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  1. Lightbringer said: Brothers of the Snake is fun but flawed. Ian Watson's old Space Marine book is well written but full of plot holes and implausibility. The best book thus far that features Space Marines in a major role is, in my view, Legion, but that's a Heresy era book. Brothers of the Snake is a newish Dan Abnett book. I think you must have it mistaken with a different book.
  2. Well, I don't wear a helmet but I do sleep with my back banner on.
  3. Well, I don't wear a helmet but I do sleep with my back banner on.
  4. Eibenschrenk posted this up on the "Rules Questions" section of the forum. I asked Ross about this and he clarified it. Here is what I asked and what he answered:
  5. If you are trying to find the answer using the spirit of the rule, you may look to actual military squads, which are made up usually of a number of 2 man fire teams. You have teams, then squads, then platoons, etc. If you take into account that there is a leader who can use the varied talents of the differing members of the squad by ordering them into teams, does that keep cohesion (in spirit) or does having a couple of smaller groups using their specialties to benefit the mission as a whole break cohesion down to fire team cohesion, which would break overall squad cohesion. I know this is not the rules per se, but I thought about the spirit of the rules regardless of the concequences. It may make it very easy to slip into UM Tactical leader every time, but that's not my point with this reply. My point is, regardless of whether it is a good rule or bad, it needs to be understood how it was intended before it can be house ruled out so we know what we are trying to fix. It's kinda like replacing the alternator in your car if it stops running only to find out you were actually out of gas, if that makes any sense at all.
  6. Ahh, c'mon guys, Marines helmets are bad ass looking. I wish they made ones I could buy at Toys R Us, but instead all thats available is crappy clone trooper helmets and the "If you wear it you must be in the under 7 year old crowd" Transformers heads. As a 40K nutjob, I always keep my marines in full armor EXCEPT when they are heroes or Seargents etc... to be able to tell the difference on the table top. I have 4 space marine armies and I have decided that I can accept the fact that the Sgt or Hero has better stats (ie, more experience in the field than the squad he's leading, so he chooses to go un-helmeted. It used to bug me, but I have made peace with that. It would bug me if I was playing on a ,say, airless rock because, I dont care if you're the Emperor himself (Ave Imperator), you die in the void. But I realize that the models are only representational. I almost wish I could have (I could do this, but I don't bother) seperate heads or seperate models for the helmetless guys for when they would be fighting with their helms and when they wouldnt. Pretty dumb and expensive idea, but I'm an obsesive/compulsive so I guess the feeling is natural for me. Taking this light hearted thread seriously for a minute, I guess the stats are there for guys who don't want to wear there helmets, if they get plugged in the head, they kinda asked for it. OR you could do what just about every 40k author has done in novels is have a reason for them to lose the helmet during the game. Kinda like the way Kirk lost his shirt in every Star Trek episode (i exaggerate too). It happened enough that it made a great joke in Galaxy Quest. A marine character seems to always take a shot to the helmet or a bash that splits the helm, making it next to useless and he loses it. In the heat of battle, I guess you would be better off using your own eyes rather than a broken HUD. You could always make your own penalties or trade offs for dumping the helmet. Like having no built in auspex, no range finder, harder to hear the vox bead, etc.. but increased peripheral vision, or anything else that would be a bonus to dumping it. I know I'm way over anylizing this, but I thought it was funny how many people responded to this and how there seem to be the "no helmet" camp, and the "wear your **** helmet" camp. cheers
  7. Oh, and I do have to Core rule book, I am particulary interested in the starter adventure and new rules added. I understand that people have said there is some mistakes on the charts on the shield, so I was kinda hoping that they pulled it to fix that before I ended up buying it. But, I am mostly interested with the small (and I'm hoping) introductory level adventure and rules so I can ramp up to the full rules as my GMing is really rusty. I have a group of kids my son's age (18) who are willing to give it a try, but if I don't make it interesting I'm afraid it would turn them off and they'll just go back to their Xboxes. I have downloaded the other 2 intro adventures and rules from the site, and I plan to use those too to help me get the ball rolling as I slowly get into the "big book rules" and hopefully not get bogged down with the intimidation factor. I am the type of person who learns better from personal instruction rather than to pick up a huge rules book and just learn it by reading.
  8. Cool, Thanks for all the great advice about where to find it. I probably should expand my area of searching to farther out than my own close neighborhood. I'm wondering if there was maybe a glitch in shipping in some of ther bigger retailers and somehow someone found out and tried to make a quick profit. Like the guys who bought multiple copies of Space hulk and immediately put them up for $300.00 and up. I wouldn't pay more than MSRP for this but I can see how someone would try to take advantage of maybe rumors that it was already oop or pulled or something. I'm hoping that Borders gets it in soon. I have a coupon and am a rewards member so 30% coupon plus 10% rewards plus member, I can wait a little if its going to eventually be there. I thought maybe this was a known issue sort of thing and was checking to see if anyone else had had a shortage in their area.
  9. No one seems to have it. Also, 23 Pounds? It's listed as $19.99 here in the States which with exchange rate means it's quite a bit more expensive across the pond I guess. But since no one here seems to have it (it's listed as "back ordered" here everywhere I've been) I also guess price is irrelevant.
  10. Does any one have any real info on the GM Set? What is happening with it and why is the only place I've seen it ebay for over $200.00 US.?
  11. Since you like Eisenhorn and Ravenor, Try Brothers of the Snake, It's Abnett and it gives a great overview of what space marines are about. Oh, and it's not C.S. Goto or Graham McNeil, which is a plus plus.
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