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  1. Thanks guys! I do appreciate the love. I like the idea of it feeling like an illuminated manuscript. Thanks that's so with the tone of the 40K universe.


    Ad, I do from time to time sell commissions on ebay and etsy.

  2. I found this bit of fluff on Black Shields delightfully subtle:

    "...the case of a Watch Commander named Israfil. This dour warrior led his forces against a myriad of foes for over three decades, before he was lost on a mission he attended in person, against the pernicious Mire. Despite the rapid intervention of a substantial battle group from the Dark Angels Chapter, Israfil's body was never recovered..."

    I'm guessing Israfil's "body" is somewhere in the catacombs under The Rock.

  3. I noticed that none of the art in the Core Rulebook (or anything I found googling Deathwatch for that matter) shows company or squad designation markings on DW armour. Is this because of the special nature of DW's cross-chapter enlistment? Or is it just artists genercising their illustrations?

  4. So I tried to do a second render of Geltmore. One that showed off his ostentatiousness and bravado more. Unfortunately there was a masking incident that resulted in several surface layer tears, that I did the best to conceal with gray marker. Obviously they're still rather visible. I guess I'll be doing a third Geltmore.

    Thaddeus Geltmore version 2.0


    Torque, I am serious FAIL at color... or colour as is more appropriate to WH art.

    Vanheiser as long as there's some way for people reading your book to get in touch with me for commisions... my website or email address we can work something out. I'll email you a little later.

  5. Ran Jani Navigator of Rogue Trader Vessel Fortunae Semperis

    Ran Jaani, Navigator of Rogue Trader vessel Fortunae Semperis

    The magisterial house of Mavhadi is unique among navigator houses in that only females carry the navigator gene.

    Mavhadi navigators are born with an extra pair of arms, gray to blue skin and colorless eyes.

    Trait: Multiple Arms

    Trait: Materium Blind – The eyes of Mavhadi women are blind to the normal spectrum of light. They instead see the world as if peering at it from within the void. They see the psychic energy of the material world flowing around objects. Thus they see most clearly when psykers are nearbye and not at all if untouchables are within range. As a result most Mavhadi navigators keep a retinue of bonded male Mavhadi psykers as attendants.

  6. Thanks Diel. And that's the idea. I'll be posting up all the NPC and Character art I do for my WH40,000 table.

    If anyone wants to use any of the sketches for non-profit use at their gaming tables they're more than welcome. And I don't mind you using them on your personal campaign web sites either as long as credit is given and you msg me first.

    I probably should have posted at least a little expo on Thaddeus...

    Thad is the Rogue Trader I use to occasionally transport Acolytes around the Calixis sector. That cherub on his shoulder is called Daed and is slaved to Fortunae Semperis (Thad's ship) comms and data stream.

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