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  1. Hello there, A few questions.. 1) Why are there only three Explored Markers provided? It appears possible that up to five could be required at one time under normal rules. Is this a hard limit; such that a fourth person coming out of a gate would just fall back into it during the Encounters Phase? 2) Do flying monsters that land in a street area move to an adjacent location area during their movement if an investigator is there, or do they only move into street locations (or the Sky)? The way the rules are currently explained, it appears that after their first movement, flying monsters can never move back to a any location area again. 3) With Innsmouth, are you allowed to place clues on the track even if you are delayed in the Innsmouth Jail? 4) What happens if you have the Innsmouth Look but there is no Deep One in the monster cup to transform into? 5) This is just a matter of opinion, but how many expansions, and what expansions, make the Miskatonic Horror exapansion worthwhile?
  2. Huscurian said: I know that command counters are used to enable fleet movements into activated systems, conduct transfer actions. However, I still cannot find in the rulebook about WHEN to put your command counters to the allocation area. For instance, in the Status Phase, you can obtain 2 Command Counters and re-organize your allocation area as you wish to benefit your race. But what if you were in the strategy phase, obtained a strategic card that says "You may obtain 4 Command Counters from your reinforcement area." Do I plop those command counters down immediately or must I wait until the Status phase has started and putting them down when reaching the "Re-organize the Command Area" subphase? I think you've got some confusion over how the different phases of the game work-- though maybe I'm just confused by your questions. During the Strategy phase, every player takes one Strategy Card, starting with the speaker and going clockwise. In smaller games, this may go around a second time to allow everyone to get a second card. If a card has any Bonus Counters on it, they get to pick the bonus and get it immediately-- but that is all. Then the Action Phase starts and it continues to go around until every player has taken the Pass Action. Before taking the Pass Action, a player must have use their strategy card(s) at some earlier turn by performing one Strategic Action for each of their Strategy Cards. This is when the ability on the Strategy Card will take place. For example, the Logistics Strategy Card will give the player who chose it 4 Command Counters during the Action Phase when they use their turn to take the Strategic Action-- that's when, everyone else has an opportunity to use the secondary ability. Then the Action Phase continues with the next player's turn. Huscurian said: Another question is, I can understand command counters are required to be used to activate systems before moving, attacking, or building. For example, if I have not activated a specific system but have reached the stage in tactical action where I can produce units, could I simply take a command counter straight out of the Command Pool and then activate the system BEFORE producing an unit? Or must I activate the system FIRST before the last tactical action to take? The only part of a Tactical Action or Transfer Action which is manditory is activating a system at step 1. Furthermore, any production must take place only in the system you have just activated and it must be the destination for any movement during your turn. You cannot produce units in a different system than the one you just activated while taking a Tactical Action or Transfer Action. Huscurian said: From what I can surmise, I MUST activate the system first, continue down the list, and then plop down whatever I want to build. I can understand how a new space dock cannot build anything until the next round, it's the space dock that's been pre-built since Round 1 that I'm concerned with, including all other ones after its "first fresh round". Even though I do build units on an activated system, could I simply place them near that dock at that time? Regarding that, my understanding is that it can be placed there since the Status phase did not require units to be placed AFTER the Status phase has begun. Units are normally placed during the Action Phase, during the turn in which they are paid for and built. They are not placed during the Status Phase. However, units may be scuttled or repaired during the Status Phase. Huscurian said: I also noticed that each player is required to take ONLY one action per action phase. For instance, strategy requires that one player conducts an action to take one strategy card. Each player continues to do so until it has been fully resolved. Next, the action phase begins. Does that mean that if one player plopped down a command counter moving ONE fleet to a system to populate planet(s) constitutes one action or can he continue to move more fleets and complete them all as an action? From what I've been seeing in my play is that I keep moving ships, different fleets, in one action by activating several systems as one player. I could be wrong in this but if I'm reading it right, the rulebook says ONLY one action. That means one activated system, one fleet, several options to take, then let the next player take his action, then repeat for next action to take for another fleet. Could this be right? Players ordinarily take one action per turn, but each player gets multiple turns during a single Action Phase. Turns continue to go around until everyone takes a Pass Action; then the Action Phase ends and the Status Phase begins. During a single Tactical Action, a player may move any number of their fleets into the system that they just activated, as long as all units being moved in the fleet(s) are able to make the movement. This will essentially unite multiple fleets into a single fleet in that system.
