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  1. Was thinking Grisban, my bad. An we were doing damage wrong >< Go figure. Thanks for the corrections and info guys.
  2. This question came up during a campaign game that is currently on pause, so I figured I'd get some clafification: Death Rage says it does 1 extra damage for every 2 health on the character sheet for the bezerker. The question is does items/abilities that give extra health (such as Brute's +4 and Leather armor's +1) effect this, or is it literally only the health that's already printed on the card?
  3. Well, I was thinking this up more as a faster way for him to use something other then pistols at medium /close range, but I thought range was generally something like 2 or 3 x SB (I know one or two weapons are like, 4 or 5 x SB)
  4. I believe the rules state (Can't remember if it was in the book or in a errata) that while, yes, Accurate is nice, all you get is a +10. Nothing else. No bonus damage, no extra bonus to hit after the half round aim. Nothing.
  5. Let me start by saying I'm not talking about a D&D style returning, but more like a "Led by Wire" sort of system, for throwing knives/razor disks and the like. What sort of costs would a PC have to pay to make/install one, and would there be any penalties/bonuses to having them installed? Also a useful thought for characters that tend to have to drop weapons to pull different ones, as a leash. I had the thought on this because certain throwing weapons (Fedrid Razor Disks, Crimson Crowns, BEST quality throwing knives (be them normal, razor, or in my case, chain)) can be very expensive to replace/remake after every use, and the idea of having a Razor Disk/Chain knife on a wire to snap back to my hand is a cool thought (in my mind at least) I was thinking an Ag test to catch the weapon on the rebound with out hurting yourself, and it taking a half action to return the weapon. That way you can't throw them nearly as often, but you don't have to go looking for them later should you miss/your target run off with a few of them embedded/cut clean through and keep going.
  6. My opinion? The Empire would be at war with itself again, due to everyone else against the Church, before we EVEN think about Mechanicus.
  7. Macharias the Mendicant said: Velvetears said: Inquisitors Handbook with out a doubt. Yup. WIthout a doubt. Thirded
  8. Seeing as Zilla and Fill haven't posted yet, in our game our Tech Priest goes undercover as...well...a tech priest. Because, unless you're the bad guy, are you REALLY going to question why a Tech priest is at any given area? Our rebuilt Guardsman, on the other hand, now masqurades as a Skitarri (sp?), because he's about a small brain surgery away from that as it is.
  9. Just remember this: You can ward Guard Flak/Hard type armors (anything a stormtrooper would wear), but you can't ward Great Flak Jackets. Also: Hardened Body gloves at good or best quality.
  10. I also wonder if you did. I would love to help, but I'm Phoenix area.
  11. Don't forget to ever give the enemy this extra action if you are offering it to your players. I still think it ruins the balance of the game though, seeing as it is supposed to be Cinematic, kinda like a Jet Lee or Bruce Willis movie. The short amount of time everything happens in during a turn is personally just right, and you'd have to put some strict limitations on certain abilities, as shown by Rakiel
  12. Thats not half a bad wish, though. I mean, I'll still end up having two or three books out (The 'career' book, and IH and Core) due to weapons and gear, but it would make things a lot easier during end game/end campaign when everyone is trying to use the one corebook and it's a pain to have for longer then a minute or two.
  13. Kylen2


    Well.... One Guardswoman (our Prime) is going the Inquisitor route, and is currently a Interrigator with out the actual bonuses of being one. Our Techpriest is definately going magos, our Forbidden libraryIMEAN Adept is going Sage, there is something in the works that my Assassin is going to be takjng instead of Vindicare...Our Psyker is looking into a very odd role (not sure which one it was off hand, but ZillaPrime would remember), and our other guardsman is probably going with the Stormtrooper route, though I'm not honestly sure. Don't know what people are plotting up in our group, but I guess we'll see when each Ascension comes (because we have several at 8th and only a couple hundred or less before ascending, and we have a handfull behind that)
  14. I've always believed that 40k was ment to be more cinematic then Fantasy. You know, be closer to an action film then a fantasy epic. One where trained gunmen dance in deadly duels to the Death, dodging eachother's bullets by meer hair lengths. One where the hero runs barely in front of the stream of bullets the autocannon is putting out at high speeds, attempting to catch up to him. One where the blade is just as, if not more deadly in the right hands, as the gun.
