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  1. Anybody play in Milwaukee or would like to start playing?
  2. It's really not unfocused when you play. Usually, if the last session ended clean that's what I do. If we ended in the middle of something, we'll finish up and then it is "you guys just saved the princess. What would you like to do?" and usually the players have had something happen during play that they want to explore. I like that better than me trying to write a novel and have my players act it out.
  3. Yeah. The cast I'm talking about has Jay Little on it and they were referencing the whole set piece. I'm new to the podcast and listened to it because it had the designer on it (I listened to another one with Jay Little) because I'm deciding if I want to drop the money on the book. That makes me feel better. I got a little worried when they talked about an e-mail from a DM who was having trouble with his players not following the narrative once they got their ship. To me, that scared me when one of the DM's said something to the effect: If anything gets in the way of the story he'll change it to meet the story. Which is the antithesis of how I play. I thought about picking up the beginners box (and I will just for the dice) but if I'm not going to move onto the full game I don't want to waste the money.
  4. I have been listening to the Order 66 podcast while I decide to buy the Edge of the Empire book or not. The hosts keep talking about the game as being built around "set pieces" which to me, sounds very linear. I know that a lot of modern gaming/indy gaming leans more towards linear/set piecing in order to push the more cooperative storytelling model. However, my players and I are much more interested in a more sandbox style of game. They (and I) don't like pushing narrative or storytelling over the results of actual play. The whole the dice/player's actions being the major drive of the story. Has anyone run Edge of the Empire as a sandbox? Even Jay Little from FFG seemed to be all about linear campaigns from the podcast. I freely admit that my biases may be showing through and a lot of modern game design isn't as linear as I believe it to be but from reading posts here and when I've played in some other games it sure seems that way. Thanks!
  5. warpi9 said: K thanks, but can I add them if using the objective set? yes you can add them. you add them by repalcing Red 5 or Vader with the promo cards.
  6. jhorphear said: sounds like a subpar site with subpar content. it looks neat, but why would i want to read what unpaid volunteers have to say? if you can manage to get some known talent then you might have a chance. i just think the whole "labor of love thing" is overrated. You're kind of a jerk. Only Magic can support people who get paid for writing about it. No other card game can do it because they are all more about fun and there isn't a money scene. I have no problem with someone who loves the game making a website and trying to get people who also love the game to write about it. Stop being a jerk. My only problem was with the "money" events because I don't think it's going to happen. If he was able to get 100 people at an event he'd need them all to pay $100 for a chance to make up $10,000. That doesn't include any profit and or money for the host. LCGs just aren't built for monied events. I think that's the bad idea and I hope it is dropped.
  7. $10,000 tournaement series, really? I hope you have the money in escrow because I don't think it will ever pay out.
  8. Do FFG even have the rights to the preqeuls? I thought I read that they don't. I don't want the prequel triliogy included. I didn't like it in the SWCCG and I won't like it with the LCG. I think they have years of content without even getting to the EU (which I'd rather have). We have 6 months of Hoth, that doesn't even get to the other stuff from the original triliogy. If anything, I think they'll include stuff from the new movies before anything else because it will be timely.
  9. I think if you have 2x of the Core set you're okay. I have 2x and I haven't really found the needed to buy a 3rd set for just a couple cards.
  10. is the Battlezone around? Back when I lived in Overland Park during high school (1998 - 2000) we had a very active Star Wars CCG group out of there. I haven't been back in 13 yeras though.
  11. I tried swapping out Han from my Jedi deck to replace it with Old Ben. I'm not sure if it's better to drop Obi-Wan or Han but I'm going to try both.
  12. if you're asking because you want to know how to split up the core set with your friend, I'd say each of you pick 2 houses and take those.
  13. Game of Pwns said: Ok let me ask it a different way. If you were going to have a draft of the Core Set, with five friends, and you were first pic, which card would you draft? Please don't say Valar . No plot deck needs two of them. How could someone even draft the core set? It wouldn't work.
  14. I am thinking about organizing my by SET > House > Events > ETC
  15. Gearhalt said: This makes me laugh. We are crude and we are off topic. Our show is us having fun and talking about the game we love and whatever else we feel like. We don't get paid and we do this on our own time. We rule sorry you can't handle 2 minutes of grown men acting like fools and using foul language but thats who we are sometimes. This attitude bothers me more than the joke. There is nothing wrong with someone providing you constructive feedback about how they felt about the joke. the person wasn't rude or anything. Being this antagonistic is silly when it isn’t called for. I actually think the whole “we do this on our free time” line of attack is stupid. You’re doing this on your free time and you’re doing it for free, but you’re doing it for the audience. If you don’t want to hear criticism then don’t put it up for the public to listen to. It’s that simple.
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