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  1. I did this series of portraits for the players at my "table" over at rpol.net as a Xmas present
  2. Thanks Balrog. Sorry to take so long to reply but the forums here have no notificaion policy.
  3. DeathWatch - SpaceWolf - Assault Marine
  4. Screwtape, yes. my email address is d.Forrest(at)studiodoggebi(dot)com (replace the parentheticals of course.
  5. Navis Nobilite House Mahdavi Navigator Raan Jaani
  6. Anastasia - Adeptus Ministorum- Cleric
  7. This was a commission. I definitely draw for others.
  8. Ear, Yes I do. I never can get the PM system to work here so visit my Deviant Art gallery for information at lord-dubu.deviantart.com. And how about some more art:
  9. I guess the scrap-code could also corrupt his Mechanicus implants... as there is novel fluff to suggest that it can malign physical objects as well. And while the Priest might be immune to psychic attack... having his implants spontaneously reject would be bad
  10. Scrap-code is technically chaos. So would a tech-priest with the untouchable background be impervious to a scrap-code attack?
  11. Those are pretty clever mashups. My only crit is that Walken's head seems too big for his body.
  12. torquemadaza said: Brain on lowest dial setting. You are not Alex. (and no edit button to save my post from shame!) Fantastic work "LORD DUBU!" Ahhh shucks you can call me Alex if you want
  13. Inquisitor Orien Ffetrill of Ordo Malleus
  14. Thanks Alex! Hector Bounty Hunter (Former Arbites)
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