  3. Archangelion said: I don't see any mechanical issues of the top, but my question is… why bother? 1. Their home system being controlled by an opponent doesn't hurt them. 2. As you said, their home system isn't that great for resourses. 3. Doing as you suggest basically kills the need for their one racial ability. Basically, there is no real reason for one of your opponents to gun for your HS unless they are going for a specific objective, and they will have to go through your forces to get to it, generally. So it isn't really enticing in most situations for your opponents to go after it. Well, three reasons to bother-- 1) It is a perfect deterrent against a player whose objective is to take over a Home System. 2) If somebody else controls your HS, you can't build your Flagship. 3) It's good to have these planets in the bag, even though they are poor. You have a point about the racial ability (wrt completing objectives). One could consider this modification as an enhancement to that ability.
  4. I see a close consensus that the Yssril Tribes ARE the top teir, or sometimes even considered "vastly OP". Looking over the numbers, I can't disagree that they are at least one of the top teir-- especially given their wealthy starting system. However, in every game that I've seen them participate in, which has been at least half a dozen, they lose. I don't think this is always because they are being singled out, picked on, or being played in an overly-poor manner either. They get their glut of action cards, but if most turn out not to be very useful in their given situation, they get owned. Having XRD Transporters at the beginning is overrated-- while this is among the most important techs to have/get, there are almost always several decent adjacent systems to exploit early which do not require them. Also, although their skip ability does get good use, especially when they want to delay playing Production so that they are the only ones who get to make use of any new units built by it that round, the Naluu initiative requires less time and planning to be strategically useful against agressive players.
  5. mikael said: Anyone else hoping for a pod expansion?maybe new leader action cards and new race tech? I am! Some things I'd be interested to see-- A small Assembly Phase board where all players who can must put one of their Political Cards (face-up or not) so that the active player can make a more informed choice-- this would eliminate the issue where the active player takes the Speaker token and then asks "Who has a 'good' political card to play?" I think many players have already made this sort of thing on their own, I've seen several versions. Perhaps whether or not a player's representative lived could be involved in this somehow. Unit customization, possibly involving plastic clip-on pieces. If you spend extra when building it, certain units can be have specific enhancements. A more complex economy or trade element. Another set of Racial Techs. More Factions (aka races). Another type of Special System tile and more System tiles in general. More pre-balanced, official maps using all the latest tiles. A mechanic allowing Space Combat or Invasion Combat to involve more than two players at a time (joint system activations). --This might includes a set of raised, transparent tiles similar to those sold by Litco for use with this game; except with an attack arrow to the system in dispute. One system hex isn't large enough to hold all the ships involved in one conflict as-is. If ambitious-- A set of rules that combine the Rex game with the Shard of the Throne expansion Scenario game. I've come up with my own version of this, but my game group isn't gung-ho enough to try it. If ambitious-- A way to make the game three-dimensional, with more than one layer of map.
  6. As-is, the Clan of Saar has the worst Home System of any TI faction. However, since their Home appears to be in an asteroid field, I've been thinking of playing it as a special, yellow+red-boardered system. That is, an actual Asteroid Field. This would set up a similar situation to what happens after the Muaat use their racial tech to cause a super-nova to happen in a system, protecting their fleet within. The Saar couldn't activate their home system until they aquired the racial tech that allows this. However, they could still produce there by using the Production strategy card before moving their starting Space Dock out of that system. In exchange for that early drawback, this would give them the advantage of having a Home System that is completely safe-- unless the Nekro is in the game and gets to copy the racial tech which allows them entry. I was just wondering if any of you had thoughts on this. Are there some reprocussions that I am not considering which could render this unworkable?
  7. Actually, there is already an option for this (under optional rules in the rulebook). In that variant, each player starts with two items based on their character and two are random. The items they start with are listed.
