreciate it and help others to have the same experience. At the end of the day, you have a comparatively inexpensive miniatures game with pre-painted minis, official prize support, and an officially sanctioned season with events all over the globe, including major annual gaming conventions. Not only that, you have a really well though set of rules with a comparatively balanced miniatures game that is still producing more ships, unique play styles, and a meta that is arguably the most diverse it has ever been. Trust me when I tell you FFG has done you a solid here. They have gone above and beyond what any other company ever has in order to support this game. It is unreasonable to expect even more in the way of a regional tournament that meets your specific wishes.
  8. I genuinely don't know how to response to this.
  9. This might very well be the most absurd argument that has ever been had on this forum. Folks have seriously just complained about not only the scheduling but also the location, who their competitors would be, and the fact that they may lose. You can't afford to go to a two-day event? Sorry to hear that. Don't go. It's too far away for your comfort? Sorry to hear that. Don't go. You don't want to travel just to lose? Sorry to hear that. Don't go. What in the name of all that is holy is the big deal? Two days for X-Wing makes complete and utter sense. You're not entitled to an event that perfectly fits in to your life. FFG does a fantastic job at promoting and growing the game, its community, and its events. Folks seriously need to get their expectations in check. The sense of entitlement is ridiculous.
  10. Arguing in favor of a single-day tournament that can last fifteen hours or so is ludicrous. Two-days is a reasonable solution. If people can't set aside the time or money to participate then that's unfortunate but it's no reason to turn a competitive event in to a test to see who can stay awake and on their feet the longest.
  11. I think you were antsy to pull the trigger on that mistake and tried to capitalize in an unsporting way. You should have just asked if he was finished. That's what literally everyone else does in the history of tabletop gaming.
  12. I feel you. I like to be competitive but I hate dealing with gamesmen, manipulators, and cheaters. I'm the sort that tends to pick a fight when dudes pull that garbage, heh. You're a better man than I. I'd probably just concede my game if I ever came across him in the future. If you don't want to play against him, there's isn't anything else you can do about it, unfortunately.
  13. "To me" is implied. There's no need to end every opinion with "to me." Even if the writer isn't explicit about it, the reader should understand it.
  14. Come on, dude. No one is "precious and scared." Those of us who like the tournament format want to play the competitive game as it was designed. Feel free to play missions, campaigns, or anything you can think up. No need to beat this "competitive players vs casual players" drum. The idea that the two butt heads is largely fabricated, in my opinion, and mostly by comments like this.
  15. Oh this is not a recording of my game this one is from Atlanta regional where as my game was at much smaller store championship. just the handling of dial was very similar and it made me think that I overreacted by reporting the player. Ask them to place their dials next to their ships on the mat. If they refuse, call the TO over. If this makes them angry, it's on them. Sure but many people are uncomfortable with confrontation, frankly, because people don't like the feeling of not being trusted. So, for some, asking them not to do something is a tacit accusation of being a cheater. This makes them irate...and there others who would simply not wish to experience that behavior. So, you can't really say "if it makes them angry, it's on them" without alienating people (in my opinion, unfairly) who have a hard time coping with someone exhibiting that sort of anger or irritation. Sometimes you need to speak up because there are no reasonable alternatives but in this situation, I think there's no reason a rule can't be put in place to resolve the issue. You can only look at your dials, one at a time, when it's your turn to maneuver a ship or something. Then, you're still free to recheck your dials and your opponent is free to watch you.
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