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  1. I'll be there. I have a deck made up, but I only have the base set, and the Skavenblight Threat, so it's pretty basic.
  2. Unless I get a response here today, I'll just go to the event on the 14th.
  3. I'm actually in Bellevue too. We could meet up at the Uncle's games in the Crossroads mall in Bellevue then, instead of the one at Redmond Town Center. How does 6:00 sound? I'm free anytime after 2:00 tomorrow (the 7th), if 6:00 doesn't work. - Eric
  4. OK I'm kind of jonesing to play now, after reading some of these cards. If anyone wants to get together (even just two of us) to play tomorrow (friday the 7th), reply here, and we can meet up at Uncle's.
  5. OK I'll be there on the 14th. What time? I'll assume 6:00 unless I hear otherwise.
  6. How did this event go? Are there plans for another?
  7. I'm interested in finding players in the area. I'm in Bellevue, but often travel up as far as Lynnwood. When's the event at Uncle's?
  8. Can you use find gate to completely skip both encounters of an Other World? And if so, close the gate on the same turn? For example, in my movement phase I might move to a location with a gate, which will portal me in. Then I cast Find Gate to move back out. Then my encounter phase begins, and I can use that to close the gate. That seems way too powerful, but it's what the rules seem to suggest. I must be wrong. What am I missing? Maybe entering a portal happens in the encounter phase? This doesn't seem right either, because it would result in only having one encounter in the Other World, and I've seen it mentioned that you're intended to have two normally.
  9. Bellevue, WA I haven't played the game yet, but I'm looking for a group.
  10. A Story-Focused Caprice Variant Using these rules will give the player a more immersive and believable experience, with events corrolating to what Caprice is doing and where she is spending most of her time. She won't, for example, be sleeping in late with Daniel and be late for a deposition unless she has been spending time with him. This ruleset makes her "Descent Into Madness" phase more interesting, since she can possibly still gain Daniel or Chairman Hiro favors depending on her starting plot and how it resolved. Also, she can focus entirely on her late-game Descent Into Madness cards. Setup Separate Caprice's light and dark cards by their plot. She begins the game with two light cards of her starting plot. The player on her right draws a dark card of her starting plot. Drawing Cards Caprice can't gain light cards by entering a ritzy location, or spending one time like normal. Instead, to gain a card, she can: - While Daniel is not eliminated, spend one time at Levy University, to gain a "Someone To Love" card. - While Caprice has a warrant on Jinteki, spend one time at Jinteki to gain a "Property of Jinteki" card. - While she has the "Descent into Madness" plot in play, spend one time anywhere to gain a "Descent Into Madness" card. Every time she gains a light card, a dark card of the same plot is put face down on the center of the board. This card is now available for others to draw, when they draw dark cards as usual. The rest of her dark deck is unavailable. Gaining dark cards works like normal, by entering a seedy location, or spending one time anywhere. Playing Cards and Twilight Cards no longer have costs. She can play any card, dark or light, regardless of the twilight cost. When a light card is played, she is light shifted by that amount (the marker is moved left). This is opposite direction specified in the rulebook. Twilight values are not modified by the "Matching the Plot" rule of the usual game. When someone plays a dark card on her, she is dark shifted by that amount. This way, the twilight marker represends her mood. If something really bad happens to her, she's in a really bad mood. When Caprice plays a dark card on someone else, it doesn't affect her twilight marker. When Caprice enters a fight, she uses the tactics of her twilight marker. If she is on the two leftmost (lightest) spots, she uses light tactics. If she is on the three right (dark) spots, she uses dark tactics. Being in a fight doesn't move her twilight marker. Plot Cards The "Property of Jinteki" plot card now has the additional text: "Once per turn, if Caprice has a warrant on Jinteki, she may sacrifice 3 Time while at any Business location to gain one Chairman Hiro favor". Caprice's two plot cards that reduce the cost of certain cards now reduce the time required to play them to zero. For example, "The Liberty Society has filed a suit" now allows her to play Human First cards for zero time. All of Caprice's plot cards remain in effect for the duration of the game. Don't discard them when they are resolved. For example, if she started with the plot "Someone To Love", and resolved it positively both times, to the resulting plot card "I don't card about that", she can still gain Daniel favors by spending two time at Levy University, even during week two.
  11. I like the idea, Bleached Lizard, but the game is already too complex for new players, and that method will add even more complexity. Maybe when we learn the game in and out, we will do that. I love your concurrent turns modification, and will definitely be using that. Your variants have inspired me to write my own. I'm now making a Caprice variant that vastly changes the way she is played, and makes it feel more like a story. It also makes week two much more interesting. I.e. if you get the "Property of Jinteki" plot, and play correctly, you will be able to gain Chairman Hiro favors during week two.
  12. Just thought I'd point that out, if the developers are reading this, and are making an expansion or second edition. I'll be marking the locations and lead pieces with a sharpie, to fix my copy.
  13. I'm not a fan of the tick tack toe rule for conspiracy puzzle pieces. I want every rule in the game to have a reason to be in the story, and this one doesn't seem to. I've only played the game once, and we didn't use that rule, but it seemed better off without it. However, that might make the conspiracy pieces a little weak. Maybe I should make all of the conspiracies worth double. I.e. Human First would give +2 VP per link. Does this sound like a good idea? Any other ideas? I want my the games to be very story based, with as much immersion as possible. Also, I just want to say that I'm loving this game so far. The feeling of the game was exactly was was advertised on the box. It's very complicated though. Our game, with all new players, took 5 hours, from opening the box to finishing.
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