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  1. Dire heresy indeed. The infamous RIFTS "Glitterboy",
  2. at0milich

    Void drakes?

    Swarm-AI?, this would be true "abominable intelligence" or not (HERESY) think that were an AI swarm that would repair any distressed ship, defending only when bothered. Think of case: " Lord Captain, Sir! That thing shot me with something that made me immobile. Just to fix that vox-unit, we've been struggling to repair. All this without a word..."
  3. Having a way overpowered ship for your PF is perfect stuff for roleplaying (as opposed to rollplaying and bookkeeping that most of the acquisition/maintenance stuff is.). Run out of Nova cannon rounds or torpedoes, time to call a favor from Navy or end up owing favours to the ("Sir, You have such magnificient ship with illustrious history. Of course naval depot 616 will be happy to resupply you battecruiser, for a little favour (or two). Actually we're going up against pretty big wolfpack in a month and we could use a help from such magnificient ship as yours...") or go begging money from banker houses etc. Or attract eye of inquisition or go criminal. I think (as not that much of a number cruncer). That nova cannon should follow the time honoured anime tradition of "Macross Canon". In essence of buggy weapon that can obliderate small enemy fleet but is buggy as hell (especially because even the rogue traders cant get the prime 'cause thats for the navy). So make the nova cannon like (for example), when fired it makes 1D5 components unpowered for 1D5-2 rounds each. Just me 'nd my two €cents ./At0miclich
  4. Nailed it head on. And the backround really has strange wonkiness "photosynthesizing" transhumans living on starlight :/ There couple older serieses that i might recommend but a the at moment I scratching my head which they were. ./At0miclich
  5. If you are into anime; Suggested watching would inlude Knight of Sidonia(both seasons, but especially the second) the Gauna (hive minded alien species, with montrous adaptability) and the plans of Oschiai (human scientist researchin them smack right at Tyranid alley). One of the questions in story is that is it even possible to communicate between species. A guaranteed Tsumotu Nihei weirdness (Blame!, Biomega etc). Also the Gargantia, might prove some ideas about how far posthumans could genengineer themselves. ./At0miclich
  6. IIRC eldar genetics were only used to enhance existing bioform. But thats propably just "handwavium" IMRTU: Tyranids are a bioweapon designed to destroy all life, in order to prevent necrons ever coming back to life. Sort of reset button set by the Old Ones, "this creation failed, we failed, even the Necrontyr failed their appointed task... Brethren let us wipe this table of galaxy clean, of all life to begin anew." (My anecdote never leave a lizard to uplift other species unless its "Thennanin".)
  7. Well as these (IMRTU) are the species that were used as a base template for tyranids. I'd go for hermaphroditic(is that really the word) with egglaying reproduction as per some realworld lizards and fishes & octopi. Althought the pseudo-evolution by cloning errors might contribute something into genepool aswell. Thought I dont think anyone wants to disturb carnifex-like mommy protecting her nest...
