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  1. We play with the TOB's. It adds a randomness to it that makes it a bit more exciting. Once you have played this game for years and with all the varients, the strategies for every house become the same. The TOB's add a bit of mystery to it. Makes you think beyond the typical strategies.
  2. We played an interesting variiant last night…… We had martell, tyrel, lannister and baratheon… Pyke and Winterfell were off limits, this forced battles almost right outta the gate …… We also took all the neutral force markers off the board , so that lannister wouldn't have a advantage at the start. It went back and forth for 5hrs and finally had to call due to the lateness of the hour… Tyrell came out victorious even though they were at a disadvantage from the start by not being able to place any special order tokens.( may have to look at randomising the track a bit next time). But our first test was a success i would say. We will try it again and see if comes out just as good next time.
  3. Your OL will probably do as you said and put monsters on you loot. Best way around that is too have a runner with the acrobat skill.. first skill i would get for your runner. Then you can ignore the enemy figures and possibly make him quit doing that all together.
  4. Well, the one glaring thing you did wrong was give up too many CT early. That coupled with 2 fairly week heros(Shiver and Red Scorpion) put youbehind the eight ball quick. I agree completely with Corbon.. these guys aren't heros yet! Gonna take some time to get them there. I would suggest that you learn the art of the blitz. There are several threads on here that discuss it, so i won't go into detail . Will help your wanna-be-heros gain the gold and CT to be able too upgrade.
  5. We only play the variant now. .. It adds alot of fun to the game. I don't think we will ever go back.
  6. Well, being on the otherside of that right now. Our OL is playing the Sorcerer King with Ascension. We have not let him get anywhere near Talimar at this point. But that is pretty much your only viable option. If the don't think to upgrade Talimar, you have a shot
  7. I am in a campain right now where i am playing that character.. I would have cheesed myslelf if tiger tattoo was one that i drew.. definatley take that for now. Swift will be good later when you get too it.. and as soon as u can. Get to Dawnsmoor and get acrobat.. it is a must.. Only way to get around soaring.
  8. sounds like they need to learn how too choose there battles. This happened with our group the first time we played RTL . We were trying to get through every dungeon and kill everything. The second time around we chose our battles, this works pretty well. Blitzing dungeons.. go in get what u can and get out if it looks like your gonna give up too many CT's . Now we are up on the Overlord halfway through copper.
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