  8. On second thought, maybe what Bill and the Warp are trying to tell me here is that "If the offense runs out of cards later during his or her turn AND NEEDS TO PLAY ONE, the offense's turn ends immediately." should be read as "If the offense runs out of cards later during his or her turn AND WILL NEED TO PLAY ONE LATER IN THIS ENCOUNTER, the offense's turn ends immediately." This would differentiate having no cards before the Planning Phase with having no cards after the Planning Phase in an encounter. Is this how you guys are reading this? If so, I wish it were stated a little more clearly. Bill, I still need to look at those aliens you listed and see if the fit the bill, so to speak
  9. Tiz said: ... if they would have plagued me then I wouldn't have any encounter cards during my turn. I wouldn't be able to draw any because the starting phase already happened, so would my turn be over? But what about if the Philanthropist could give me an encounter card later? That wouldn't happen until the alliance phase. So... does my turn end immediately or can I keep playing because I would be receiving an encounter card before the planing phase anyway? My interpretation is that your turn would NOT be over immediately in this situation. You would still have an alliance phase which would give the Philanthropist the opportunity to turn your dud encounter into an actual encounter if they are involved. The rules say "If the offense runs out of cards later during his or her turn AND NEEDS TO PLAY ONE, the offense's turn ends immediately." The offense doesn't usually NEED TO PLAY an encounter card until the Planning phase. This is reenforced by the rules for the Planning phase (pg 9) wherein it says "The offense and defense Now each select an encounter card... and play it facedown... If the offense has no encounter cards in hand, his or her turn immediately ends." It never says that the offense must end their turn at any other phase.
  10. Yeah, try giving them "the bath". You may not even need to reshape them. Here's an example: http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1001684/twilight-imperium-third-edition-shards-of-the-thro
  11. pgocosmic said: www.facebook.com/cosmicencouter I think you mean "www.facebook.com/cosmicencounter", right? Otherwise, "Page not found!"
  12. Just_a_Bill said: Yes, there are effects that need to know what kind of success it was: a win or a deal. Saying an encounter was a "success" is like saying a student "passed" his class. Well, what kind of passing grade did he get? Does his father owe him a used car, a trip to Dairy Queen, or nothing at all? Not every student needs to know this because not all of them made a deal with their father ... but some did! And yet there are teachers who keep arguing (without merit) that all anyone needs to know is whether the students passed or not. "Success" and "win" are not interchangeable; there is a hierarchy here. Eon understood that, but FFG does not (the FAQ is flat-out wrong on this point) and so they continue to confuse many of their players. I'd like to find out what you think of "Dud Encounters" as I described earlier-- an encounter where the offense has no encounter cards that will end at the planning phase. When it comes to Win versus Success, I'm not sure if it can be categorically right or wrong to define the two things synonymously. The only potential problem is that it can be self-consistent with the rest of their rules or not. In one system, a negotiated deal between the main players would be both a win and a success for them. In another system, it would be a success but not a win. However, if FFG used "win" by itself to describe a power that should not apply to deals, that would make it, or the power description, a problem. That's what you're going to need to show to make your case. Also, I approve of Dairy Queen and their thin chocolaty ice cream shells.
  13. Just_a_bill, what good is a "win" over a "success"? ... especially against yourself? It looks like whether or not an encounter is considered "successful" is the only thing that matters to the basic mechanics of the game. Maybe there's some alien power where this is important?
  14. Just_a_Bill said: There is no such thing as a "redeployment encounter". You cannot simply add more ships to one of your existing colonies without encountering anyone. This has never been allowed in any version of Cosmic Encounter. You can reclaim an empty home planet, but that's the only encounter you can have that doesn't involve an opponent. (The future possibility of moons in FFG notwithstanding.) For home systems, it isn't explicitly allowed or prevented-- normally this would mean it was not allowed by default. However, it is explicitly allowed in a foreign system, in which case it still initiates an encounter with the owner of the system. If you can reinforce a foreign system but not a home system, that seems kind of counter-intuitive. I don't see any harm in allowing it as a non-successful encounter. Just_a_Bill said: Now, there is a rules gap in the situation where you draw your own color and reclaim an empty home planet: it is not defined wither this counts as a "win" or not. Based on what would (a) create the fewest rulings issues and (b) be consistent with the original Eon rules when gaining a colony on an empty moon (a highly parallel situation), I staunchly maintain that reclaiming an empty home planet is a "win with no loser" and therefore a successful encounter. Reoccupying an empty home planet IS considered a successful encounter according to the core rules. This is on Page 7, under "If a Color is Drawn", third paragraph.
  15. sir_locksley said: Can I play 2 action cards at the same time? Ex: Flank Speed and In the Silence of Space Both cards are showing: Immediately after activating a system with a CC. Yes you can, as inferred by page 23 of the Core Manual. Other players can also play Action Cards that trigger on the same event. The only exception is that you can't use duplicate Action Cards to double-up on a single effect. For example, you couldn't use two Flank Speed Action Cards on the same unit during the same movement step to give it a +2 movement.
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