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  1. When a unit is attacked by different weapon groups, does it get one armor roll per group, or only one per unit shooting?
  2. nub5 said: Too give you a little hope, one of the core books (think the magic one) mentions something about one eye bog mosnters. Really! If the Fimir come back, I'll have a happy fit! Where did you see this?
  3. Not sure if this is the best place for this thought, but I am hearby throwing my hat in the ring to demand an official return of the Firmir! One of the coolest monsters in the Warhammer World, I bemoaned their loss in 2nd ed. So those who want to see a return of the kidnapping dark crystal mist monsters post your thoughts! (BTW, I am aware FFG may well have problems doing this given the IP. This is just for rabid cheering/demanding, not sober examination)
  4. Quick question (not able to view tutorial, grrr) can you subsequently use developments by flipping face up as if a card in your hand? Or, barring the use of other effects, is the development "fixed" as such?
  5. Do the various racial skills available for training cost some of the initial training allotment? Or are they bonus training allotments? For example, If I'm a dwarf and I've got maximum in skills allotment, can I train 4 skills from my career, 2 specialisations and then weapon skill?
  6. I can see myself needing extra cards (particularly the basic cards like Parry, Dodge, and Block) will these be available in the adventurer's toolkit?
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