  8. As noted Blasphemous societes thread that I've thrown a world with domesticated Tyraninoid at my players. After returning home from lastnights badysitting "duty", I thought to revisit the idea of domesticated tyranids (why, because I spent some time reading Dinotopia to kids last night. Make connection yourself ). To make these critters bit more different and distinct from Tyranids, I thought call them Protonids (because they are to be part of IMRTU mystery of Tyranid origins [totally, absolutety not even farting toward canon].) Appereance wise: I think to ditch the gigeresque-tubing and already flayed looks, Instead giving them thick skin and some chitin/bone armor. "Socially": These are just smart animals(with slight instinctive psionic powers), a protonid equivalent of hormagaunt (tentatively, hound) is about as smart as large dog, with omnivorous teeth and and claws suitable for self-defense and digging stuff up. There is no hive mind (that was added by something that geneered Tyranids from protionids). Still protonids communicate half psychicly and half with sounds and pheromones, this has lead sort of a inter-pack symbiosis. For example bunch hounds (horms) have finished eating large prey animal(with plenty of scraps left) send psychic "carcass here" message around, drawing the Serpents(proto rippers) in. How human fit in? A Beastmaster is human psychic that has bonded with a pack of protonids, and thus is accepted by the pack to be the most suitable to guide them (again symbiosis). I think something like: pack of normal critters (~10) like hounds, a horde of small critters like serpents per point of WP bonus. Or one huge critter for two points of WP. Would be the maximum. As human has bonded with pack his own warp signature diffuses into that of the pack working pretty much like soulbonding. Few quick and dirty Protonid ideas: Hound (Hormagaunt): As said digging claws an omnivorous teeh, no venom sacs or adrenalin glands. But still tough critters. Spitter (termagaunts) As with hound but can spit poison (no biogun), quite fragile. Serpent(Ripper): A scavenger, even as small packs runs away from bigger things. HippoCampus/Seahorse/Clione(Zoanthrope): Looks like floating seahorse, potent psychic abilities to hide itself, move and fish. But still a far cry from Tyranid Zoanthrope in terms of power. "Behemoth"(Carnifex): Due it mass and bulk these things prefer marshes, Upper pair of arms are crab like claws for self-defense and hunting. lower pair of arms are feeding trunks/tentacles. Any other useful ideas regarding this Protonid Biome. Comments are welcome as ideas how to expand this. ./At0miclich
  9. And the greatest Cartel of all (the eternity) Adeptus Mechanicus. What greater archievement would any cartel ever hope for legitimacy and quite total stranglehold of "their" goods... http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Footfall(theres bit about the footfalls cartels as well, mostly appears to be lifted from Hostile Acquisitions.)
  10. This on top of my head. my books are not nearby in Footfall there is the Kasbalica Mission (IIRC): Basically your run off mill mafia/cartel. Theyre into moneylending, slavetrade and stuff. also in footfall there is the Quintet, an organisation that practically controls the Cold Trade. In Calixis sector there is House Krin: a banking behemoth finances roguetraders etc. and has means to play repoman if loans get defaulted (in one mini campaign I gamed at local RPG-club, player were more afraid of House Krin than Imperial authorities.) ./At0miclich
  11. I think I'll go along with thisit was a lot simpler than my solution. And appears that I'll have to re-read the ork rok part from BFK as well. Thanks. ./At0miclich
  12. Now assuming my players want ro build their very own void-fort. Now any rules for this? How to determine spaces available for construction, how about hullpoints and armor, weapon slots (station looks inconveniently like potato). Hullpoints: I think these would go like Rocks starting hullpoints(unexcavated) * spaces of components / max. spaces = final HP (got idea from how GURPS traveler does its) Armor: not a clue (asteroid rock is not adamantium) Ideas/ help appreciated ./at0miclich
  13. Were the Glitterboy that **** powerarmor with railgun on shoulder and somekind of laser reflective coating. Cosmo Knight that wasnt on basic Rifts book wasn't, Then there was that chemically hyperenhanced guys, what was it called (junkie ?). Aand of course Mind Melters (these guys fit 40k like like dagger between ribs ) Hmm. I might just transplant the whole world on expanse as some kind of joke of ruinous powers born from boredom. ./At0miclich
  14. Nope I'm not really after IQ rating but a bit of a clue where does the thin line of acceptable and tech-heresy goes. Question relates to question: "what are falsemen really, another mis interpretation?". But really your definition was fine. Now for few additional questions; 1: assuming human form is sacred, would it be tech-heresy to make a tracked servitor? 2: assuming we have braindamaged(by weapon) talented translator (savant level), who would otherwise die, would it be tech-heresy to turn him translation servitor. 3: servitor implants and system remove persons identity and memories, how about skills and reflexes ? ./At0miclich PS:Besides IQ rating is overrated seriously, because i've seen high-IQ realworld guys doing incredibly stupid things.
  15. I know it depends on a type. Monotask servitor propably wont be too talkative, a bridge servitor might be altogether a different thing. How about lingua vox servitor (from ITS). Any material or ideas on servitors. ? ./At0miclich
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