  15. There's the problem that if the Ecclesiarcy exists on the planet at ALL, they must follow the treaty that states they may have no Men At Arms. The ENTIRE REASON BEHIND THE SISTERS.
  16. Instead of casting the heretical necromancy on the last thread, I decided to make a new one. Just today, we caught up with a well supplied sniper who had been taking pot shots at us. As Jericus (with his crazy 72 sprint) caught up with the sniper, he gets blown up by a trap, dropping him to 3 wounds. A little singed, he gave chase, dodging several plasma shots in his direction. Fast forward a little bit to dodging several more shots, several swings, and having to burn a fate point to NOT DIE against a man in WHATTHEHELL power armor, with two powerswords, a plasma pistol, several gas grenades, a crack grenade, and Transgrav (the better one). I barely survived with 3 wounds (after the burn), a big power sword burn scar on my chest, and short one hardened body glove. I can probably describe this better when I haven't been up all day, but it was just all sorts of wrong. And Fething EPIC
  17. Remind your GM about krak grenades and other small anti-tank weapons. (The kind a well armed xenos/chaos group might have.)
  18. Our Tech Priest isn't nearly as beefy as yours, but he didn't take the alternate rank. He's got some 5 or 6 mechadendrites, a metal arm of some kind, recently got brain implants, has Dragon Scale Armor (And like, an 80 tough or something like that), Machine trait 1, and a nasty, horrible Great Omnisian Axe. He also recently acquired two new servoskulls and a guard servitor of kinds. He also dodges about as well as you do, so, just like with you, Meltas and full power Plasmas are still really scary...as are great power weapons.
  19. Jericus is probably a 6 and half or so. He follows orders, kills fools who try to kill his team, and is a good family man, teaching his twins love of the Emprah.
  20. If you are writing your own stuff, or soon planning on it, certainly go with the Radical's Handbook, Inquisitor's Handbook, and Disciples. They have a LOT of detail in them that you can mess around with. After that and the creature's book, it kinda becomes a loaded question. I know my group uses the rules for plasma weapons from the RT book, but it's very much how you wish to set it up. If you'd rather have something prewritten to kick your stuff off, the corebook has a decent written adventure, as does Edge of Darkness. After that, it's again a loaded question. Some people love the Harrlock line, some loathe it. Same with the Purge the Unclean.
  21. Actually, if I remember right (And this is because one of our characters, an Adept is doing this) the book DOES shorten it to a "Instead of rolling xd10 years, just call it 5 and roleplay out what happened since then" because, I mean really, do you WANT your game to have to sit for nigh on 30 years to get a character back IC? Hell no. Granted, we didn't want to make the player start with a BRAND NEW character when he had been working so hard on this plot point, so he'd have something interesting for Accension/As a character in general.
  22. To my knowledge, everything that has been covered (Besides Titan being The GK homeworld, Mars being the AdMech home, Luna being a massive defense station of doom, and Terra) that I know of. I didn't know Ganymede was under Quarantine. Only other stuff I can think of in the Sol System is the HUGEMASSIVEOHGODEMPRAH Sol Battle Fleet, which takes a good chunk of room on it's own, and is the biggest in the imperium.
  23. To my memory, the "This fits this career" is really more of a general guidline, with the exception of the Vindicare "Sniper Training Camp" one.
  24. Is it sad that I could see the ability to be playing a team of Orks as a great drinking/drunk game? I mean, it's not THAT hard to play a group of Orks. Ya jest gotta go 'round crumpin stuff.
  25. If I may impose this question: What MUNCHKIN of a character has enough strength to not only CARRY two great weapons, but WIELD EACH ONE HANDED? Our teams Meat Mountain of a Guard had ONE, and had 50 strength, and could STILL only wield one due to how bulky and hard to use it was. I mean, you don't even see that happening in ANIME and that alone is known for crazy stuff that probably shouldn't happen ever.
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